Making of My Sissy (Part Two)

It was then that I pursued my own physical satisfaction from a former lover and co-worker of mine. I always had a thing for black men since most of my life I worked around blacks. It was many years prior to my marriage that I was dating a fellow co-worker, who happened to be black. Everyone at work knew we were dating. Then I met my husband and the dating had stopped and I devoted my life towards my new love. Finding out that my hubby enjoyed playing as a gurl has changed my outlook on my own personal love life as well as his. We were into our new lifestyle for about two years when I started going out on dates. It started with my working late but instead it was more just a couple of hours of some black cock, which I craved so much. While back at the house I made sure my sissy worked on being the best cocksucker he could be. Sissies need to be good at certain things in order to be considered a sissy and to be a good sissy. One thing is you must be very good at sucking cocks. You must also be good at shaking that booty. Especially while wearing a nice pair of panties or under a nice skirt maybe without panties, lol. You must also be very good at eating pussy. This is very important for obvious reasons, lol. I made sure, that during his sissy lessons, that my sissy licked my pussy. A good sissy starts out being told what to do and learns how to expect what is required of him.

As time went by my sissy was told what I wanted him to do and eventually he came to expect that he was to dress the part and perform like a sissy gurl. I taught him how to suck my dildo strap-on and his reward for showing my dildo a good licking and sucking was to get my strap-on buried in his sissypussi, which he stride for each time we played. I started to introduce some denial to our playing. It was important to see the reaction of a sissy who is denied pleasure because he was either bad or lacking in his performance of being a good sissy. The combination of being locked up and denied took an effect on my sissy over the years, as he slowly lost his desire to maintain an erection. I don't think my sissy was ever aware of when he totally lost his ability to have an erection let alone maintain one. He was having too much fun showing me how good a sissy he wanted to be. I seen him over the years lose his manhood as I took more and more control of his boipussi to the point where he was enjoying his little clitty cumming soft, in his cage, as my dildo strap worked his tight gurly hole.

Seeing his progression over the first few years I knew I could really help my hubby achieve what he always wanted in life. Being the only boy in the f****y and having two s****rs and a mom as his role models, I knew there was somebody, besides a man, inside his body. Over time I was really happy with how my sissy was reacting to his new lifestyle. He was wearing panties more often and he loved being locked up for weeks at a time. Then he fell on rough times and lost his job. I looked at this as a benefit because someone was going to be needed to clean the house. I told my sissy that since he was going to be home all day, and maybe looking for a job, that I had a job for him to do which is part of his sissyhood. I told him that I expected each and every morning for him to get up, before I do, and make coffee for my journey to work. Once he was up I wanted the house cleaned, including making the bed and passing the vacuum, cleaning the kitchen, dusting the furniture, the laundry needed to be done, all clothes folded and put away, no clothes on the laundry room floor, clean the bathrooms, make sure the trash is out, and cook dinner prior to my arrival home. He was stunned at first but said you know I could probably do that and do it well. I had no doubt. I told him as time went on I would add other duties. And so I did. As he was getting adjusted to the scheduling I must say the house was never so clean since the first day we moved in. He did a job well done and I was proud of him. I told him that he should make house chores more exciting and that he should do it while dressed in a maid's outfit or just in a bra and panty or maybe some stockings and heels with a panty and bra. I could tell his mind was way ahead of me as I was speaking. He said he was willing to try. I laid out some clothes for him the next day and before leaving I told him to put them on and wear them all day until I arrive home. Upon my arrival home my sissy was dressed in a bra, panty, garter and stockings and a pair of fuzzy slippers. His feet wear hanging out of my slippers but other than that my sissy was looking the part and playing it well. After a nice dinner and my sissy cleaning up I surprised him with a little free time from his cage and some massaging from my hands. I noticed that my touching him was not getting as a quick response as before his adventure down sissylane. He didn't get hard like he used to when we first met. I think the cage has a lot to do with sapping the manhood from a once rigid cock. A little playing and a little orgasm from my sissy and it was back locked away for a rainy day.

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6 months ago
He is a lucky sissy
6 months ago
So hot
1 year ago
I really adore you as a woman in charge! You understand our need to feel necessary to our loved one. Being rewarded and appreciated when we try hard to put a smile on that loved one face.
Shrinking clitty is definately thanks to constant chastity. As they say "trained organ grows and develops, while untrained diminishes". But sissy is tought to get much bigger pleasure, not purely from that cock head, but form all body. We are much more self aware in experiencing pleasure than typical macho guy, who is focused only on his wonder rod. And we learn pretty fast about our biggest sex organ. It's all in the head. Mind controls our pleasure.
If sissy learns to feel pleasure from many more sources, clitty becomes just a reminder of what she is. And it leaks so beautifully, when sissy is in extasy...

You are absolutely right about sissy's oral skills. We love oral, we want to be best in that. And only a woman can guide and teach how she likes to be pleased. Every woman likes it in different way, that's why we love when woman is open in sex and has a courage to demand a proper way of caressing. It is beautiful to learn the right way to satisfy that woman we love... her gasps of pleasure are giving sissy hot shivers over a spine and butterflies in the belly :)
1 year ago
Lucky sissy
2 years ago
part 1 and 2 were really accurate and very good. when do I get to fuck you in front of your sissy?
2 years ago
once again i thank you very much for sharing