Making of My Sissy (part one)

I just wanted to share my sissy's and I adventure in turning my, once viral and strong husband, into a more comfortable life choice that he admits he was interested in at an early age and that is being a sissy.

It started 11 yrs. ago, today, when I came home from food shopping, to find my husband in the garage with our neighbor, on his knees, wearing only a panty, and sucking a pretty good size black cock. Our neighbor is a younger Blackman, about 6' 1" and over 200 lbs. I have to admit seeing him in running shorts showing his thick thighs does excite me. So I can't blame my husband when I seen him in the position he was in. It did catch me by surprise so my response, when seeing this, was pretty a normal reaction.

I parked the car in our driveway on my return from the store. I walked around the house to the back door, which leads to the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and took a bag of frozen stuff to the garage. We have a door that leads into the garage in the hallway to our f****y room. I opened the door and in the middle of the garage there was my husband enjoying a hard cock. No one noticed me at first, so I watched stunned at first. Then I let out a yell "what the fuck is going on here?" At that moment my husband was trying to break his mouth away from that cock but our neighbor was just then starting to cum. He grabbed my husband’s head with both hands and started to fuck his mouth as he let out a deep groan and a large breath of air. My husband's arms and hands were flinging all over as he was trying to stop our neighbor. As my husband was trying to get away he was dripping cum from the corners of his mouth. Our neighbor then let my husband's head go and my husband jumped up and grabbed a towel to wrap it around himself. Our neighbor pulled up his sweatpants while his cock was still dripping cum. He said Hi Judi. I said hello and then whose idea was this. Our neighbor pointed to my husband. I opened the garage door so our neighbor could leave, and then closed it immediately.

My husband was now in the f****y room when I came back in. I asked him what he was thinking. He said he just had a curiosity about black cock. He said he would be scared to go out and get a stranger so he inquired about it with our neighbor. I said "I was talking about you dressed in a panty; what were you thinking?" He said "oh that, I don't know just something for the moment."

It took me a few days but I planned to change our sex life, for the better, for both of us. I started by going to my favorite adult book store and purchasing a strap-on, a dildo, and vibrator. I stopped by the lingerie shop and purchased a few pairs of panties.

The next few days I introduced some dildo play into of sex life. I worked my way up to using the vibrator in his ass as I stroked his
cock. BTW my hubby is not built big at all. When hard it gets close to 4 inches. As the weeks went by I made sure we were having sex twice a week, mostly him taking a dildo or vibrator deep in his ass. I would run the vibrator under his balls and the underbelly of his cock. I would bring him close to cumming but made sure I direct my attention somewhere else as he came close. This resulted in his little cock usually dribbling cum as I worked the dildo in his ass.

Before the end of the year was out I asked if he would wear a panty when we had sex. He was a little hesitant at first saying "it was just something I wanted to try, I am not into wearing woman's close." I asked him to do it for me that it would make the sex more enjoyable. I then took the bag out of my closet and showed him what I bought for him. He tried one on and I started to rub his little dick through the panty. He got instantly hard and I rewarded him with a bj. Stopping short again of him cumming and pushing the dildo in his ass. I licked and kiss his balls as he came shooting down my back and the side of my face.

While we played like this for a while I started to introduce my strap-on in his ass while he wore the panties that I bought for him. He was getting more used to being fucked than actually fucking. It was close to a year and he had not put his cock inside me. I wanted to introduce one more step to our sex life, that I believe would be his next step towards sissyhood, and that was he putting a cage on his little cock. He thought it was something he would like to try and I helped him achieve it. I then informed him that he would need to wear the cage for days or weeks at a time. I cut back on the sex to once a week so time would pass between removing him from his cage. He loved it when I used my strap-on on his ass while he wore a panty and in the cage.

About six months into this new adventure I mentioned that he had not fucked me for over a year. He was so involved with his own enjoyment he never noticed.

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26 days ago
Fantastic story. :)
6 months ago
Lucky guy
7 months ago
Excellent, it's wonderful that you embraced and supported the situation. Now both of you are reaping the rewards
9 months ago
9 months ago
i complety agree
1 year ago
The best story I have read in years... sooo goood judi
1 year ago
what a good wife.
1 year ago
A Great insight into what i believe is the perfect marriage! Being caged whilst taking a strap on ... I salute you Judi :-)
1 year ago
I like the way you took control of this situation. So slow, gentle, just facing your hubby in the right direction. That reminds me of a story i red long time ago, how wife changed her husband into a female, her girlfriend and sub. I hope i can find it somewhere in the depth of my hard drive, because it was one of the first stories i red considering the subject of feminisation.
1 year ago
wooow way too coool
1 year ago
Nicely done Judy
1 year ago
very nice intro - on to the next chapters!
2 years ago
Very nice judi
2 years ago
Hot story, and a very good wife. Hope to hear more.
2 years ago
You two rock!!