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My Annual Dr'S Visit 2014

i guess I'll describe this years visit and if you like reading them I'll continue to describe my annual Dr. Visits. I've been seeing the same Dr. and his Nurse for about 4 years now. The first one was mostly normal however the last two previous ones have been kind of embarrassing for me and I wondered how this year's would be. I made my appointment and and as usual the nurse came to the waiting room and got me and took me back to the exam room. She had me go into the changing room to put on the gown . I took off my shorts and top exposing my bra and panties like last year. This year I decided to wear a very pretty and lacy bra and panty set, very similar to a brides bridal lingerie. I just loved them they were covered in lace and frills, so soft and sexy. I can never tie the gown in the back so I called the nurse to come in and tie it for me.

She saw my lingerie and commented on how pretty they looked and how the Dr. will really like them since they are a lot prettier than last year. Like the previous year she took my bl**d pressure and asked me how I was doing and if I had any concerns. She then asked me if I still had the same bf and how he liked my sissy appearance. Caught me a little off guard when she said "sissy" and I kind of looked at her and she just grinned and said well you are aren't you? not much I could say to that except blush a bit and told her yes the same bf.. She then asked me if I had any girly issues' that the Dr. needed to know about and if I still was using tampons on occasion after sex. blushing again I told her yes I was still occasionally using a tampon after sex and had followed the Dr. advise and changed it or removed it after 4 hours, she smiled and said "you know girls and girlyboi's have to keep our panties clean don't we! Sometimes a pad is all that is needed so I could use them as well and don't forget to douche.

She then winked at me and told me the Dr. would be in soon and to just sit on the exam table. I did and he eventually came in and saw me sitting there in my gown and again told me I didn't need it any longer. Telling me the nurse had updated me on my history so let's get started having me breath as he checked my heart and lungs commenting on how pretty my bra snd panties were and did you wore such pretty panties for me?

he played with my bra strap while checking my heart and lungs and then told me to hop down so he could check out my bottom and prostrate. lubing up his finger he inserted it and told me he was going to be more thorough than last year especially since I was having sex back there. He told me to relax and it felt so good when he was moving his finger in and out of me and then back in to tickle my prostrate. I started signing and moaning and he continued to finger me. while telling me how my "pussy" looked good I was taking good care of myself, did any of this hurt and I just continued to moan, seemed like he fingered me forever but i was loving it. He continued to massage my prostrate and my clittie started leaking and I started moving around on his finger. He abruptly removed his finger, and said we better stop and keep this professional. I simply nodded and tried to get myself composed. I really wanted to just lean back against him and wished his hard cock was doing the exam.

like the previous year he then got some tissue and unlike last year he cleaned me up himself, pulled my panties back up, patted my bottom and told me "I had one lucky bf" and he really enjoyed having me as a patient and was respectful of me and the lifestyle I chose to have. He told me every girlyboi or sissy needed a Dr. they could trust. I thanked him and as I was hopping off the table he again laughingly asked if I needed birth control pills since I was so sexually active with my man. I laughed at this and said if I ever do I'll call his nurse and ask for them.
the nurse then brought my shorts and top back in for me she asked how it went and I told her fine and she just grinned again and told me to "keep my panties dry like a good girl and she would set me up for my next year's appointment

Again I know it sounds like fantasy but it is all true and it seems the more familiar the Dr and nurse get with me the better they treat and respect me for who I am and his fingering me sure felt good I just wish it was his cock :)


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2 months ago
very nice nurse and doctor. I think you should have quarterly checkups or invite them both to dinner to meet your bf!
6 months ago
11 months ago
Keep your doctor. :)
1 year ago
This story reminds me of when I went to the hospital for a prostate exam...and the handsome doctor seemed to be spending more time with his finger up my ass than was necessary! I must admit I wriggled my cute ass a little, too...but almost wish I had worn sexy little panties! ...Susie
1 year ago
I know but I've been seeing him and his nurse for 4 years now and he knows I'm just a sissy boi and at first it was very professional but the 2nd visit I forgot about the bra band marks left on me after I removed my bra before I went to my Dr appointment and after seeing them towards the end of the exam he told me to talk to his nurse about proper bra fitting since it appeared mine was too tight as evidenced by the marks on my band and shoulders. I was really embarrassed when the nurse came in and offered her advise on proper bra fitting if I was going to wear one. not much I could say since the marks spoke for themselves
1 year ago
nice but unprofessional
1 year ago
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! It was stimulating, to be sure!