The wonderful feeling of a sissy penetration by yo

Nothing like that initial penetration, it is soo wonderful however there is so much more for me. just knowing that i intend to give myself to him submitting to his Big Hard Man Cock is a turn on. He wants me ready for him so he can show me his love and make me his girl.

The act of preparation, the douching and initial lubing, knowing I'm going be taking a real man cock inside me builds on the sexual emotion and makes me feel so submissive and feminine.

laying there in my nighty and panties and assuming the position he desires, normally face down, pussy up, legs together, wiggling my bottom and submitting and offering myself to him is such a sissy/feminine feeling.
Sometimes he has me on my back legs spread wide so he can put them over his shoulders looking me in the eye so he can see my facial expressions as he slowly enters my sissy pussy. Depending on his mood he may tease me and make me beg for it. this of course it a total turn on to me. a feeling only a true sissy can understand, begging to take Man Cock up my ass. no Real Man would ever do that.
Then comes that initial contact of his hard cock head making contact with my pussy I love the feeling of that smooth, Hot, Hard, Cock Head as it touches me. then comes the initial press into me. My inner sissy self is completely in charge as my pussy relaxes and opens up to Him and He easily penetrates me. As that wonderful Man Cock begins to enter me I can't help myself from letting out a breath and that soft moan of pleasure. It just feels so good.
Once inside me he begins working his cock deeper and deeper into me, my body naturally pushes back on him and soon he begins that lovely rhythm of sliding his cock in and out of me. I am his, his girl completely, accepting the fact that I'm being fucked and made love to by his wonderful manly cock. my useless soft sissy clit just laying there. my total inner focus is on pleasing him and enjoying the feeling of fulfillment in my role as his girl.
He grabs my hips and begins driving deeper into me, His pace starts to pick up and in true sissy fashion, I am moaning in lust, pushing myself back and forth accepting the fucking I am receiving and the pleasure I'm giving him
His pace picks up more, pounding into me. My pussy contracting around his cock and squeezing it not wanting it to leave me. Accepting my role as that feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me overcomes me with my sissy orgasm and desire. holding on as I need him to climax as well.
I'm his girl and he is using me as he desires and i am submitting and wanting it. Next comes that wonderful moment when i feel him swell even more just a moment before he begins to empty himself into me. as he begins to seed me deep, I feel that warm Man Cum shooting into me. It is such a enjoyable feeling receiving and feeling shot after shot of Man Cum entering deep inside me. i am truly is his girl: he has marked me with his seed to prove that.

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2 months ago
Hot hot hot mmmmmm
8 months ago
love it
10 months ago
Captures the feeling xxxactly! Muah! j
1 year ago
thankyou for your comments. I know how your sissy felt as you described your time with her. being made love to by a real man is what femme sissies like me so enjoy and look forward to. like you said having our sissy pussy grip around your cock as you fill us with your cum adds to both of our enjoyment and it slowly leaking out of us as you continue to caress and kiss us as we both come down from our sexual high. a sissygirl should always have a moist pussy just like a girl and having to deal with the seepage in the same way. sometimes if we are going out soon I need to insert a tampon to keep my panties dry
1 year ago
I have fucked many sissies and loved the feeling of penetrating them for the first time and stroking their ass pussy slowly as they open up more. One sissy was so hot I had him many times and he was my only lover and made love to him and fucking him in the position on his side where we was kissing and as my cock went deeper he would let out a moan and smile as I stroked him faster until I climaxed, shooting my load of cum in him and feeling his muscles milking my cock until I was drained and we continued to kiss passionately as my cum oozed out of his ass.
1 year ago
Wow, Baby. You made me cum.
1 year ago
Wow! Yes please!
1 year ago
yess more you are good
1 year ago
I love getting my girl submissive, such a good description!
1 year ago
One of the most accurate descriptions of the otherworldly bliss that comes with each and every penetrating inch of Man Meat! Knowing that you've becum little more than an ornament on his magnificent tool! Squeezing your pussy muscles to milk every trace of his seed from the source! Just to have a snapshot of your eyes as the head breaks thru the entrance to your tunnel, and one as the "cream that shoots to the bottom" fills your insides. mmmm!!!! Total submission, total satisfaction!
Wonderfully written gorgeous!
1 year ago
Nothing left to say, perfect!
2 years ago
This story got my cock throbbing
2 years ago
So sensua,my sweet.xxxx
2 years ago
Now i understand what drives me to be a sissy. Thank you for your sorie.
2 years ago
I love taking my sweet baby girl when she is on her back. I can watch her face as I enter her boy pussy. Sometimes, soft and slow, other times, hard and rough.

I love when she says,"Harder, Daddy, harder". What a wonderful sweet girl.
2 years ago
Love the description of your submissive sissy feelings on being penetrated; it's a real turn on. I dream of taking a sissy this way, especially if she is dressed in her favourite frilly party dress, lifted high; bent over and her sweet pussy exposed and inviting- the animal in me takes over, I make my sissy suffer as penetrate to the hilt, again and again, making her whimper till I spend and fill her with hot come. I comfort her after; so glad she's mine.

Sorry, got a bit carried away! :-)
2 years ago
i know how you fill being a sissy to your man. i love your storie honey