being of service continued 3

Her grip on my balls eased stand up , as I did Vicky pulled the knickers up at the back, turn round Tina giggled,
they are a bit baggy , Joyce said I know and opened her wardrobe, she pulled out a old battered suit case , she opens it up and said I packed this when my mum left, I was going to go with her.

In side was full of clothes , she pulled out a carrier bag in side was knickers bras and socks she tipped them on the bed Tina and Vicky started sorting and laying them on the bed

Joyce then took her old school uniform out of the case ,it was navy blue with a pleated skirt , then she took out a tutu and leotard which she had when doing her dance classes. She then took her bikini and a swimming costume out, then a white summer dress .
The three of them was laughing, Vicky held a pair of white cotton knickers up and said try them on, I slipped the other knickers off, Tina pointed at my cock and said awww its so small,

I pulled the white knickers on they was a bit tight but they fitted, Vicky said hold your arms out then a white bra was slipped over my shoulders and done up at the back,
I was being a bit of a diva and pretending I wasn't enjoying it but deep down I was ,
Lets see you then stand over by the mirror ,
I saw my reflection, my make up my hair in bunches and the outline of my cock through the white knickers,

I turned round they all laughed , Joyce took a couple of pairs of knickers , rolled them up into balls and put them in the cups of my bra,
She then got her old school shirt put this on , I as I was told I did the buttons up , she then came over and put her school tie on me. It was navy blue grey strip, then she wrapped the skirt around my waist and did up the two buttons, the skirt went midway between my thighs and knees , she handed me a pair of tight, put them on, I pulled them up my legs , my cock was rock hard as I lifted my skirt Vicky said look at his cock, I dropped my skirt down totally embarrassed lift it up Tina said, my cock was fully erect look he's wet , there was a damp patch in his knickers.
They started laughing again , Vicky said get your tights on Christine! I pulled them up, but they was to big for me,
Joyce got a pair of white socks off the bed put them on, I took the tights off the socks i pulled up midway between my feet and knees, awww shes so cute Vicky said pinching my cheek playfully. Joyce went to the wardrobe and pulled out a straw hat with a navy and grey band , it was from her school uniform she placed it on my head, perfect she said , lets have another drink, Christine get some ice!

More drinks was poured , we are nearly out of vodka Vicky sais , and fags , they emptied there purses ,give me some money Joyce said I went to my room a gave her 4 pounds , right let go the shop will be shut soon, I'm not going out I said, oh you are put you plimsoles onto I said, you either come or I will lock you outside on the srteet, it will be fun Tina said we will all go.

I put my shoes on and was pushed out the door,, the sun had gone down and the street lights had just come on, it was a warm night and a cool breeze as we step out on the street Joyce said she would walk ahead, I walked with Vicky and Tina,
It felt strange feeling my hair up in bunches the breeze blowing up my skirt, can I take the hat off I asked, OK but you carry it.
We turn the corner Joyce was ahead and I could see the light from the shop just ahead, we carried on walking Joyce turned into the shop, all of a sudden she was back on the street waving frantically, cross over Vicky said as we crossed 2 men and women came out of the shop ,
It was friends of the girls, duck Tina said I hid behind a car I could hear Joyce complaining she couldn't go to the club, crouching down could feel the wind blowing between my legs, the conversation seemed to last for ever but when it finished Tina came back to get me
Come on she said we walked towards the shop, I said I'm not going in, she thought about it and said OK ,we stood outside looking on the ground I could see my shadow from the shop lights it was strange seeing the shape of my skirt, I looked in the shop Windows next door and could see my reflection my cock throbbing,
Joyce and Vicky came out of the shop with two bags, carry these , I took them they lit up cigarettes and we walked back,, I was waking a head, they took it in turns to pinch or kick my bum and lifting my skirt up, we turn onto the garden path walking to the door and the next door neighbor opened his door hello girls he called ,nice evening, he looked straight at me , but didn't seem to recognise me, I'm just taking the dog for a walk, Joyce interrupted and said sorry we have to go Christine needs to pee
We got inside Joyce said Christine he fancied you no I said.
Right Christine we will redo your make up and you will wait on us hand and foot OK? I hesitated Christine you will be a good little girl wont you said Tina or we will pull your knickers down and spank your bottom is that understood, I nodded tba
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