being of service continued

After The beating I finished cleaning up and had to clean the bathroom again
I then went to my room . It wasn't long before Joyce called me again,
Your coming shopping with me , we went to the local shops, she bought food and drink for her friends
When we got home she had me making sandwiches , she was actually quiet nice to me. She said her friend would be arriving about 7.
I was to go my room and stay there , I asked if I could just go out with my mates, ? No you ruined my weekend your going to suffer.
After a final polish she told me to hang the washing out. I emptied the washing machine and went into the garden, she stood watching me, most of the clothes was hers , and a few bits of mine, as I hung a pair of her knickers up she said no sniffing them and laughed and went inside

Vicky and Tina arrived, smoke filled the house I could hear the talking and laughing,
I was really thirsty , I went down stairs to get a drink of water, as I walked into the kitchen Vicky said hello from the garden, I said hi
Come out here she said, I stepped out Tina smiled and said hi. I looked at Joyce, and could tell she wasn't happy . I delta with the pleasantries, and went to go back in, Joyce said bring the sandwiches out here , I took them out, she then asked for the bottle of vodka and ice. I took the bottle out and popped the icecubes out of the tray and refilled it with water and put it back in the freezer.
Then went back into my room.
The voices downstairs got louder and the laughter longer. I could hear Joyce who was the loudest.
It was about 8.30 when Joyce called me, come down here chrisssy. Go down the shop and get some cigarettes and another bottle of vodka,she gave me the money , when I got back she told me to bring more ice , I walked back in Tina was putting make up on Joyce Vicky was brushing her hair, sit down Joyce said, I said no I will go back upstairs, Vicky said oh please stay, you can have a drink if you want.

I sat watching Joyce having her make up done, lip stick eye liner, mascara and her hair brushed, I have to admit she looked really good, when they had finished she looked in the mirror admiring her self, what do you think she asked me. You look nice I said.

Do you want some she asked? No I said blushing, oh come on Chris it will be fun, after a few minutes I agreed.

It was nice having my hair brushed and receiving the attention Vicky breasts kept rubbing my shoulders and head . Rub your lips together as Joyce put the bright red lipstick on me . Vicky put my hair in 2 bunches then gave me the mirror, I looked and laughed, even Jocelyn was laughing.
Tina turn Joyce said , Chris you can help Vicky said you can be one of the girls tonight , while pouring me another dinky, Christine thats what we will call you tonight, we all laughed then Joyce said he might as well be he was playing with my bra and knickers,

Blushing I said no I wa just picking the up of the floor, Joyce then said I bet he wears them when I'm not in, do you said Tina no I don't I said , do you sniff them all 3 burst out laughing , no I said. Lets dress him up no I said I turned and ran upstairs to my room .
They followed me and took me into Joyce's room. Tina had grabbed my arms holding the behind my back, you will enjoy this she laughed.

Joyce took a pair of pink knickers out of her draw and a white bra no I said. Joyce came over and undid my trousers and pulled the down. Once a gain a big burst of laughter from the 3 of them, get him on the floor Tina said , laying there my arm pinned by Tina my trouser and pants was pulled off me, look said Vicky he's enjoying this look at his pants and his cock , there wet, my precum was oozing out of me.

Joyce pulled the knickers up my legs and told me to lift my bum I pushed down, she grabbed my pubic hair and pulled I lifted my bum and the knickers was pulled up, my arms was hurting please let me go I begged, will you be good Joyce said. Yes I replied, she grabbed my balls through the knickers and squeezed do you promise yes I cried. Tbc
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