being of service

I have been a sissy and servant since my teens
To look at me you would never know it . I have a high powered job managing 22 staff.
How ever this is covering my other side of being a sissy whimpering slave.

My 1st experience was in my teens , my step s****r Joyce who is six years older then me hated me

One night my parents told her they was going away for the weekend and that she had to look after me.
She was furious she had made plans to go out with her friends Tina and Vicky Saturday night.
My parents agreed she could have them at our house and stop the night.

Joyce for a long while had always bullied me, kicking and punching me for no reason..
My parents left Friday night I woke up Saturday morning ,I got dressed and went down stairs,

I made my self some toast and a cup of tea , and started to Get my football kit ready
Joyce came down , we didn't speak she went into the kitchen and screamed my name,,

I said what! She came out of the kitchen and grabbed a handful of my fairly long hair and dragged me into the kitchen
My crime was I had left the tea bag in the sink , my knife butter on the side and crumbs on the table.
Clear it up she barked at me. I did as I was told, when I finished I got my football kit and went to walk out.
She asked where I was going I said football. She said no your not you have ruined my weekend I'm going to ruin yours.

I argued with her , she started punching and kicking me till I backed down.
She told me to go into the kitchen , gave me a pen a paper. Write this down
Wash the bathroom including the sink and toilet Hoover all the bedrooms , the stairs and lounge, polish the tables.

I knew if I didn't she would start hitting me again . So I started in the bathroom I cleaned the toilet and sink as I came out she asked if I had cleaned the bath I said no its clean , she told me to clean it again while she was there she lifted the toilet seat and said clean the underside of the seat as well.
I scrubbed the bath and the toilet seat , when I finished she told me to Hoover all the bedroom including hers , she was going to have a bath she sneered.
I hooverd my room my parentsand the spare bedroom, I tapped on the bathroom door and asked if I was to do her room.
Of course she shouted. I went into her room the curtains was closed, she had left bags shoes and clothing on the floor by the bed. I started hovering picking thing up and putting them on her bed , i picked up a pile of dirty washing shirts,trouser and skirts and put them on the chair, then picked up a matching bra and knickers, the knickers was rolled up where she had rolled them down her legs so the gusset was at the top I was looking at them when she walked into the room, you little perv she called me what are you doing with my knickers?
I explained I had just picked them up to Hoover, she pushed me back into the corner snatching her knickers out of my hand and slapped my face , she grabbed my hair and pulled my hair so my head yanked back, she then started rubbing her knickers in my face, saying I liked sniffing knickers, she rubbed so hard I got a friction burn on my nose. Open your mouth she said, I did , she pushed the knickers into my mouth, I don't know if she did that because she wanted to see her knickers in my mouth or to muffle my screaming as she beat me .
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7 months ago
Well it seems you want it so lets enjoy some of your experiences,,,I'm looking forward to reading them