Rebellion to Obedience (Becoming a Slut)

I was feeling extra rebellious today. A wild streak was running through my veins and making my dick throb. I had to something. It was now or never.

I called the male e****t agency and spoke to the main man, the pimp. 1 hour later i was sat in his apartment.

I was so nervous. He asked me a few questions about myself. I told him i hadn't done anything like this before. He told me to take off all my cloths.

I took them all off and twirled for him. It was the first time i had stripped for another man. I wanted him to take advantage of me. I have to suck his cock otherwise he will tell me to fuck off. And i have to suck it properly.

He started licking my nipples a bit and playing with my dick. I went to my knees and pulled his dick out of his pants. It was huge and hard. I was jerking it and squeezing it, thinking about putting it in my mouth when he got on his knees too.

There were some poppers and we were just wanking each other off. I grabbed his dick hard and moved closer. I was jerking him off for all i was worth. We held each other closer and closer. I loved it, i said i loved it and then he just exploded all over my cock and balls. I rubbed it in. My dick was covered in his cum.

And there i sat. A naked little slut covered in a pimps cum. :)

The following day i spent posing for some pictures. I hope he likes them. I hope to keep my new pimp happy like a good little obedient slut should do.
55% (5/5)
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5 years ago
Sympa :)
5 years ago
Great story you almost made me jack off if it was a little longer i would have thANKS
5 years ago
Not bad