Nancy gets black cock !!

We just came home from a really fun night. I came home early today from work.Nancy suggested that we go out to eat. We decided to go to a restaurantthat we really like for dinner, it was great! When we got out of the restaurant! We saw that it was still early and Nancy suggested that we go to a bar to have a drink and relax. This idea seemed to cheer her up a bit, so off we went. We went to this bar called The Tavern located in Camden.The place was not something you’d call fancy but it could have been worse . The area wasn’t what you’d call upscale .even the parking lot didn’t look really secure .I wanted to leave and go to a different place .Nancy said it’s okay !we’re just going there to have a drink and leave afterwards . When we walked into the bar. There were only 1 other couple and about a dozen men in the bar and most of the patrons there were Africans-Americans . They were looking at us or should I say checking out my wife from top to bottom. I didn’t really feel very comfortable and wanted to leave.Nancy told me to relax and even confided to me that being the only white women in the bar and getting attention from those men’s actually turns her on. So I gave in and so we stayed. We got some drinks, then sat in a booth. As we sat , a few of the men’s started to look at Nancy and making comments about her and what she wore. She was wearing a red and black flowery-type of dress , pretty sexy with a fairly low plunging neckline and she looked ravishing. Anyway! Going back to as we sat down to our booth. One black man came up to our booth and was saying something to my wife and with the loud music , I couldn’t hear a thing .my wife turned to me and said ".... if that's OK with you?" he was saying. "What?..." I replied somewhat bemused. Then my wife answered for me. "Yes it is quite all right." and got up and was walking towards the entrance to what turned out to be a small dimly lit dance room. There was soft music emanating from the room and as my wife and the man entered, I could see other couples dancing. I then realized that he had been asking my permission to dance with my wife. I could now return to my booth knowing that my wife was being entertained. I was aware of Nancy returning and sitting down. I was about to ask her if she had enjoyed her dance when she rose again as another man e****ted her to the dance area. This happened a few times, a different man every time. I had finished my drink and went off to the restroom. I was in a cubicle when I heard some men coming into the rest room laughing and talking loudly. "That bitch is hot. You should have a dance with her." "I've danced with her!" said another voice. "She loves being finger fucked." "That's right!" said the 1st voice. "I had her tits out when we were in a dark corner and gave them a good sucking! And I had 2 fingers up her cunt!" "Well let's get back there so I can have a turn!" said a 3rd voice. He went on. "Is there any chance of taking her outside to fuck?" "No!" "Shouldn't think so." came the replies. She's with her husband." That's when it hit me. They were talking about Nancy. These strangers had been groping my wife and by all accounts, she had been loving the attention that these men were giving her. My dick was rock hard as I realized that the thought of my lovely wife being groped by strangers was turning me on like nothing before. I wanted more, I wanted to see them using her.... even fucking her. I wanted it! No. I NEEDED IT! I came out of the restroom but instead of returning to the bar, I went through the main lobby and in through another door at the far end of the dimly lit dance area. I stood in the corner until my eyes became adjusted to the darkness, then I could see her. She was kissing the man she was dancing with and he had his hand up her short skirt. Over the soft music coming from speakers on the wall, I could hear her moans of pleasure. They grew louder and more intense..... and then the unmistakable sounds of her climaxing, even though the man was trying to muffle her noises with his kiss. I hadn't realized it but some time after entering the room, I had taken my dick out and was slowly wanking myself in time to my wife's moans. Her climax had been just too much for me.... I came... my jizz shot out onto the wall . Fortunately, no one could see me in the dark corner. I was still stroking my cock as I watched the man turn Nancy around to face the 5 guys in the corner. As he raised her dress to expose her tits to them, my dick once again became ramrod stiff. I started really jacking again. It was just lovely watching her being 'taken advantage of. He then pulled up her dress, I got a shock as I realized that she no longer had her panties on. All she had on was her stockings and garterbelt. The men gathered around her and played with and sucked on her tits. Others were fingering her cunt. One guy knelt down and picked up her leg and slipped off her high heel and smelled it then started sucking on her nylon clad toes and another went down on her pussy.. The guy she had been dancing with was still standing behind her, supporting her weight. She was resting against him and had her head laid back on his shoulder. Her eyes were closed and as her moans of pleasure became louder, the man placed a hand over her mouth. I could tell from her reaction that this was 'turning her on' even more. As she was writhing and moaning, she reached out and grabbed the mans head and pulled him harder into her cunt. There was a violent explosion within her body as yet another, even stronger climax shook her to her very being. She just lay back against the guy supporting her, like a limp rag doll. The guy who had sucked her to orgasm, stood up and took out his erect dick and started rubbing it against her cunt lips. Nancy moaned again but didn't open her eyes. The guy said something to the other men. Following his instructions, they lifted her up and supported her at dick height as the guy inserted his dick into her. Watching these strangers now fucking my wife was too much for me, once again I shot my jizz onto the dance floor. The feelings that coursed through my body were like nothing I had ever experienced before. Like a d**g addict getting hooked on a 'high', I was needing another 'high' another orgasm like that induced by seeing my wife being fucked by a strangers. It didn't take long for the guy to start moaning as he shot his spunk into Nancys cunt. The effect of this had my dick hard again. Another guy took his place between her lovely thighs, as yet another dick entered her and shot yet more spunk into my lovely wife. the one guy shot off all over her nylons toes then put her high heel back on her.After they had all fucked her and left her alone and exhausted She laid down on a sofa and passed out. I went to her and took off her shoe and sucked the cum from her nylon toes , then I opened her legs as she slept and sucked on her cum covered, swollen cunt lips. To my surprise, this caused her to have yet another orgasm as she slept. I then got between her legs and eased my dick into her sloppy cunt. She woke up just as I was about to cum. There was a look of alarm in her eyes. I said "It's OK, I watched it all and loved every minute of it. This will show you how much I enjoyed watching you." With that I 'came' inside my wife's overflowing cum filled cunt. As we got ourselfs togeather one of the guys came back in and handed her her panties and told her there was a gift inside for you , and turned to leave telling us to stop in anytime we are in town. She unfolded her sheer panties and they were soaked in cum , she smiled and slid them up her legs and over her ass and cunt telling me it will stay warm for me that way till we get home. It’s still early Saturday morning and as expected . Nancy is sound asl**p. As I’m finishing typing our story. I’m looking at her body clad in her cum stained panties and nylons .there are still some bite marks on her neck and all over het tits , I am going to wake her in a few by licking the dried cum from her feet and her panties !!! I love watching her being 'hit on' and taken advantage of. In a whole ,We had a pretty good night

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great story
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Nothing feels better than sticking ur cock in our girls loose hot cum filled pussy after other cocks used her and also eating her loose sloppy hole full of cum. I love it
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Wow... That's the kind of partying I love
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nice !!!
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2 years ago
Fucking hott!!!!