Nancy and the shop guys ...

I couldn't believe I hadn't given my wife Nancy the money to pay the mechanic for the work on her car. She had reminded me the night before and I had assured that I would stop on my way to work and pay them, but had completely forgotten about it. Now here it was time for her to pick up the car so she had her friend Tina drop her off at the garage then meet me for lunch . I had tried calling her cell phone but it just rang through to voice mail. . I wanted to tell her that I frogot to stop and pay them so I would meet her there at about 12:30 , I was not sure why she didn't answere her phone I just guessed she forgot to trun it on.

When I arrived at the garage I found the doors shut and it appeared to be closed. This seemed unusual as it was only 12 :20 in the afternoon and they should still be open .But I thought they might be on lunch so I checked the door and found it unlocked. I opened the door and walked inside the darkened office, looking and listening to see if anyone else was here. I could hear noises from behind the door leading to the garage area so I walked to the door.

When I got to the door the noises coming from the other side sounded like moaning coupled with people talking. I paused momentarily and heard some of what was being said. "Fuck this is good." " Let me get some of that." I was trying to figure out what was going on when I noticed an office door that was standing open. Inside the office I could see a window leading into the shop area. I knew from previous trips here that it was one of those mirror type windows looking into the shop area. The kind that allows management to watch the workers to make sure nobody is screwing off.

I walked over to the office, stepped inside, and looked out into the shop area to get the surprise of my life. There was my lovely wife Nancy bent over at the waist, her dress pulled up around her waist while some black guy was fucking her from behind. Another black guy was at her side with his pants pulled down and his cock out while she stroked him. A third guy was standing in front of her, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Nancy's dress was bunched around her waist, her breasts could be seen thrugh her sheer pink bra. At first I thought she had to be getting ****d. No way Nancy could be doing this voluntarily. But when I looked closer I noticed that she was not being restrained and by all appearances was a willing participant in this. I also noticed that my cock was harder than it had ever been.

As I watched the scene in front of me play I out I noticed a fourth guy walking over from the back of the shop. He was holding a camera and taking pictures,and had one of her highheels in his hand and in between taking pics he was smelling it. I heard the guy whose cock was sliding in and out of my wife's mouth say "How is that pussy Marcus?" to the black guy fucking my wife from behind. Marcus replied that it was some of the best pussy he ever head and that it was coming from a married white mom simply made it all the better. Marcus continued fucking her from behind, both hands on her hips as he thrust in and out of her. It was at that time that I noticed his cock looked huge sliding in and out of my wife. It looked like it had to be at least ten inches in length and if it wasn't as thick as a beer can it had to be close.

The guy whose cock was in my wife's mouth (I would later find out his name was Peter of all things) started to grunt and moan loudly. His hands had dropped down to my wife's head and was holding it in place as he fucked her face. His cock looked to be about 6, 6 ½ inches and was white. Didn't look unusually thick or anything. The only thing unusual about it was that it was thrusting in and out of my wife's face, his balls bouncing against her chin. I saw one last thrust and then Peter held her head tightly against him as he grunted, obviously cumming in my wife's mouth. It must have been quite the load as despite me seeing her throat swallowing, I could also see cum running out from the corners of her mouth.

Peter Moaned one last time and stepped back letting his cock fall from Nancys mouth. I could see it glistening and for a brief moment a strand of cum/saliva stretch from the tip of his cock and her lips as he stepped away.

The guy who was getting a hand job from my wife stepped forward and slid his cock into her mouth. I now watched as a black man fucked her from behind while another black man slid his cock in and out of her mouth. The man (I heard him called "G" by the others) had a cock that was dark as night, looked to be eight inches long and was thick as the average cucumber. He slid his cock in and out of my wife's mouth slowly and moaned deeply. He started removing the rest of his clothes, making the statement "We're going to take a while with this woman. She definitely has a lot to offer."

The fourth guy who was holding the camera looked like he could double for biker movies. White, in his late 20's, very muscular, and tattoos everywhere. As he got out of his clothes I could see his cock was only about 6 inches in length and did not look to be overly thick. Mike (I would later find out his name) stepped forward next to Nancy, took her left hand and placed it on his dick. I watched as she immediately wrapped her hand around his cock and started stroking him. I could see the wedding ring I had given her on her finger as she stroked his cock

I watched as Mike put a hand under Nancys chin and lifted her head up. He told her to look at the camera as G's cock slide in and out of her mouth. The flash went off several times and I could only guess how many pictures were taken of my wife sucking a black man's dick.

Marcus started thrusting into my wife's pussy faster and faster. I could hear the smacking sounds as he bounced off her body. He started to grunt and I saw him thrust deeply into her. I knew he was cumming inside her. After a moment he stepped back and as soon as I saw his cock fall from her pussy I could see cum start to run down her legs all over the sheer pink stockings she had on I could also see that they had cut the crotch of the sheer pink matching panties out .

Mike stated that it was now his turn for something beside a handjob and moved behind Nancy. I watched as Mike slid his cock up and down outside of her glistening opening. I wondered if he would be able to feel anything in my wifes pussy after she had been stretched by Marcus's huge cock. Mike moved back and forth a couple of times and then I watched as he pulled out of her cum filled pussy and moved a little higher up. It was then I realized I was about to watch another man butt fuck my wife.

Mike stood up on his tip toes and aimed his cock at Nancys rosebud opening. He started to push forward and I could see Nancys's eyes go wide as she realized what was about to take place. G's ebony cock was still thrusting in and out between her lips.

Mike stopped saying he had an idea to make her more comfortable and stepped back. G pulled his cock from her mouth and for the first time since I walked in I saw my wife without another mans cock in her. Mike sat down in a chair next to a tool box and told Nancy to walk over to him. Nancy walked over, her dress bunched around her waist. Her tits were bouncing in that sheer bra the one that I love so much,,,.Thats when I saw all the cum all over her stocking clad feet, one of the guys must have used them to get off on before I got there...

When Nancy got to Mike she stopped. He reached up and with his hands turned her around and sat her back on his cock. I watched as he slid his cock into my wife's ass. Soon he was buried balls deep inside her ass, her legs lifted up and wide. G moved forward but instead of slipping his cock back into her mouth he placed it inside her pussy. I watched as my wife was being doubly penetrated by the two mechanics.

As these two men fucked my wife I saw Marcus step forward. His large black snake was coming back to life and he moved towards Nancys face. She turned towards his monster, opened wide, and took this black cock of his into her mouth.

I watched in amazement as my wife, the mother of my c***dren, had one mans cock up her ass, a second cock thrusting in and out of her pussy while yet a third cock of monstrous proportions fucked her face. Nancy was glistening in sweat, the look on her face one of pure ecstasy. I don't think I had ever seen her look more beautiful.

It was then I noticed the fourth man, Peter, standing back and taking pictures. He was smiling as he moved from side to side obviously catching every angle.

It started with Mike, then with G, and finally with Marcus. They started grunting, thrusting, and finally cumming inside of Nancy. When Marcusbusted his nut he stepped back,pulling his black monster from her lips and and sterted jacking that huge black cock off pointing it at her face the first jet of cum hit Nancy right on her nose and splatterd her face then he aimed it at her tits in her bra and covered them soaking the nylon wjth about 5 more shots of thick white cock cream , then he said bet your hubby will love sucking theos tits thru that bra now wont he bitch ? And Nancy said yes sir I will make him, I saw Peter with the camera taking pictures still, and telling my wife "Unless you want these pictures showing up at your job and to all your f****y friends and posted in all the mens rooms around town Nancy, I suggest you met us at least once a weekand have your husband take you out shopping for some slutty lingerie that you will wear for us so we can cum all over it before he even gets to see you in it got it ?? Okay?"

I saw Nancy nod her head and heard her quietly say okay.

I realized that with everyone finishing I needed to get out of here. I quietly made my exit and went straight home. Once at home I couldn't take it any longer and beat my meat until I came all over the panties I was wearing,

When Nancy finally arrived home I saw her hair slightly out of place and looking somewhat disheveled. Her dress looked somewhat wrinkled and it has wet spots all over it. I asked her how things had gone today and she stated that everything was fine until it came time to pick up the car from the mechanic. She went on that when she went to pick up the car she realized I hadn't payed for the bill and she didn't have any credit cards with her. She had to plead with them and provide reassurance that she would return with the money before they would let her take the car. It took a lot of convincing on her part but finally they stated it was okay and she came home with the car. She needed to return tomorrow to pay the bill. I asked if she wanted me to take care of it but she quickly stated that she had made the arrangements and would take care of things. After that she said she needed to take a shower that she spilled her coffee all over herself when she hit a pothole and turned towards the back of the house. As she walked away I swore I saw cum still running down her stockings.when I herd the shower running I went inside and asked her if she needed anything and she said no ,I just went in there to find her panties and bra , and there there were I picked up her bra and it was covered in dried cum and was still a little wet I took that bra and started licking and sucking the cum from it then I was the panties still soaking wet with cum I had to have them in my mouth I was smelling them and licking the cum from them when Nancy asked me what I was doing ,I froze I thought she had seen me so I said I was going to put her clothes in the hamper and she said NO I will take care of them.. So I dropped the panties and bra right on top and left the bathroom , not even thinking that she had them burried under her dress..After a while she came out of the bathroom and had a strange look on her face and said is everything ok , thats when I realised that she knew i had the panties and bra in my hands , I just smiled and said yes all is fine , love you , and she said I love you to and went off to get dressed. That night at bedtime I wanted to fuck her so bad but she said she was not in the mood and tired and just wanted to get some sl**p that she had a busy day tomorrow , i gave her a kiss then rolled over and tried to sl**p.

The next day I went in to the mechanic. I told them I was there to see if we owed anything for the maintenance on the car and they said no, that Nancy had taken care of everything. As I was talking to them I noticed picturesof her sucking cock and getting fucked were hanging all over thewall in the manager's office and all of the mechanics were smirking. The shop manager closed his door quickleywas saying that Nancy had taken care of everything and he was certain I had more important things to do than hang out at a mechanics shop. As I was leaving I saw my wife pulling in to the parking lot and saw the mechanics pulling down the shop door.

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