Whore For Two Mexicans

One night I came home from work and saw a old beat up truck from Texas parked in in spot next to my room. As I walk to my room I looked in truck and the back was full of tools and junk, then looking in the cab I could sdee it was a mess with trash everywhere. I thought who ever it belonged to must be slobs. As I got to my room I saw my guess was right as two mexican guys came out of room next to mine and they were a dirty mess. I looked at them and said hi and sort of smiled, they both had sort of nasty grins on there face as they looked at me.

That night I was standing outside having a beer when they came home from a night out. They looked a little cleaner but still not the best dressed guys. They where caring a 12 pack of beer and as they got close to me they ask if i wanted a beer. They didn't speak very good english but they handed me a beer so i took it. After a few mins the taller one went into his room while the other stayed outside drinking and trying to talk with me but i could only understand part of what he was saying. We had another beer then I said I needed to go inside and said goodnight.

As I was cleaning up my phone rang it was one of the guys I was just talking with, He was saying something about beer but again couldn't understand most
of it so I hung up. Soon there was a knock on my door and it was him with beer in his hands, and he wanted to come in. I'm not really sure why but i let him in. I had some music on and started to drink the beer he brought when he started rubbing his cock through his jeans. As I watch him he was saying " blowjob, you suck?". As I watch him rub his cock it was turning me on so I said yes. I was a little worried because I didn't know him and he wasn't the cleanest guy but I did sort of wonder what mexican cock was like. He walk over to my bed and took his pants off and sat on edge of bed. I then walk over and drop to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He did not smell very good but once I had his cock in my mouth I couldn't stop. As I sucked him he was talking away but I didn't understand him, probably calling me whore, bitch, sissy or cocksucker all which would have been true. After sucking him awhile he got up and pushed me on the bed as I lie there he reached up and pulled my panties off.
While I knew what was next so I told him i need lube so I got up and lube my sissy pussy then layed down on by back on bed. He pulled me to the edge and put my legs in the air and stuck his cock in me. He started out slow but soon was going at me like a dog in heat. Then I remembered I didn't ask him to put a condom on but it was to late soon he was filling me with his cum. He then pulled out and put his pants on and got another beer. I just got my panties and put them back on and could fell his cum leaking out of me getting my panties all wet and sticky. Next he walk over to my phone a made a shorty phone call. Then he gave me a beer and took my had and said come to my room. At this point I was d***k and pretty horny so I went with him. As he open his door and we walk in his friend was laying on bed playing with his cock. He was playing some mexican music really loud and i was sort of in a daze for a min. Then the guy who just fucked me pointed to his fried and said, " You want to suck him?", and sort of pushed me to him. I got on the bed and layed between his legs and started giving him a blowjob even though again he didn't smell very good. As I was sucking him the other guy kept slaping my ass and sticking his fingers in my pussy. After awhile my ass was pretty sore from the spanking but the cock was pretty good so I just kept sucking until he came in my mouth. After he came it was sort of a weird time because I didn't know what to do next or what they wanted. I stood up pulled up my panties as the both just sort of smiled and even laughed a little. I said I better go and walk to the door, as I open the door the guy who fucked me said " tomorrow", I just kept walking and went back to my room.

While sitting on my bed I could smell there body odor and cum on me. I was thinking about what I just did. I sucked off two dirty mexicans and got fucked by one of them. I had there cum in my belly and my sissy pussy. I was thinking what a slut I was becoming. That was the first time I was with a mexican guy and even though they didn't keep there selfs very clean I did enjoy there cocks.
I look forward to some more mexican cock in the future. I guess maybe I am becoming a whore.

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6 months ago
I would of eatin there assholes
2 years ago
lucky sexy slut,i would love to worship the SEXY LATIN GOD MASTERS DICKS,clean or dirty,nasty is better,sweetie,i would just love to be there white trash sub slut bitch,they way God made us whiteys to be,taking them bare back as i pray for cum,yummy,the lords supper,amen to that baby!!
2 years ago
Good work faggot whore
2 years ago
2 years ago
dirty mexicans, next time make them shower first.