My year of ownership/chastity/bi sex slave

I began dating/serving (unknowingly at first) a girl I met online. She knew of my interests, but I had no idea to what extent she was interested. I come home one day to find my chastity device and some of my lingerie stash sitting on the table, with her smiling at me wickedly. I was told to put them on, and that all my male undergarments had been discarded. After I was locked up, made over, and she had the key, she informed me that she was an e****t, and would be leaving for weeks at a time for work around the country. I was to stay locked up, while I got nightly pics and videos of the massive cocks she was devouring. 6 months. No hard ons, no ejaculations. She comes home. She does not have the key. Some guy ripped it off when he was cumming in her ass, it was never found. Upon coming home, she takes me for a ride, demanding I get "dolled up" though we are leaving to go in public in the middle of the day. I am brought to the home of her local stud. A massive male, rippling with muscle and a 9 inch cock. Within minutes of entering the home my panties are ripped off and I have a throat full of cock. After he was satisfied, he began fucking my girlfriend/mistress like crazy, completely filling her up with my warm, gooey reward. At this point I am told I no longer serve her, but him, and am to keep him satisfied while she is away. Anytime day or night I am to drop what I'm doing and take care of him if he demands. I am destroyed. My ass bled forever, and I had to have drank a gallon of cum in my time with him. Oddly enough, when he wouldn't call, I would find myself online looking for big cocks to satisfy. I was addicted and accepted my place. One year in chastity, I didn't have a penis anymore, I was a cum craving faggot. Eventually he got bored with me, and stopped calling. I never heard from mistress anymore and eventually had to (painfully) cut away my chastity device. My penis never regained functionality or size. I have more stories, but this is what defined me as a cum craving cuck bitch

80% (21/5)
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11 months ago
nice one
1 year ago
jesus christ dude
1 year ago
too bad about your useless cock, the rest you deserve
1 year ago
Great story loing forward to the next one
2 years ago
Could always use a lick or two
2 years ago
2 years ago
I see you're in Tampa. That's a fun city. Do you go to theaters and arcades to find cock to suck?