The Dinner (and desert) - Chapter 3 – Appeti

I drew in a breath and then opened the door. The men smiled when they saw me, and the woman giggled. She was the first to speak “Lynn is expecting us, and I doubt she’d appreciate her slut making us wait on the stoop”. A blond, she appeared to be in her mid thirties, and was dressed in a revealing sundress, her tan bare legs attractively rising from her white heels. The first man handed me a bottle of wine as he walked past, his other hand slipping under my skirt, rubbing my ass. “Nice ass” he said. Surprised, I turned away, blushing from his caress and the dismissive demeanor of the woman. I couldn’t look at the other two men as they walked pass me.

They all went directly to the living room. When I regained my composure, I took the wine to the kitchen. I looked into the living room and I could see Lynn standing with one of the men. They were kissing, and his hand was at her crotch, a finger deeply buried in her cunt. The other two men were on the couch, the woman sat between them. She was sitting with her legs apart, and I could see her sex. The men were commenting on how hot Lynn looked in her outfit. On of the men was drinking a beer, and there was twelve pack box was on the coffee table.

Lynn apparently saw me from the corner of her eye. “Little miss, come here. You’re being absolutely rude to my guests.”

I sheepishly walked into the living room, and quietly said “Yes Mistress.”

“Yes Lynn,” the blonde piped up “she has been such a rude little slut, she didn’t even introduce herself at the door. What’s her name?”

“Joan, little miss Joan” Lynn replied.

“Joan, be a good little missy and take that beer into the kitchen,” the blonde said.

“And find out what my guests need to make them each comfortable and relaxed,” Lynn ordered, as if addressing a c***d. “By the way, at least set out the appetizers and bring me a glass of wine.”

I walked to coffee table and bent over to pick up the beer. I looked up and the blonde was staring at me. She opened her legs giving me a wonderful view of her pussy. She continued to stare into my eyes as she brought her hand to her nether lips, fingering her slit. “You like to look at Dianna’s hot pussy, don’t you, little miss Joan.” She continued to finger her cunt. It had become quite wet, and she had two fingers inside. “I’ll bet you’re thinking how much you’d like to fuck me with your hard cock right now, aren’t you, baby.” Her voice was silky and seductive. “C’mon, honey, show me that big hard cock you’d like to shove inside me.”

“Lift your skirt now, Joan, and pull down your panties. Show them all what kind of fem male you are” Lynn said.

I stood, still staring at the beautiful pussy. I lifted my skirt. My face was hot from my embarrassment.

“Take off your panties, Joan,” Lynn’s tone was serious.

I couldn’t quit staring at Dianna’s pussy. I pulled my panties down, and then stepped out of them. The men started laughing when they saw my limp cock locked in its clear plastic prison.

Dianna continued to finger fuck herself as I stood there holding my skirt up in front of the group.

Finally she looked at me.

Grinning she said, “Oh my, little miss Joan, that’s nothing more than a clit. You don’t expect to fuck me with that, slut? My cunt is hungry for a real hard cock. Miss Joan, don’t you think I have a beautiful, hot pussy?”

“Yes, it’s so pretty.” I whispered.

One of the men reached over and undid the tie to the halter on her sundress. It fell loosely down, exposing her breasts. He bent over to her, and started to suck on one. The other reached down and started to caress her cunt with his hand. She started moaning, obviously pleased by the attention the men were paying to her body. He kissed her on the mouth, and slid two fingers in her wet hole. The other man had removed his pants, and she was now stroking his cock. She bent down and licked it, running her tongue around the head. She looked me square in the eye and said “You see, Joan, this is what I really need, a hard cock for my pleasure. Don’t you just love hard cocks, Joan?”

I couldn’t speak. I was so aroused by the sight of her tongue teasing the tip of the man’s hard on.

“Don’t just stand there holding your skirt and staring at that cock. Didn’t I tell you to make sure my guests are comfortable?”

I turned to Lynn in response to her words. She was standing next to the other man, who was now naked, except her hand, which was wrapped about his erect cock. It was huge, and she was slowing moving her hand up and down its length. I stared at the monster, envious not only of the size, but its freedom.

“Yes, Mistress”

“Then get take the beer into the kitchen, and get the appetizers. There will be plenty of time to gawk at the boy’s hard dicks, and tend to their other needs, when you return.”

I grabbed the beer from the coffee table, and was off to the kitchen. I returned moments later with the appetizers and set the tray on the coffee table. All there men were now naked, and obviously aroused by the manual attentions of the women. Dianna told me to get her a glass of wine, and to bring a beer for the other two men. I quickly complied with her request and when I returned they were all seated, three on the couch, Lynn and the man on a loveseat, snacking and chatting, as if nothing in the least was unusual.

I noticed that the men’s erections had subsided. Lynn saw me looking at the men. She looked at me and said “Joan, why don’t you have an appetizer?” I declined.

“That wasn’t a request.” Her stern tone, again.

I approached the coffee table, and she said, “I don’t mean that. The food is for us. Your appetizer is over here. Now bring your lips over here and tend to this man’s needs.”

I looked at her, horrified at the suggestion. From the look on her face I could tell she knew.

“Come now you little sissy, I know you want to suck this cock. I’ve been watching you eyeing all of the boy’s toys. After all, it’s not fair to them that you parade around dressed like a slut and then behave like a tease. Now, come show us girls what good little cock-sucker you are, Joan.”

“But Mistress,”

“Stop. Before you disobey or backtalk me think about what happened last time you disregarded my instructions. Are you going to tell me that you won’t keep your word?” Her words hung heavy in the air. My balls still stung from the “salve”, and she did have those pictures. I could tell she wasn’t k**ding.

“Of course not, Mistress,”

I slowly approached the loveseat, and got down on my knees in front of the man. He opened his legs to receive me, and I moved between them. I had never been this close to another man’s cock.

“Don’t be shy, Joan, touch it” she hissed.

I reached out, and gently wrapped my hand around the phallus. The skin was soft to the touch, and warm. I began to stroke it, slowly.

“Kiss it,” he said. I looked at Lynn, and she had a leering smile on her face. I bent forward, and kissed the tip with my lips. “Now lick it” Lynn said.

I did, licking up and down the shaft. He started to grow and I continued to lick, hoping this was going to be all, that when he got real hard he would fuck Lynn with this monster.

“Don’t forget his balls, sweetie” Lynn said.

I squatted down further, and began to tongue the man’s nuts. He scooted forward, and his sack hung over the edge of the seat between his legs. I licked the front, and then around the back, teasing his scrotum with the tip of my tongue. His cock was now hard, and in my face, and without hesitation I began to lick his cock again.

“Suck it, Joan. Show me what a cock slut you are.” I could tell from Lynn’s voice that she was very aroused, and inexplicably I was, too.

I rubbed the head of his cock on my lips, my tongue teasing in and out of the slit. Suddenly, I sucked it into my mouth. I took it as deep as I could and then began to gently move my mouth up and down on his hard cock. The man grabbed the back of my head, and started to piston his cock in and out of my mouth. Sometimes I gagged, and he would stop for a second, but he wouldn’t let go of my head, wouldn’t take his cock out of my wet mouth. My saliva coated his cock and dribbled down his balls as he continued to roughly fuck my mouth. My cock started to ache as it pushed against its’ prison, unable to become truly hard, unable to feel even my own touch. It oozed pre-cum.

Lynn remained on the loveseat as I sucked this man’s cock. She encouraged him “that’s it baby, fuck my sissy’s mouth, gag the cock-slut.” The third guy had pried his mouth off Dianna’s tit, and was standing in front of Lynn. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that she was cupping his balls in one hand, and began to stroke his cock with the other. “Make her show us her little clit,” the third man said to Lynn. She reached down and flipped my skirt up, exposing my ass and locked up cock. “Look,” she said, “the slut trying to get hard, look at the way his cock is filling its the cage, and dripping.” And she was right. I had become so turned on that I was actually enjoying being face fucked by this man in front of the women.

“Oh yes, he is a cock sucking whore.”

I could tell that the man in my mouth was very aroused and would cum soon.

I heard Dianna moan. The other guy was fucking her on the couch. Lynn was now on her knees, sucking the third guy. She sucked him, then stroked him, and then sucked him again. He was too, was moaning, as if ready to orgasm.

I felt the cock in my mouth spasm, and then he stopped pumping. He withdrew slightly, and my mouth flooded with semen. I couldn’t hold it in my mouth, and it began to dribble out the side. “Swallow it, you pussy,” the man said. He pulled out, and shot onto my face. “Now lick up my cum, you little slut.” He f***ed my face back to his crotch, and I licked and sucked his juice from his cock, balls and stomach.

From the sounds of things, Dianna was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

As I finished licking up the salty juice, I felt a pair of hands on my head. Lynn had come round behind me, and quickly she pulled me upright, face to cock in front of the third man. He was stocking himself and said “Open, your cum slut mouth, its time to feed.” I opened my mouth, and he shoved his cock inside, and filled my mouth with his cum. She tilted my head back. I looked up into her eyes, and she said “swallow, slut.” Obediently, I did. She wiped the excess semen from my chin with her finger, and then made me suck her finger clean.

Dianna had quit moaning, and it appeared that the man had cum in her. Thank god it didn’t have to suck him off, too.

Lynn asked me if I wanted some pussy.

I was so horny. “Oh, yes Mistress, I would love to have some pussy,” I replied.

“Lay down,” she instructed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I lay down on my back on the floor. She straddled my leg, and squatted. I thought to myself, “yes, she’s going to ride me till I come in side her. She grabbed my balls with one hand, and my cage with the other. “Relief at last,” I thought.

“Tell me how me how much you want it, Joan.”

“I’ll do what ever you say. May I please have some pussy?”


“Yes, anything.”

“Suck cocks for me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Serve my guests?”

“Of course.”

“Lick up the mess?”

“Yes. Please may I have it?”

“Yes slut, you may have some pussy now” she said.

Dianna got up off the couch, straddled my head, and lowered her cunt. As she descended I could see her lips were swollen and wet, and cunt was filled with cum. She opened her slit with a finger, and drop of semen fell from her cunt lips onto mine. “Lick me, slut” she said, and she pushed her sex down onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue into her wet hole, and began to swill it around inside her. I could taste her lover’s cum on the lips, and she contracted, forcing more of it out and into my mouth. I licked her swollen lips and wet hole as she rubbed herself all over my face. Finally she came, and it was over.

All over, and I hadn’t had any relief.

Lynn’s voice broke the silence.

“Don’t just lay there you lazy slut. Get up and serve my guests dinner.”
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