Your Chastized Sissy and Slut

i arrive as you instructed, dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt. i am barefoot, and a hard plastic chastity device envelopes my cock, a small brass padlock preventing its removal. The cage does not allow me become hard, and prevents me from playing with myself. i am not wearing any underwear and i carry the clear zip lock bag filled with the items you told me to bring, my car keys, and the key to the small brass lock.

i am surprised when a man opens the door, and i tell him i am here for our appointment. He smiles knowingly, and tells me that if i want in for the appointment i must first remove my shorts and shirt and give them, and all my keys, to him. Nervously, i comply. As soon as the items are in his hand he grins and shuts the door, leaving me standing outside, naked except for the clear plastic cock cage and its padlock, with only the see-through bag filled with lingerie to cover myself, and no way to leave.

i begin to panic, afraid that someone will see me, wondering how i will explain my predicament if i am caught. After what seems an eternity the door re-opens, and he orders me into the hallway for an "inspection". As instructed i stand in the hallway, on display, totally shaved. As you "suggested" my ass is filled with a medium size butt plug that retains the lubricant that i have used in anticipation of this meeting.

i feel absolutely humiliated standing before this fully clothed man, my cock locked up tight, just a slight wisp of hair above my little cock, keenly aware of the constant pressure from the butt-plug in my ass, and the woman's lingerie, visible in the clear plastic bag. He asks me to remove the contents of the bag, and i show him the tan thigh-high hose, red heels, black panties, and matching baby doll. Laughing, he asks me what i want to do with the clothes. i blush, and my cock attempts to stiffen as i tell him that i want to wear panties, hose and heels and learn how to suck cock .....he then asks me about the plug, and i turn crimson as i tell him that i have cleaned and lubed my ass, and the plug assures that it remains wet and slightly open, ready for use.......laughing, he orders me to put on the lingerie, and then cuffs my hands behind my back, and leads me by the arm down a hallway and into the living room.

You are waiting, seated on the couch. Your black mini skirt is hiked up, red panties pulled aside, your finger leisurely sliding in and out of your wet pussy. You continue to pleasure yourself while i stand helplessly before you, my eyes fixated upon your pussy. Your pubic mound is shortly cropped, and the lips are shaved bare. You look me over, and tease me because i am dressed like a sissy. You lift my baby doll and inspect my cock in its plastic cover, making sure that it is locked up tight.

You ask me to tell you why you should release my little cock so that it can get hard and maybe be sucked until i cum. i tell you that i am you little panty slut, and i will do anything you want so that you will let me cock out to grow and want to know why my little cock is so hard and i tell you its because i like to please my mistress by dressing up in panties and submitting to her like a woman. You smile and continue to lightly caress my balls with your nails, rubbing my panty-clad ass. You inform me that men who wear panties are nothing more that cock-sucking sluts, and that if i am to get any relief i must first satisfy you that i can perform for you like a woman.

You apply red lipstick to my lips, and then lead me to the man, who is standing, naked from the waist down. i am f***ed me to my knees...his large set of balls hang in front of my face, and you instruct me to lick them...i obey, my tongue darting out, gently caressing the underside of the attentions cause his cock to stir, and it rubs my nose, then cheeks, and forehead as i attend to his nuts...the man seems to enjoy my work, so i start to passionately lick, and then gently kiss and then suck each of his balls in turn...i notice that you are now naked, and you begin to kiss the man, your obviously wet and aroused slit towering above my face as i service his pull my face to your crotch, and demand that i lick tongue licks up and down your wet slit, and i nibble gently on the outer lips, then tongue you aroused, you both sit down on the continue to tease me about being dressed like a girl and order me to come to you on my knees ...awkwardly, i make my way to you on my knees, and end up kneeling before you...

i am eye level to your pussy, and you are gently stroking the man's erect cock... you order me to tell you what i want...i proceed to tell you that i want to be face fucked with the beautiful hard both laugh, and tell me i can begin by kissing the head, as i must earn the right to be face fucked. i kiss the tip, and then lick around the crown of the head, running my tongue in and out of the slit of the cock, and then kiss it once again...he moans, and i suck his cock into my warm mouth, and it starts to harden.

As it grows i slutishly suck it in and out of my mouth, exciting you, and he begins to deeply fuck my face. You get up and move behind me, stroking my thighs, ass and back while taunting me about sucking his hard cock dressed as a woman. You remove my panties and cuff an ankle to the end of a spreader bar, then f***e the other leg wide open and attach it to the other end of the spreader...i am fully exposed and helpless, bent over with my ass wide open for use, with a hard cock stuffed in my mouth.

You begin to play with the plug in my ass, and then remove ass is gaping, and you probe it with your fingers as i suck the man's dick...suddenly i feel pressure, as if you are re-plugging me, however, a moment later i realize that you are driving a rather large strap-on up my ass...i am unable to move or resist your plastic cock sawing in and out of my behind. He withdraws the cock from my mouth, and all i can do is moan while i lick and suck the swollen comment on how much i obviously enjoy getting fucked in the ass own cock is oozing cum and it feels wet and slippery, as if it will explode... you order me to beg for a real cock in my ass as he teases the cock-head in and out of my lips... i am so horny from sucking the cock while you fuck my spread ass that i will do anything for relief, and each time he withdraws his swollen cock i beg you to let him fuck me in the ass....eventually you agree, but only after you have been pleasured by his hard cock.

He stuffs it back in my throat and you suddenly stop you assault on my anus, saying something about the man really enjoying a hot piece of ass, and you begin to whip my ass cheeks with a small crop until they are hot and red. You fill my rectum with a generous shot of KY and stuff it full with a larger butt plug.

You come around and begin kissing the man...and i can see your wet and swollen sex above me as i suck the straddle the man and sit down, forcing my mouth from his cock and your ass into my face. i greedily lick up and down the crack of your ass, and i jam my tongue into your wet push back and present your asshole, which i tongue mount him...i lick and kiss his balls while you ride the hard turn around, and i lick your clit and the shaft as it hammers in and out of your wet pussy. He buries his cock deep inside you, and i suck your clit as he cums deep in your cunt.

As he relaxes, i clean the creamy mess from his cock, and you order me to come clean your sloppy hole with my mouth...while i am on my knees busily licking and sucking his cum from your freshly fucked cunt, i feel the butt plug being extracted from my hot and lubricated ass...he slowly inches his cock into my hole until the head pops inside the ring. He teases it in, then out, and i beg him to bury it deep inside me. Just as i think that i can't stand it any longer, he f***es it balls-deep in my ass, and begins to fuck me in earnest. My cock is dripping as he hammers in and out, and the pressure inside me is fantastic.

As he fucks me, my face and tongue are f***ed deep into your swollen and wet cunt, and you cum, filling my mouth with a mixture of your nectar and his cum.....your whimpering orgasm pushes him over the edge and he pulls his cock out of my ass, forcing it to my face as just as it begins to shoot his load....the first stream spews on my face and lips, and i quickly suck the head into my mouth and begin to swallow as fast as ii can.....i am able to catch most of the load, but some dribbles from my red lips onto my chin and cock remains semi-erect and dripping pre-cum from the end of its polycarbonate prison, and i beg you for relief.

You eventually agree, but only after i promise to lick up my mess...the device is removed, and you begin to stoke my engorged clit, aiming it at the man's limp cock and balls. It only takes a few, and i explode onto his cock and balls...sheepishly, i kneel down and lick every drop of my salty jizz from his genitals, causing him to become erect, and ready to fuck you again.
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2 years ago
Good story. LOVE IT.