MMF Evening

After we exchange a few emails and pics, we decide to meet you at a swanky hotel where we get the room. After a nice introduction, and a brief hug by her, we all decide to go out for drinks and a light dinner knowing that we don't want to be too full for the evening that is about to unfold.

After our little night out we all head back to our hotel room, where we tease around, have some drinks, and have my girl do a little strip tease to warm us up. Our erections are evident through our pants, and she makes us sit beside one another as she switches rubbing her hands over our stiff cocks. Then standing up, she proceeds to rub her very nice ass on them as well. She frees both of our cocks out of our pants, making us hurriedly take our clothes off. She sucks you, then me. She licks our balls, and even teases each of our assholes with her tongue. She tries to deep-throat each us as we have our turn. She kneels and orders both of us on our feet, as she continues to switch back and forth sucking on us. She then jacks both of us together and glides both cocks in her mouth at once, straining to not gag with her stuffed mouth. She stands and runs each hand up both of our chests, and brings us all in for a kiss. Each of us takes turn kissing her, and then all together, tasting both of us as she switches from one to the other, all the while jacking both of us off. We then lay her on the bed…with one of us on her tits, and the other on her pussy. We switch off and on, savoring her most sensitive parts, but always remembering to kiss her passionately before we switch. She then guides us both down to her pussy where we both know what needs to be done. She has a hand on each of our heads, and guides us both to lick her at the same time. We tongue-tag each other for the rights to her very wet pussy and clit, sometimes both of us licking her at the same time, and lick up and down her legs as well.

Each of us has a finger inside of her, and she begs for us to put yet another finger inside of her, bringing our combined total of fingers to 4, sliding in and out of her. She pulls our heads in further as we both lap at her clit, our tongues darting over each other for her sweet nectar that is flowing in our combined efforts. As she arches her back, we both know what we are about to experience. She screams as she pulls our hair; our mouths are ready for her cum. Her back arches even more and her cum pours out onto our mouths, as we plunge our fingers into her, and lap up as much as we can, but cum still flows past our mouths and fingers.

She lessons her grip on us, and she becomes limp, but with only with a few minutes of recovery. We both look at each other and give a high-5 for a job well done. She then orders you to lie on your back for 69, and slowly eases her still-dripping pussy on your face, as she takes your cock in her mouth. Her moans are soft and subtle, as she grinds her pussy into your mouth, and you suck the remaining cum from her. You buck your hips to push your cock deeper into her mouth, and she gags, but uses her spit to jack you, and continues to deep-throat your cock. She motions me in, and she again sucks on both of our cocks, jacking us off together while sucks…our cocks dripping with her saliva.

She then tells me to fuck her while in 69 with you. I position myself behind her, and slowly enter the swollen, wet hole. I pick up my pace, and give her my full cock length. I look down and am completely turned on watching you eat her out. She is pushing back on me, her cum dripping onto your mouth as I fuck her. I fall out, but you help me out by doing a quick suck on my head to taste her juices, then you put me back in. My balls feel great against your face as I pound her like never before. You insert a finger into her, with my cock pounding in and out of her, as I increase speed. She’s about to cum, but stops it all and tells me to get on my back. As we reposition ourselves, she slowly guides her soaked pussy onto me, and falls onto my chest, licking my nipples, and massaging my chest. Her look is devious, and she begins to wildly pound herself on my cock. She motions you over above me to suck your cock. I look up as she deep-throats it, and the saliva drips down to my face as she ferociously sucks you, switching from sucking to licking your balls. You even turn around so she can munch on your ass. I increase my fucking by grabbing her ass and bucking my hips with no abandon.

With me still fucking her, she lets you go out of her mouth and orders you around her to position yourself behind us to fuck her. She wants two dicks inside of her, and she lets you know it. Not sure what to do, you slowly guide your cock inside her pussy, on top of my already present cock. It’s tight as she screams out. You manage to slip in the head, and she bucks at the pleasure. Little by little you slip in more of your cock. Her moans turn to screams as we both start to fill her. She starts to relax and soon our two large cocks are in her tight stretched-out pussy. Our cocks pushing tightly against one another, fighting for space. She arches her back again, and you wrap your arms around her shoulders and pull her towards you, hugging her from behind, kissing her neck, and massaging her breasts. Suddenly, both of us feel her internal warm spraying between us, running over both our cocks and balls, almost streaming out of her. Her screams are paramount as she increases her thrusts back onto us. This cum allows us to fuck her deeper, as she has finally reaches the point to take us both fully. We both increase our momentum as she pushes back on both our cocks, sometimes with one cock sliding in at a time, to both of our cocks completely buried inside of her.

I can’t hold back, because of the feeling of your cock sliding against mine with her cum as lube. My cock shoots inside of her multiple times as I yell out. I pull her closer to me, and hug her, as my breathing increases. I grab your wrists which are next to mine and clamp onto you. I feel your cock increasing its rhythm as I keep cumming, and I lie there bucking my hips, feeling the most incredible feeling. You yell out as I feel your cock swell inside of her, and the cum spews to amounts that even surprise me. You collapse on top of her but continue a soft whimper as your cock goes slowly in and out of her, still draining your cock. Both of us are still semi-erect, but continue to fuck her as our cum becomes a froth, and I can feel it dripping down on my balls and legs. We continue this for awhile as she bends her head to the side to kiss you, and down to kiss me. I acknowledge our concerted efforts with another squeeze to your wrists, as we look at each other in amazement as to what had just happened.

We are all exhausted, but still manage to muster a few more thrusts into her as she slowly crawls out of our perfect sandwich. She motions for you to lie on your back, and she spends her last efforts grinding her pussy on your face. Our juices are leaking out of her. As she grabs your hair and f***es you to suck all the cum out of her pussy, I kiss her with much affection, and even bend down to clean her clit, our tongues brushing once again. When she is done feeding you our cum, we all stand up to have a mutual kiss. She gets us some drinks, and we start to talk about all that happened.

She wants us both to sl**p next to her. You lie down as she cuddles you from behind, and I lie down behind her, and pull the comforter over all of us.

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super HOT!