Seymour Shaft, disgraced cop turned private detective was trying to open his emails. He was not having much success. He kept hitting the wrong keys and now he had locked himself out with his password protection.
This was all happening because he was finding it hard to concentrate. It’s not easy to work a computer if you are getting blown at the same time.
Seymour’s secretary was one hot bitch and she was also one dirty bitch. One thing she really loved doing was sucking dick. That and sitting on faces. She was having a fun time at that moment, squatting between the detective’s legs, perched on three inch killer heels.
She knew exactly what buttons to push on her boss and she was pushing them now. She had unbuttoned her sheer silk blouse, just enough to reveal her sexy tiger stripe lace bra, just enough to let her heavy 36DD tits spill out. Monica, had great tits and knew it. She gently slipped one from the bra cup and squeezed her nipple whilst looking up at her boss with her big blue eyes. He let out a little moan as she knew he would as she worked her nipple into a hard nub with a blue painted thumb nail.
Monica worked her lips on his shaft. Her red, lipstick coated lips slipping up and down.
“Fuck,” rasped Seymour gripping the arms of his desk chair with one hand, fumbling his computer keys with the other.
Monica hitched her skirt higher up her hips, revealing her sheer stockings, she spread her vagina lips.
“I’m so wet for you, Seymour baby,” she rasped, flicking the tip of his cock with her tongue.
She slid a finger deeply into herself. Seymour almost blew his load when she took it out, wet and shiny , licking and sucking herself off.
Monica slipped her other breast from the bra, presenting them to her boss. He squirmed in his seat, cupping them in his hands. Monica reached back down and spread her lips with one hand, the other working tight circles on her hard clitoris. She bit her lower lip, her fingertips moving faster and faster on herself as she once again took Seymour’s trembling cock into her warm mouth. Her fingers pressed and flicked over her sensitive clit, then she plunged two of them deep into her wetness. Fingering herself hard as her bosses cock trembled under her hot tongue.
Monica mumbled something around Seymour’s cock and looked again into his eyes as her orgasm tore through her, making her gasp and shudder. Seymour looked down just in time to see his secretary’s pussy open up and her juices squirt onto her thighs again and again. Monica continued working her fingers on herself taking herself to new wet heights of pleasure, her cum juices pooling in the palm of her hand.
Monica shuddered a final time, and smiled up at Seymour with glazed but sensual eyes. She cupped his balls with one hand and took hold of his throbbing shaft with the other, working her mouth more urgently on him now. His cock was hard and throbbing in her mouth. She sucked him deep into her warm wetness. Tongue swirling around and around like a wet butterfly.
Monica felt her bosses legs twitch and shake and she sucked faster and harder, taking his cock deep into her throat and then he could hold on no more and he grabbed her long red hair, pulling her face further onto him and he erupted violently.
Monica swallowed again and again, milking his cock as it spurted thick strands of hot cum into her mouth. She took it all and then slipped her mouth from him. He lay sprawled in his chair, gasping and panting. Monica licked the remaining cum from the tip of his cock, making him shiver and moan again. She wiped a speck of cum from her lower lip with a finger, slipped her tits back into her bra, buttoned her blouse, stood and straightened her skirt.
“I’ll get you a coffee,” she smiled coyly, bending to hit keys on his computer.
“It’s up and running now, Boss,” she rasped seductively. “Your computer, I mean.”
Seymour fumbled, tucking himself back into his pants, watching her sexy ass leave the office.
Hell of a start to the day. Hell of a start.
100% (9/0)
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