The Introduction

They stepped out the front door of the hotel where a valet was waiting with Masters car. Master opened the door and gestured her inside. Once they were both settled in the car, he asked for her purse. He pulled out a satin blindfold and instructed her to put it on. He didn't speak the entire drive, which looking back was not that long. It could not have taken more than 15 minutes, but to the blindfolded lil one, it seemed like hours. When the car stopped, Master got out and came around to open her door. Firmly grasping her hand, He helped her out of the car and stood her in front of Him in the cool night air, blindfold still on. He placed His hands on her shoulders and turned her around. He gently pushed her toward the car so that her hands where now leaning against it. He stroked her legs before He ran His hands up her dress and started pulling down on her stockings. "But Master....." "Are you questioning Me my precious lil slut?" "No, Master. I'm sorry.” When He pulled her stockings down past her knees and spread her legs slightly apart with His knees, she shuddered. She had no idea where they where and could only pray that no one could see them. He ran a finger over and inside her pussy. As horrified as she was, her body couldn't hide her arousal. He took His now soaking wet finger and placed it inside her ass hole. He twisted His finger around a bit before pulling it out. She let a moan or two escape her pursed lips before biting them to keep them closed. She then felt Him penetrate her bum with something else; something she could only assume was a butt plug. It wasn't huge by any means, smaller then Masters cock for sure. But it wasn't tiny either. He then placed a small egg inside her throbbing pussy. The little one was quickly becoming soaked and the idea of others watching her was beginning to turn her on. When he was finished, He pulled her stockings back up and turned her around. He removed her blindfold and asked, "Are you ready to eat my precious lil pet?" They were standing at the far end of a parking lot outside of an Italian restaurant. "Yes, Master," she replied, though unsure if she really was. There didn't seem to be anyone around. She was fairly certain that no one had witnessed what had just happened when Master took what was His and she found herself strangely disappointed. She followed one step behind and to His left as they walked into the restaurant. It was 8:00 on a Thursday night and it seemed they had just missed the dinner rush. The dining room was still fairly full, but there was no wait. The Hostess smiled at Master as if she knew Him, but made no remarks of the kind. She took the little one to a small table in the back of the restaurant. Master told her He would meet her there and walked towards the washroom. He returned, smiling, "Grace, be sure to order whatever you want. You must be famished after all of these evenings’ events. I know I am." "Yes, Master, I am. Thank you." When the waiter came, Master ordered an appetizer and a bottle of wine. They ate their appetizer and their dinner and drank their wine as if they where old friends. They talked about "normal" things like work, the weather and their pasts. For a moment she forgot that this was, of course, just another part of her training. Which was why when the waiter was taking away their plates, she nearly jumped out of her seat when she felt the plug and the egg vibrate. The waiter gave her a strange look, but all she could do was hang her head down to hide what she was sure was a beet red face. Master wore an expression that reminded her of a prankster pulling off the best April Fool’s joke ever. The vibrations stopped and she nervously took a sip from her wine. She looked up at her Master quizzically and he held up two small remotes. She giggled at how well He had caught her off guard. "Did you like that Grace?" "It was embarrassing, Master, and to be quite honest I'm not sure how much I liked it. But I know You enjoyed Yourself and that is what makes it more pleasurable to me." Master smiled, "You really are the perfect slave, Grace." "Thank You, Master." "There is something you will do for Me, Grace. It won’t be easy, but you will obey all of your instructions. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master." "Good girl! Now listen carefully. When I drop my fork, I want you to kneel down to get it and slip under the table cloth. I will make sure that no one is looking, but the only way that we can be sure that no one will see, is if you follow all of these directions exactly as I explain them. Once under the table, you will unzip my pants and give me a blow job. When I tap your shoulder the first time, you will stop. When I tap your shoulder the second time, you will come back up and sit in your seat. Is all of that clear?" "Yes, Master." "Good, now repeat it all back to Me." She did, word for word, exactly what she was to do. The waiter returned and they gave him the desert order. All through her cheesecake she remained focused on her master’s hands. She wanted to be sure that she didn't miss it when he dropped his fork. There where knots all through her belly and she was nervous as hell. But determination won out over nerves. She would not let her Master down. Though he managed to make it difficult for her to focus as he periodically set off the vibrations deep in her body’s openings. She was certain her chair was drenched in her juices by the time she finished her cheesecake. And that is when it happened. She quickly and deliberately bent down and crawled under the table. She made sure that no part of her was sticking out underneath and she began to unzip Masters pants. She licked up and down His shaft and softly sucked His balls before taking Him completely into her mouth. She passionately sucked on his cock, working her tongue over the head. She loved how he tasted and smelled. It was enough to almost make her cum. But she resisted, even with a few more sudden vibrations of the plug and egg. He began to throb in her mouth and then she felt Him tap on her shoulder. Reluctantly, she pulled away and watched as his hands reached under the table, one holding an empty water glass. He finished Himself off and filled the glass with His milky warm liquid. The little one didn’t quite know what to think, but she didn’t have a chance. He tapped her shoulder again and she quickly moved out from under the table and sat back in her seat. "You have done beautifully my precious little pet." "Thank You, Master." The shock of the glass wore off and she knew what he would have her do. She felt a quiver in her belly and awaited her Masters instructions. He slid the glass in front of her and smiled. "I will order a coffee and ask for the check. Once My coffee arrives, you will slowly sip from the glass while I drink My coffee. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master." Her heart thumped. The waiter returned to clear off their dishes and Master ordered His coffee, while she declined the waiters offer to get her a cup as well. The waiter glanced at the glass and seemed a bit confused, but said nothing. He returned a moment later with Master's coffee and the check. She began sipping from the glass as He started to drink His coffee. His come was still warm and while she would have preferred it fresh, there was a certain thrill about drinking it from the glass in front of all these didn't matter that they didn't know what it was. Master leaned close to her and whispered, "Continue to drink until it is finished. But we are not leaving here until you climax. You do not have to ask for permission." With that He turned on the vibrators and left them on. "Yes, Master." she replied, her voice quivering. Her legs started to shake and she was sure someone would notice. She scooted into the table a wee bit. Master just watched her, smiling. She took one last sip from her glass and wished it wasn’t finished. As if on cue, the waiter returned to pick up the check just as a violent wave of pleasure consumed her. There was no hiding what was happening. She let out a short gasp, moaned lightly and gripped the side of the table. Her head hung down with her hair, slightly damp, hanging in her face. "Grace, please hand our waiter your glass." She did as she was told and looked up at him as she handed him the glass. He just stared at her awestruck. Master gave him the money and told him to keep the change. "There’s a little extra in there to look after the mess in her chair." She was mortified. The waiter seemed equally embarrassed and just uttered a low, "Thank you" before walking away. And she could have sworn she heard another waiter say to him, "I told you that table would be interesting." "Master, may I ask something?" "Of course, grace." "Have you brought many girls here?" Master laughed, "I suppose you heard the other waiter speaking with our waiter. Grace, you are My only sub. This is not a game to Me and I will never mislead My intentions with you. I have, however, used this restaurant with one other sub before you. I have not been here in awhile, but they know Me and so the risk is low. Imagine the scene you just put on and how we might be handled in a place that did not know Me." She smiled, "You do think of everything, Master." He just smiled back at her and stood, coming behind her to pull out her chair. They walked out of the restaurant, her one step behind and to His left and came to the car, but He stopped her before opening the door. "Overall you did a fantastic job in the restaurant, but you did make one mistake. Do you know what it was?" She thought furiously and she could not think of any way in which she disobeyed. "No, Master. I do not know what I did, though i am terribly sorry." "You did not respond to your last command. When I told you to hand the glass to the waiter." "But i have never called You Master in front of anyone else. I was unsure of how to respond. I am sorry I disappointed You, Master." "You have not disappointed me, Grace. I was almost certain you would not respond in that situation and wanted to use it as a learning experience. You will always respond to Me and refer to Me as Master, unless I instruct you otherwise. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master." "We will take care of your punishment back at the hotel." "Yes, Master." He opened her door for her and helped her slip into her seat. She was churning inside wondering what her punishment would be. The drive back to the hotel was quiet. There was no communication between them except for His occasional squeeze of her bare knee. They pulled in front of the hotel and master came around to help her out of the car. He handed the keys to the valet and they continued up to their room. Once inside, Master made sure to hang the Do Not Disturb sign. "Take off your clothes, fold them and lay them on the dresser." "Yes, Master." She slowly undressed and made sure to fold the clothes just right, placing them on the dresser. He came up behind her, ran His hand over her bare shoulder, down her spine and over her ass. He gently nudged her legs apart with His knee and pulled out the plug and the egg. "Lie on your back on the bed and out this on," He instructed as he handed her the blindfold. "I will wash your body’s secretions off of these. I'll be right back." "yes, Master." and she promptly did as she was told. She heard the water run in the bathroom for a few minutes and then turn off. She followed the sounds of His footsteps until they stopped. "It is time for your punishment. But first I want you to rub your clit and twist your right nipple." "Yes, Master." She began to slowly circle her clit with her index finger. She was still wet from the restaurant and it did not take long for her to build up arousal again. She twisted her nipple between her fingers, lightly pulling up and down. "Good girl! Lift your right breast and lick your nipple." She was startled for a moment. This was something she had never done. "Yes, Master." She lifted her breast to her mouth and quite easily reached her nipple with her tongue. It was quite invigorating. "Good, keep whatever you want to yourself and come as you are ready. You do not need to ask for permission." "Yes, Master. Thank You." She continued rubbing her clit, side to side now and a little harder. She could feel it swelling under her finger. She sucked her entire nipple into her mouth and bit down a little. She slammed two fingers into her pussy to get them wet and then back to rubbing her pulsing clit, harder and harder. She felt her cum building and continued to rub. She wondered for a moment how this would fit into her punishment, but the thought vanished as her climax exploded and she came for the fourth time that day. She didn’t think she ever came more than twice in a day before and that was by herself. "Thank you, Master." "You are welcome, My precious lil slut. You did a beautiful job. Please take off your blindfold now." "yes, Master." She removed her blindfold and immediately crossed her legs and covered her chest, though those actions were futile as this strange man standing beside her Master had quite obviously seen everything she had just done. She almost cried. What happened in the restaurant was embarrassing, but nothing compared to this. She felt completely humiliated. Master walked beside her and laid a blanket around her. He placed an arm over her shoulder and held her close to Him. After what had just happened, logic would tell her to feel betrayed, but she didn’t. She still felt at home with Him. He had the perfect combination of testing her and comforting her. He looked at the man still standing. "So what do you think of My precious little pet?" "She is stunning, Brad, absolutely beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch." His words flattered her. She looked at Him and saw that he was quite hard. She was still somewhat disgraced, but she began to feel slightly proud of herself that she had aroused this man. She looked up at her Master and as if reading her thoughts, He said, "This is James, a good friend of Mine. I told you I had expected you to make the mistake at the restaurant and so this punishment was planned. James had a second key and waited in the bathroom. I know this must have been a difficult punishment for you, but it was designed to teach a lesson as well, one aside from remembering to always respond to me. You are beautiful Grace and not just in My eyes. You are sexy and as My friend said, stunning. I want you to become more comfortable with yourelf, to understand that you are so much more then what you see yourself as." "Yes, Master." "Good girl! It will take some time, but you will get there. Now say good night to our friend and then it is bed time for us. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." "Yes, Master. Good night James." "Good night and thank you both again." James left with a grin from ear to ear. She became moist again thinking he might be going home to masturbate thinking of her. Master kissed her forehead and crawled into bed with her. He held her close to Him and she was reminded once again of the safety in His arms. She tried to keep herself awake, as tired as she was. She wanted to savor this first night sl**ping in her Master's embrace. But exhaustion overcame her ands he drifted quickly into sl**p.
She could hardly concentrate on work on Tuesday morning. The night before still felt like a dream. All her life she wanted this, but was afraid to admit it to herself. Even as a teenager she would fantasize about these things, about being controlled, about submission. She would let her mind go to the edges of what was deemed acceptable, but afterwards would feel nothing but guilt. With Brad it was different. He allowed her to be herself, to accept herself, kinks and all. After work she went straight to the boutique on the business card Brad had given her. Excitement was overwhelming and she could not wait. It was a small store in the middle of a strip of shops known for their high prices. She walked in, knowing she must have looked as awkward as she felt. She looked around for only a moment before a tall, slender woman came to her, "Is there something I can help you with?" she said with a smile. "I am here to pick up a dress someone had ordered for me." "Ah, yes. You are Brad's girl, right?" She didn't wait for a response. "He said you where gorgeous. He wasn’t exaggerating." She wanted to say thank you, but she only managed to blush. "My name is Gina. Follow me and see your dress. You can try it on, but we will take your measurements and have it ready for you to take home tomorrow." "Oh, thank you." She followed the woman to the back of the store where she pulled out a box and opened it. The dress was beautiful. She stepped into the dressing room to try it on. It was incredibly comfortable. There were two layers of lace, the first ivory, the second a metallic gray. It had a scalloped V neck and slits up either side that ran to mid-thigh. The dress hung just below her knees. When she came out of the dressing room, Gina smiled and motioned for her to turn. "Quite stunning, Brad does have good taste. Come on over and I will take your measurements, though it does seem he was pretty close in His assumptions." She took her measurements. "There are a few adjustments to make, but not much at all. We'll have it ready for you to pick up tomorrow, will you be here?""Absolutely, I'll be here." At home the only thing she accomplished was making herself a bowl of spaghetti for dinner. Her mind was reeling and she didn’t know if she could make it to Monday. She went to bed early; figuring sl**p was the only thing to take her mind off the wait. She fell into a dream that started off simple, lying on a beach, soaking up the sun. She could hear the waves of the ocean crash against the shore, people laughing around her and playing. Her eyes were closed. She enjoyed the cool breeze against her skin. Then voices stopped. She sat up and looked around her. The beach was empty except for her.....and Brad. He stood over her. She could not see His face from the glare of the sun, but she knew it was Him. He bent down next to her, never saying a word. He ripped her bikini top off and began pinching her left nipple while softly biting the right. Her body jumped and he pulled her to turn over so that she was on all fours. He pulled her bikini bottom down and came around behind her. He penetrated her pussy with two fingers and left them there. She slid her body back and forth, taking His fingers as hard as she could. Finally, He pulled out His fingers and she felt His hard cock inside of her. He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back. She was so close to cum when a car backfired outside her window and woke her up. She cursed under her breath and quickly slid her hands into her panties. She started rubbing her clit slowly. Rolling over onto her belly, she pushed herself up onto her knees. She slid two fingers inside of herself and moved her hips up and down; pushing her fingers in as far as they would go. She ran her thumb over her clit, pushing on it each time she brought her body down on her fingers. She rubbed and fingered with no other thought in her head but to relieve their frustration. She never needed to cum so badly in her life. The cum built inside of her and then her body twitched as she came. Collapsing on the bed, she fell into a perfectly blissful sl**p. The next day she picked up the dress. Brad had also picked out a pair of slim heels and a small handbag for her. She went home and tried it all on. After trying to stand in the shoes, she was glad she had decided to go to the store so early in the week. She was going to need to practice quite a bit before Monday night. The rest of the week passed slowly and uneventfully. Finally, Monday morning came around. She woke up, her nerves a wreck and decided to call in sick. There was no way she was going to make it through the entire day at work. She let herself fall back to sl**p for a while.. She took a bath in the early afternoon. She had put off shaving all week, wanting the newness of this feeling to coincide with this full night with Him as her Master. She bought trimming scissors and a razor set as well as a new blade for her razor. While the water was running she sat on the floor in the bathroom and used the scissors to cut off as much of the hair as she could. Once finished she stepped into the warm bath and used her razor to shave off the remaining hair from her outer lips and mound. It was an odd sensation, feeling the metal across the skin, making it bare for their first time in 15 years. She then used the trimming razor to reach the inside folds of her flower and her bikini line. When all was done, she ran her hand over her now shaven pussy, smooth as silk. She put only a robe on after her bath and laid down to take a nap. She wanted to make time pass as quickly as possible. When she woke, she watched some TV and read a little. She then took a shower and got ready. Her legs were almost shaking when she got into her car and drove to the bar. When she walked into the bar, Thomas quickly made her new drink. He gestured to the pool area, which was empty except for Brad, who was finishing off a solo game. Thomas set down her drink on the edge of the table and returned to the bar. Brad looked at her and smiled. "You look lovely, Grace. I knew that dress would suit you well. It complements your lightly tanned skin beautifully." "Thank you." "What did i tell you to call Me, Grace?" "I'm sorry, thank you, Master." She spoke low though no one was around to hear her. "It is alright, Grace. You will learn. You will always respond to Me and always as Master. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master." "Good girl. How is your drink?" She took a sip. "It’s different, Master. I still prefer my regular drink, but i like this as well." "Do you know why I had you change your drink?" "No, Master, I don't. I assumed it was a test of my obedience." "That is part of it. But it is also a sign. It is a subtle sign that you are Mine. Each time you do something you normally would not do because I command it, you are showing the world that you belong to Me. The world may not understand that, but they will notice those differences and you will know what they mean. How did you feel as you prepared yourself for Me today? As you shaved and got ready to My specifications?" "It felt amazing, Master. Knowing that everything I was doing I was doing for was liberating in a sense. Not having to comb through my closet for the perfect outfit to wear. Release of my choices made me feel free. I don't know if that makes any sense." "It makes perfect sense, Grace. It is who you are." He paused for a moment and just stared at her. The look on His face was one she could only describe as pride. "Would you like to play a round of pool?" "Yes, Master." She had been playing pool with Master for several weeks now, though she still wasn't very good. He, on the other hand, was quite good and enjoyed ribbing her about it. It was all good-natured and playful in a way high school sweethearts are. When it was her turn, Master came around behind her, as if to help her. "He whispered to her, "Do you know what a safe word is, Grace?" "I think so, Master." "It is a word you can use that will make Me stop whatever I am doing. You can use the word, if something becomes too painful or reaches a limit for you. But be warned, do not use it haphazardly or this relationship will not work. I will push your limits, know that. But I will never willingly do anything that is too much for you. Safe word is there in case I am wrong and push too much. Your safe word is Red." "Yes, Master, I understand." He put an arm around her, helping her to hold the cue stick and then ran His hand up the side of her dress. He reached inside her panties and felt the smooth lips of her pussy, then ran His hand back down her leg, up to her arm and helped her shoot the ball. She shuddered. "I had to make sure you obeyed Me, Grace." He said with a wide grin. "Yes, Master." Part of her was terrified that someone might have seen Him, the other part wished He hadn't stopped there. They played the rest of the game almost in silence. There was an occasional tap on her ass, or a "good shot' and a "thank you, Master". But that was all. When they finished the game, He asked if she wanted to take a drive. He paid Thomas for their drinks and they walked out to the car. He opened up her door for her first and helped her step in before getting in the car Himself. She had no idea where he was taking her and wanted to ask, but wasn't sure if she was supposed to. This was all so new to her and she didn't want to disappoint her Master in any way. She decided to keep her question to herself and enjoy the aspect of surprise. Her curiosity peaked as they headed towards the highway. "Remove your panties." She was startled at first and so didn't respond. "Grace, remove your panties." He repeated Himself, firmer this time. "Yes, Master." She lifted herself slightly off the seat and slid her panties off. "Good girl!" He placed a hand on her knee and slowly stroked her thigh. He pulled lightly on her leg, opening her up just a wee bit and then grabbed her inner thigh, pulling her leg as far over to Him as it would go. He ran a finger up and down her slit ever so slightly, barely touching her. He let the rest of His fingers examine her, gliding them over every inch. "You did a beautiful job shaving, Grace. You showed such attention to detail." "Thank you, Master. I am happy to have pleased You." "You will be a fantastic slave." She began to drip at those words. "Is that what you want sweetness?" "Yes, Master." He separated her pussy lips and gently circled her hole and then her clit. She gasped, wanting more, but he stopped. He closed her legs and pulled her dress back down. "We're here." He pulled the car into a scenic overlook on the highway and parked. He stepped out of the car and came around to open her door. They walked over to the wall and looked over the river, light dancing over the surface of the water. "It’s beautiful Master. "' "Yes it is. I come here often. It is on My way to the office and whenever I need to stop and think, this is where I do it. I wanted to bring you here tonight because this place is special to Me.....and you are now special to me as well. I knew the moment I saw you that you were special and you have done everything to prove Me right. I look forward to training you as My slave, Grace. I hope you do as well." "Oh, yes Master. More than anything." "And do you trust me, Grace?" "Yes, Master. I trust You more than I've ever trusted anybody. All I have to do is look in your eyes and I know i am safe. There is a comfort that I cannot quite explain." "Good, I booked a hotel for this weekend. I want to have you to Myself that entire time. By accepting the invitation you will be agreeing to be within My control at all times. You will do as I say at all times. You will obey. This is a huge step, Grace, not one to be taken lightly. We have only played around the past few weeks. Even tonight is nothing compared to what I have planned for the weekend. You may think about it if you want. You do not have to answer Me right this minute, but I need an answer by the end of tonight." "Master, I do not need to think about it. And please do not think I am taking it lightly, I'm not. I want this. I've always wanted this. You helped me to realize that." "Can you jump out of work early Friday?" "Yes, Master. It shouldn’t be a problem at all." "Good. We will meet at the bar at 3 o'clock." "Yes Master." "Between now and then you will do the things you normally do, with two exceptions. You will not touch yourself sexually at all before Friday. I control your cums now and you will only come with My permission. And you will not wear panties the rest of the week. It will assure me that you will be thinking of Me all the time." "Yes, Master." "You will also shave again Friday morning to make sure you are entirely prepared for Me. You will wear casual clothes and bring nothing but a few personal items with you. I will have any out fits you need for the weekend." "Yes, Master." He pulled her close to Him and they looked out over the water. They stood in silence, just enjoying each other’s presence. It was one of those perfect moments, the ones you read about. She knew, without a doubt that this was where she was meant to be. She was finally at where she belonged, no longer hiding her true self....Samos, it was said, was the first to have brought her to slave orgasm. It had happened six days after she had first been brought to his house. It is said that a woman who has experienced slave orgasm can never thereafter be anything but a man's slave. She then knows what men can do to her, and what she herself is, a woman. Never thereafter can she be anything else."

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