Taking sarah

You sit on the couch nervously playing with your hands. You remember the chats over the past few months. Starting out innocently enough requesting some help and you happen to be the one that answered the e-mail. There was some friendly banter and k**ding around. Eventually the banter became flirting and actual teasing... Then one day I mentioned giving you a spanking. You hesitated. You had thought about exploring some dark fantasies. Was this the person you could tell? Was he the one that would understand? So you replied. "Promise?" You waited at your desk like a school girl waiting to see if the hot boy in class was going to ask you to the prom. Then you received an e-mail from me. Should you open it? Should you just delete it and forget e-mailing him anymore. Your hand instinctly moved your mouse and clicked his e-mail. You quickly read it... "sara. I would not tease about such things. I am not a tease. A tease is someone that says they will do something but would not... That is NOT me..." For the first time you also noticed he had not capitalized your name. He typed sara... You sit there at your desk not sure what to do. A co-worker walked by your desk and asked "are you ok? You look flushed." You said you were fine just thinking about some permits a contractor had submitted... You finally decided you wanted to reply to see if he really knew what he was talking about or if he was just another guy... So you replied... "I don't think you could do it... What if I won't let you..." then you hit send... A few minutes later you get a reply from me and it says "Have you ever heard of BDSM?"
From that e-mail it has come to today. Sitting on the couch waiting for me to arrive... The only instructions were to wear some old clothes you don't mind having ruined and have a silk scarf available... You are sitting the in quiet thinking about this and if it was what you really wanted. Did sara really want to explore her fantasies. Does she want to be able to let herself go. To experience the things we have talked about... Then you jump as your phone rings. Almost without thinking your hand goes to the phone and opens it. You whisper "hello"... You hear my voice on the other end "Hello princess... I am almost there... Have you done as instructed so far?" You whisper "yes". "What was that dear? I didn't hear you." You clear your throat and say "Yes I have." "Good sara... I am glad. Are you nervous?" "Yes Sir I am." "Do you want me to turn around and not visit." "I don't know. I am nervous." but you are very aware of the wetness in your panties and the heat you feel coming from your cunt. "Well dear... I am about 5 minutes away. Tell me if you want me to continue or turn around. Decided I am almost there. Tell me sara do you want me there?" "Yes Sir I do" "Good then I want you to go into the kitchen get a bowl full of ice bring it to the living room and then tie the scarf around your eyes as a blindfold. hurry you better be sitting on the couch blindfolded by the time I get there." Then the phone goes dead. You quickly jump up and head into the kitchen open the freezer and get the ice ready as instructed. Your mind starts wondering to previous conversations and then creative ways I had told you I would use the ice on you. You hear a car pulling up infront of your house and quickly close the door and hurry into the living room. You quickly sit the bowl down spilling a few ice cubes. You hear a car door close and decide not to worry about the spilled ice and quickly place the scarf around your head covering you eyes. You finish tieing the scarf as you hear your front door open. You sit on the couch nervous not knowing what is going to happen. Your breath quick, your cunt very wet and hot. Then you feel my hand gently stroking your hair. You slightly lean into my hand and you feel my breath on your neck as I whisper. "It has been a long time sara. We have teased and played via e-mail and on the phone. You as my friend, princess, pet and slave. Today you will be all of the above for real. Are you ready? Is this what you want, what you need? if so tell me what you want to be." You feel me move away from you. The warmth of my breath gone from your skin and soft touch of my hand on your hair gone... You quickly reach out with a hand but do not find me you listen for a minute and do not hear anything. You start to reach up to remove your blindfold and I say very loud and firmly. "Did I tell you to remove the blindfold? I asked you a question and I expect an answer. Yes or no!" You whisper "yes" Then you feel my hand on your hair again but I grab a hand full and f***e your head back. You feel the warmth of my breath on your neck again and I say "Then for now pet you are mine. you are my pet, my slut my princess. You holes are all mine to use for my pleasure. Is that that you want? if so tell me. Tell me what you want to be for me!" You whisper and your voice shakes "I want to be your slut, his slave to be used by him for his pleasure." I pull hard on your hair bending your head back and kiss you deeply. Then whisper in your ear "As it shall be my little princess... Then you feel me grab the front of your shirt and rip it open exposing your bra covered breasts.
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