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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:8

Master John Masters opened the front door of his secluded ranch to welcome newcomer Charlie Grant, a handsome-buff, dark-haired, 19 year-old with a light olive-skin complexion, holding a paper bag of grocery items, wearing a black tank-top, white running shorts and tennis shoes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to change or shower,” Charlie first said, “I came straight from the gym and didn’t want to be late,” he added innocently apologetic.

“I see,” Master John replied, his eyes dazzled with delight at the strong, eager, young, profusely sweating boy standing at his door step, “I’m sure... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:7

As the three big, young, naked, burly black pet-slaves, chained from the ceiling by hand-straps on chains above their heads and dildo-shaped ass-hooks lodged in their assholes, watched the sprawled out naked aroused young, strawberry-blonde pet-whore Jimmy get his ass fucked by “Tiny Tim,” Master Johns’ adjustable fuck machine, they all became sexually excited.

Master John watched the action masturbating naked from the comfort of his lounge chair, in the living room of his secluded ranch home on a wide-screen T.V., which provided 4-camera split-screen view with sound from his basement lair... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:6

Master John’s 18 year-old, strawberry-blonde pet slave Jimmy was taken advantage of by Master John’s three young, buff, pet-slave niggers while on a summers’ day, chained to the open truck bed of Master Johns’ truck, parked in the driveway of his seclude ranch. He told Master John they said they would kill him if he told on them, but he told Master John anyway and begged Master John not to tell the slaves he told on them. Master John agreed and e****ted Jimmy into the ranch, through the front door, up the stairs to the large Master bathroom in the back.

Jimmy was showered as all slaves are ... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:5

Larry’s throbbing hard, thick, black 13-inch cock fermented in cum deep inside the strawberry blonde 18 year-old pet slaves’ reamed butt-hole as he lay on his back, chained spread-eagle in the hot summer sun, on the tailgate of Master John’s truck parked in the driveway out front of Master Johns’ secluded ranch.

Jimmy began to yell out for the Master when Larry covered his mouth with his hand. “Get over here,” Larry yelled to his black slave buddies watching from the ranch back yard.

The two young black boys Ben and Bee ran to the truck as quickly as possible and stood by Larry’s side ... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:4

The ride back to the ranch was satisfying and arousing to 39 year-old Master John as he played with his 18 year-old pet slave’s hard white cock on the way home from the market while Jimmy sat completely naked on the bench seat of his truck, hands cuffed behind his back and a randomly vibrating 4-inch butt-plug deep in his ass.

Once the truck arrived in its place on the driveway of the ranch, Master John turned the truck off, threw the keys on the dashboard, took off his shirt, unzipped his shorts, pulled them and his underwear off his hips, down his legs and stripped himself completely nud... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:3

The stride into the market was a bit uncomfortable for Jimmy for when the magic butt-plug he had stuffed up his ass was turned off, it clearly was in a more aggressive state of mind and had enlarged itself to a fairly moderate circumference. The 18 year-old pet-slave took it in stride at his Masters command and waltzed into the market beside him.

John ordered Jimmy to push a miniature basket in front of him and the two journeyed through the market. They were both legitimately shopping for supplies and covertly seeking the stud they followed into the market who flashed his big, hard cock at ... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:2

Jimmy began to skip and sing merrily, handcuffed behind his back, nude and in bare feet along the dirt path on his way to Master John’s truck parked in the driveway of Master John’s secluded ranch. Master John followed closely behind him gazing at the hopelessly perverted teen boys’ hairless ass cheeks freely bouncing up and down as he moved along the path.

Jimmy arrived on the passenger side of the truck just as Master John opened the door for him and watched him seat himself on the passenger side bench seat, with his handcuffed hands behind him. Master John then walked around the truck a... Continue»
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[Story] Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:1

After the gay boy pet slave 18 year-old Jimmy dutifully fucked 39 year-old Master John’s big, thick, long, hard, white with his tight, white, hairless, bubble-ass hole for 15 minutes, Master John again emptied his formidable load of Master seed deep in Jimmy’s cunt hole.

As Jimmy sat at rest, naked on Master John’s pelvis with John’s freshly cum-soaked cock stuffed balls deep up Jimmy’s butt pipe, “Did you cum inside me Master?” Jimmy modestly yet sincerely asked.

“It will keep you wet for next time,” Master John replied wisely. “I’ll watch you eat my cum next time,” he added with a smil... Continue»
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[Story] When She Ask Him, “Did you fuck my husband?2

It wasn’t long before the familiar sound of fucking came from the bedroom and Tom began to masturbate faster. The fucking sound suddenly slowed to halt and Tom heard Tammy clearly say, “Honey, why is your ass hole wet?” Tom grew immediately livid, stopped masturbating, threw a blanket over himself, rolled over on the couch and feigned sl**ping. Expecting all hell to break loose, Tom hid under the covers. In moments Tom heard someone get up from the bed. Soon after, he heard heavy footsteps toward the door and the bedroom door opened. Someone then went into the kitchen, turned the light on and ... Continue»
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[Story] When She Ask Him, “Did You Fuck My Husband?&

A 15-year High School reunion brings back together two male high school fuck buddies. After fucking his wife in the bedroom, he got fucked by his buddy on the front room couch of a resort cabin outside Denver, Colorado U.S.A., with his freshly fucked wife in the other room. After his boy shot his load in his ass he went back to the bedroom with his wife. When the wife discovered cum in his ass hole, all hell broke loose!

When She Ask Him, “Did You Fuck My Husband?”

Tom and Brian were High School football team leaders whom also had a covert, saucy gay, “boy-love,” affair for a c... Continue»
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