A conference in Barcelona

I was off to a business conference in Barcelona. I had never been there before but it looked a fun place and lots of friends from around the group were going to be there. So with a good weather forecast I set off in anticipation of a lot of fun.
I met a girl on the plane who was very pretty. We passed an uneventful flight and exchanged telephone numbers and addresses. She was smartly dressed and although she did wear a bra, I could see her nipples pressing through the blouse. I guessed her breasts were probably size 38 and looked firm. She had smooth perfect legs, and a round broad ass. When I saw her bend over I would imagine myself grabbing her hips, and rubbing her round ass. She was a sexy woman with short brown hair, and blue eyes. Promising a dinner date that evening as I walked away, I was still looking at her ass.
We met at her hotel and after a few preliminaries we only spent a short time in the bar before she invited me to her room. As we got in the lift and pushed her floor number, I grabbed her and squeezed her tits through her blouse. "Nice tits." Then I began feeling her ass and my fingers soon found her cunt. I pushed two fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her the whole way up to her floor. When the door opened I kept a finger in her cunt as we walked to her room. She opened the door and we went inside as I slammed the door I ripped open her blouse. She was soon down to her bra and panties.
She unzipped me and pulled out my huge cock. She was amazed how big I was and quickly agreed that my cock was big enough to take good care of her needs. She was looking for a hard and big cock and I wanted a tight and juicy cunt. Her lips licked the whole length of my cock shaft and holding me firmly at the base of the shaft she gently stroked me up and down with her fingers and then rolled her tongue over my helmet. I grew a full inch in that process and with that sort of attention I knew I was in for a treat. Without a warning her warm moist mouth engulfed my solid cock. All that escaped me was a loud gasp. As I looked down it was a heavenly vision of this pretty woman gobbling every inch of my cock. Her head bobbed forwards and backwards. The heavenly sensation of her tongue lapping up every inch of my manhood, it sent sweet shivers through my whole body. She leant over and started to lick the helmet of my cock in detail whilst I continued to stroke her cunt through her panties. As I circled her clit area with my fingers she let out a little moan. She swallowed my whole cock in her mouth and I could feel her tongue encircling my helmet
She lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide and I went right to her cunt and began to lick and suck her. I licked her clit then flicked and sucked on it while two fingers found and fucked the opening of her cunt. I finger fucked her with two then with three fingers. Her cunt was juicy and wet, was tight and smelled and tasted so good. I buried my tongue deep in her cunt and my fingers continued to play with her clit. She was moaning and moving under my touch. Then she grabbed my head and pulled my face down to her cunt and held me there while I tongue fucked her clit. She screamed with delight "Yes, fuck my cunt. Stick that tongue in deep. Deeper and harder." I ate her cunt for a long time then grabbed her and pinched both her nipples.
I rolled her on to her front and gazed at and squeezed her ass. She had cheeks to die for. I now had her lined up to take her doggie style and she arched her ass up in the air towards me. I started fondling her ass cheeks, I pushed my cock between her cheeks to the opening of her cunt and played with her clit, gently stoking her with the helmet of my cock. She oozed wetness and this lubricated my entry so I easily pushed my thick cock helmet into her cunt. She felt good and tight and I knew she was going to be a good fuck. Then I inched in making her stretch open for my huge shaft. I had to push hard to get into her tight hole but I kept on even when she moaned in pain. Her boyfriend’s must have had small cocks but she was well trained as she eagerly squeezed me back with her cunt muscles. This made her cunt even tighter and I became rock hard. Her cunt was not used to a man size cock but about the third or fourth time that I fuck her to night it will be well stretched. She pushed her ass back at me and let me fuck her, I then pushed my hard cock in one inch at a time until I was balls deep and I began to fuck her hard. I was ramming and pounding her cunt with my big cock. I pounded her cunt senseless. I fucked her for quite a while and soon filled her with my cum.
She had a really sexy ass. I spread her ass cheeks and looked at her bud. It was nice and round. I spread her legs and watched her cunt ooze my cum. Her cunt was dripping cum as I had filled her well with my load. I took another long look at her ass. Well the night was young and that would have to wait whilst my cock went into recovery mode.

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1 month ago
HOT sexy encounter!
5 months ago
Great story. I love it when people take the time to share their sexual experiences. I have written a few about Cindy and she has added a few as well.
7 months ago
Magnificent sexual episode - WOW!!!
7 months ago
good story
7 months ago
nice cuntal detail
8 months ago
Great scenario!
1 year ago
1 year ago
You are so good to her pussy.
Love how you shared this with us.
1 year ago
liderlig Tøs ! !
1 year ago
I wanted her hot pussy stoking my cock with pleasure pulsating muscles and going into orgasm at the pleasure of its size, width and staying power.
1 year ago
I loved the detail of the cock doing her pussy. I wanted to feel that hot pussy draining all of my cum so I could lick it all out and get her aroused again while my cock recovered its erection.