A conference in Mexco City

I was lucky enough to be selected to attend a conference in Mexico City and decided to do bit of sightseeing beforehand. So I arranged with Stan who was a colleague to go on a trip to Cancun first. The beach was delightful and the temperatures very agreeable for January. At the hotel we bumped into another group of two ladies and two middle aged men who were not known to us but were enjoying a holiday. They seemed a lively group and so we arranged to meet for dinner.
The two ladies in the group were called Jane and Sally. Both were quite laid back and friendly and we really enjoyed swimming and playing quite respectfully in the waves. But there was a touch of a flirt about Jane and I had eyed up her classy figure in a bikini. I was taking a fancy to her and my cock was assessing my chances – but when we returned to the hotel Sally to whom I had paid less attention asked if I would help her with the language and as she had a special request to make of the concierge. This turned out to be an excuse to get me on my own and after a few words at the Reception desk asked me point blank if I would care to join her in her room for a drink ahead of dinner. We left Stan with his trunks bulging and he went off for a drink with Jane and the two men.
Sally was quite an ordinary looking woman, her face was by no means beautiful but she had good sized cock hardening tits and that has always attracted me to women. So we adjourned to her room and she almost immediately stripped off and went into the shower inviting me to join her. I stepped out of my swimming trunks and shared the shower with her. Lots of fumbling and soaping each other’s body and before I knew it my cock started to get quite excited. Sally kissed me and pressed her tits onto my chest. I reached around and cupped her naked gorgeous ass cheeks in both hands. I picked her up and carried her out of the shower and leant her against the sofa. I got on my knees and gave her cunt a good licking.
She stroked my legs, thighs and tummy for a short while and then she moved her hand up to my nipples and played with them. All the while my cock was rock hard with anticipation and she totally ignored it! She stroked my arms and her fingers gently stroked my inner thigh and all the time she completely ignored my cock as if it didn't exist. I was desperate for relief when she cupped my balls with her hand and very gently massaged them for what seemed like an eternity. She then moved her hand up to my cock shaft and proceeded to give me the slowest, most sensual, wank I ever had. Moving to my helmet she brushed it slowly and sensuously. Her anticipation was not disappointed as I placed my cock at entrance of her cunt and in a flash I was inside her deep and then I started with strong deep strokes making her body contort and her moans increase in frequency and volume. Every thrust moved her closer to orgasm. I had to reposition her several times. I started fucking her hard enough to deliver amazing waves of pleasure, but gentle enough not to hurt her too badly.
My favourite position was to bend Sally over the back of the settee in the lounge and there was nothing I liked better than to grab her by the hips and slide my 7" cock into her waiting cunt. She had a way of pushing her arse back at me as we fucked that turned me on no end, and she would reach between her legs and cup my balls in her hand.!
The sight of Sally’s plump, white ass bent over and spread in front of me was a beautiful sight. The curves of her hips, the dimples above her cheeks, the protrusion of her hairy labia below her asshole, and the slightly open pink lips of her cunt were too inviting to resist. I licked my hand, rubbed it on the tip of my cock, and then pushed my erection down to guide it toward her cunt. She was already dripping wet, and my 7-inch hard cock slid in and out of her warm cunt, going deeper with each thrust. I grabbed her chubby hips and sped up. She moaned, and I felt my orgasm coming on quickly.
My cock was long enough that I could thrust deep and powerful, yet not too long. It was the thickness though that was driving her wild. She didn't want to stop, neither did her body. She managed to summon the strength to start fucking me back. Her legs wrapped back around me and she worked at me as I worked her over.

Then we worked in unison, both groaning, grunting and moaning wildly as we fucked. Her head was now buried in the pillows, still trying to avoid trauma to the head as our bodies entwined. Sweat beads covered my upper body and my face and neck appeared to be straining as I drove my cock into her cunt. We were locked in a pattern which allowed me to withdraw my cock fully from her cunt, then sink it deeply in again.

Sally took my cock deep into her mouth and began to suck it, rubbing her tongue along my shaft. I eased back in the couch, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her mouth on my cock.
Even at a youthful age my cock had never been so hard, Sally remarked how nice it looked and made me place my helmet on her vaginal lips putting her hand around my shaft and instructed me to slowly let her feed her cunt with my cock. Well I could not believe what was happening to me, her cunt muscles making sure that my cock did not pull out. Her pubic hair was getting sticky as my balls banged away at her cute firm ass.
Then I spun her around and guided her on top of me as I lay down on the bathroom floor. But I didn't position her right on top. I pulled her back by the thighs in one fluid motion so that her cunt was right over my face. The second I touched her clit with my tongue she shivered all over and then impaled her mouth on my cock. She used her hand to jerk the extra length as she mouth fucked me, up and down. I used both of my hands to spread her tight cunt so that I could dart my tongue in as deep as I could. The deeper I went with my tongue the crazier she went on my cock. She grunted as she slobbered up and down my shaft, trying to take as much in her mouth as she could without gagging. I responded by pulling her down on my face so that my nose was wedged into her ass, as I ate her sweet cunt like a mad man.

It didn't seem like either of us were going to surrender this oral battle. It just got more and more intense the longer we went, until finally I said, "I've got to cum soon." There was no way she was going to let me off that easy. She jumped up, spun around, and said, "Don't you dare," as she lower herself down, guiding my saliva-soaked cock towards her wet cunt. When she had eased it in half way she took her hand off my cock to let gravity do the rest. In a couple of seconds I was balls deep into the tightest cunt I had felt since I was a school boy. The intense pressure of her tight cunt squeezing my cock brought me back around, and I knew that I could carry on without cumming for a least a little longer.

The motion slowly increased as we found our pumping rhythm. I buried my face into her beautiful firm tits as she took control and rode me like a cowgirl. From what I understood teenage girls didn't usually orgasm, but if she was faking it, she was putting on a damn fine show. She started breathing hard and then her moans got louder as she slammed down on my cock harder and harder. She was giving me my cue and I was going to take it. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder as I thrust upwards, causing a loud thumping noise to radiate through the floor. She started to scream and at that very second I let loose and started to blast my cum deep into her tight little cunt. Ripples of joy electrified every nerve in my body as I spewed all of the essence of my balls deep into her, wave after wave, for what seemed like eternity. She screamed and I grunted, completely forgetting where we were, or who we're supposed to be. When we finally stopped convulsing she collapsed on top of me and gave me a kiss.

I got on top of her and spread her long legs wide and up towards her shoulders. With one hand supporting my weight, I used the other to guide my cock into her wet cunt. "Finally," is all I could think. I had to start slow, as she really was quite tight. She moved her hands to my ass to facilitate the grinding motion. I squeezed her tits and rubbed her nipples as I machined away at her cunt. I increased the speed and depth that my cock penetrated her and she moaned with her eyes closed as if she was having a beautiful dream.

I was kind of feeling a bit cheated that I seemed to have to do all the work. Then again it was my idea. But I was also feeling bold and kinky, and there she was, ripe for the picking. So I pulled out and moved my way up her body until my cock was between her tits. I squeezed her small tits around my cock and proceeded to titty fuck her, getting my cock as close to her face as I could with every thrust. I removed one hand from the action and pulled her head up by her hair and started to over thrust so that my cock touched her lips and poked her in the nose. That finally seemed to get her attention. She opened up and started to take the tip of my cock into her mouth with every slide forward. Seeing my cock finally make it's way into her pouty little mouth made me want more. I moved forward and held her head firm as I slid more and more of my cock into her mouth. Finally I was all the way in, tickling her tonsils as slobber built up around her lips. I started to thrust deeper and deeper, slapping my balls against her chin, making her gag with each stroke. But she didn't protest.

I was feeling very empowered by this action, but I knew that her cunt was tighter than her mouth, and I wanted my cock squeezed. So I moved off of her face, flipped her over, pulled her ass up into the air and plunged my cock back into her cunt. She started to quietly moan again as I pulled her back onto my cock with every thrust. I was getting so deep into her cunt that with every full penetration my balls now slapped against her clit. She seemed to take the full length of my cock anywhere I could penetrate her, without any fuss.

Oh was there a conference that I had to attend.

87% (8/1)
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7 months ago
good story
1 year ago
Would like to attend the next 'conference' with you! lol
1 year ago
You the man! I love the line, "...I was balls deep into the tightest cunt I had felt since I was a school boy."
1 year ago
Sounds like a blast
1 year ago
woow men excelent uff very hot