A conference in Paris

I used to attend a regular series of conferences and always remember the opportunities for meeting and fucking other men’s wives. I got to fuck them whilst attending a series of professional conferences. Being a youngish new boy on the scene I was overwhelmed by the attention given to me by the older women who I noticed openly flirting with me.

The first was a French woman I will call her Bernadette who clearly wanted me to notice her and to take an interest and get a better look at her. She looked about 40 about 5”6, a bit thick, with an ordinary figure but with heavy breasts and firm thighs which as she was wearing a loose blouse and a short skirt showed off her tits and legs to perfection. No panty line, and so I guessed that this mature French lady was either wearing no underwear at all or was wearing some kind of thong. No pantyhose, just nice legs, and a blouse that was undone on the top showing her lacy bra, hugging her large tits!

We had both been invited for drinks after dinner with a French couple. It was all very civilized and after about have an about I made my excuse and went off to my room. Within a few minute there was telephone call from Bernadette asking me to join her in her room and giving me the room number.

I did not need asking twice and was in her room in a flash. No sooner had I entered the room she threw me against the bedroom door pressed her body against mine and started to French kiss me with her tongue with her arms wrapped around my neck. Not to be outdone both my hands squeezed her ass.

She grabbed my cock through my pants and rubbed it before unzipping me and taking my cock in her hands. She then got down on her knees and began to lick my cock from the tip to my balls, which she took in her mouth and sucked hard on. This turned me on and I was now fully erect.

I just enjoyed the attention and let her continue. I ripped open her blouse. I stared at her for a moment and then kissed her neck sucking hard! She moaned. She smelt heavenly. Her big breasts pressed hard against my chest. She lifted one leg and wrapped it around my waist followed by the other leg. So there I was pressed against the bedroom door with my new French Milf with her legs wrapped around me and I could see in a mirror opposite the full view of her bare ass, stockings and suspender belt.

I unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. Still In this position I put my hand in her blouse and undid her bra and her tits were let loose. She turned out to have nice perky tits, easy to cup with my hands! They stayed popping out, she had pink nipples just like my wife, with the exception that her nipples were already more erect. I cupped her left breast, squeezed it sucked it, and nibbled. Then I took the other one and did the same. Her breasts were nice and firm.

She started rubbing my cock through my pants. I squeezed her breast, and rubbed them until the nipples were fully erect. She fiddled with my trousers and let them fall around my feet.

I squeezed he tits and sucked on her nipples as her back arched as she climaxed with pleasure. She said that her husband preferred to have a wank than service her cunt so she would wank him off as he finger fucked her cunt and that it had been over two years since they had performed penetrative sex and two years since she had a cock inside her, anyone’s cock.

She dropped to her knees and was face to face with my cock and cupped my balls into her mouth, this was a great experience for me, her mouth warm and welcoming with her tongue dancing around my balls. She put her hands around my back and grabbed my bottom telling me to put my hands in the air and then performed a blow job taking my cock deep into her throat. She sucked me off for 10 minutes or so, then I came into her mouth I didn’t know that my balls carried so much cum and she was eagerly swallowing it down. My cum was running from the side of her mouth as she stood up and kissed me full on, my cum tasted salty, but I enjoyed the exchange of bodily fluids. I turned her around and dropped my pants and slid my cock between the string of her thong and slowly slid it in and out along her thighs.

She moaned feeling the touch of my 8 inch cock. After letting her get a feel of it, I turned her round. Then I went down to her perfectly shaved cunt, I dropped to my knees and teased her clit with her point of my tongue. I sucked her clit, licking it with my tongue continuously, after a minute she was grinding my face in her cunt with both hands begging me not to stop. And I didn’t! I turned over and let her ride my face to her climax. She came yelling and jerking on my face. I could feel her warm juices flowing in my mouth! The taste was different from my wife’s! Then it was my turn, she laid flat on her back, with her head hanging over the side of the bed, with mouth open waiting for me to come inside her. I gently placed my balls in her mouth and she tickled them with her tongue.

Then I put the head of my now fully erect cock in her mouth it opened her mouth wide as much as possible! However I didn’t stop there, I shoved my cock down her throat until she gagged and chocked on it, with tears bursting out in her eyes! But that was only giving my cock more lubrication. She sucked all of my 8 inches to the balls deep every time, until I finally spewed my juices in her mouth and on her face. She gargled some and let it drip out of her mouth on to her breast! Then she licked it all up. When she was done with sucking cock, she was looking like a mess, her eyes were red and make-up was running off her face. I turned her over on to her back I took long hard strokes shoving my cock all the way in and thrusting with full f***e! Using all muscle, with thrusts and jerks!

She climbed on top of me and went to work. She made sure she impaled all of my 8 inches inside her gaping wet dripping cunt! I could tell she was in love with it, it was like nothing she ever had! This mature slut was wild on top riding me like a horse, screaming, moaning, and begging me to fuck her harder she was hungry for my cock and really wanted to be fucked!

We switched positions, I started fucking her from the back in doggy and squeezed her tits at the same time, She said that she really wanted my cum all over her! I fucked and banged her faster and harder and started grunting! Finally I softened and pulled my cock out and shot several huge loads of cum all over her ass! We both collapsed.

She grabbed my cock and wanked it hard and very soon my cock was erect again. She took my cock in her mouth and started twitching her head up and down. I was drilling into her tender throat holding her head in my hands.

Suddenly I felt my balls strained and hot cum gushed in abundance into her mouth. She coughed, gulped the semen and wiped her lips with the blanket and then she wiped my cock with her lips.

I fucked Bernadette very night of the conference

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2 months ago
nice fucking story.... I have some one nice memory fucking as young guy with one
also young French slut during her summer vacation.... she was my first shared girl,
because she liked to be fucked with one my buddy / hotel waiter !!!/... we fucked her
in days and nights....on the table ....on the beach.... and she enjoyed with our dicks
in every positions... then i didn`t knew what does meant to fuck real women as slut....
Dominique from Lyon was full type of opened cunt hungrily to accept as more as dicks
in the same time.... very nice French cunt..
7 months ago
Older women seem to always know what they want! They are so sexy!
7 months ago
. .so looking forward to your other stories. . .
7 months ago
Damned hot encounter. You rock!
1 year ago
Lucky Lady; very lucky boy!
1 year ago
You're a fucking James Bond.
How many different places have you traveled and not fucked? Luv it!