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I'm:Sir-Lord- Leather, 64
From:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Languages:English, French
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Kids:No, and do not want any
Education:High School graduate
Star sign:Aries
Physical Information
Body type:Average
Height:5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Hair length:Very long
Hair color:Other
Eye color:Brown
About Me
I will no longer accept profile without photo if you send me request and you are blank you will be rejected SORRY for that, Also if you deleted your photo from your page after you are friend with me you will be block I will not have just and HAMSTER on my page, add something to your profile and i will accept you...

I do not do CYBER domination on line so please do not ask me Thank You



Looking for my 24-7=365 slave slut

Here is what I would like to have as a slave slut: ( men & women )

Between; 18-45 SLIM (no FAT persons PLEASE)……
135- to 150 pounds………..
Not hairy on the body at all from neck to toes…………..
Transvestite if possible…..

If you are outside of my country please read the following at bottom of my page to be with me……

If you are from my COUNTRY CANADA just send me a private message I will contact you .This goes for the others outside of my country CANADA just send me a private message I will get back to you THANK YOU……..


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♥♥ஜ۩۞۩ஜMember of A House of my friend EX-LORD-NORMANDஜ۩۞۩ஜ♥♥









D/s relationship status:

Mentoring LIZZARD4U-017
Mentoring SLAVEPETROS http://xhamster.com/user/slavepetros
Master and Owner of EX-LORD-NORMAND
Master and Owner of DANBOY49


Active: I Live the Lifestyle When I Can
Is looking for: A relationship
A play partner
A sub
A slave


SL-LEATHER is my name, and having you has my SLAVE or SUB to worship me and obeying my every command is my deepest pleasure. Please I ‘am you’re MASTER and I will have you singing out in sensual fulfillment. Displease me and I will have you screaming out in unrelenting pain, Discipline will be very enforce. Whether you are seeking a warm, sensuous, or an erotic session, o r a sadistic cruel one, you will find them all rolled up into one of with my unique play style.

Into lots of fantasy is looking for young slut slave age 18-45 slim, (NO FAT PERSON PLEASE), not hairy, that would love to be a 24/7-365 into lots of type of bondage, discipline and servitude. One person that could be at my service and my friends also. Check out my FETISHES list for info on what I do.



forced masturbation (giving),
head shaving (giving),
" i want to fuck that foul mouth of yours" (giving),
"aaaaaand my clothes fell off!" (watching),
"and, why isn't your face between my legs?" (giving),
"be a good little bitch and open up wide" (giving),
"cocksucker" as a compliment (receiving),
"cum for me, slave" (giving),
"do you like being my dirty, little bitch?" (giving),
"don't you dare cum without my permission" (giving),
"fishnet stockings" (watching),
"fishnet stockings" hens stockings" (watching),
"good morning" blow jobs (receiving),
"i shave my cock more than i shave my face.." (giving),
"on your knees bitch; i'm gonna fuck you" (giving),
"shut the fuck up and bend the fuck over." (giving),
"shut the fuck up and get on your knees" (giving),
"sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and listen to what i am going to say to you." (giving),
"sorry sweetie, you're a girl from now on" (giving),
"tied up all night" (giving),
"tied up, tied down, up against the wall" (giving),
"you look pretty with a cock in your mouth" (giving),
"you will wear what i tell you to wear!" (giving),
"you're a filthy little slut, aren't you?" (giving),
"your ass is mine" (watching),
2 guy 69 (giving),
2 slaves for every master (receiving),
24/7 (receiving),
24/7 365 slavery (giving),
24/7 butt plug with locking harness (giving),
24/7 chastity (giving),
24/7 key-holder chastity (giving),
24/7 live in slave/servant (giving),
69 (giving),
8-12 inch dicks (watching),
a big white cock in your ass (giving),
a collar, two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs and a smile (giving),
a collar, wrist/ankle cuffs and a ball gag (giving),
a dick in the mouth, a cock in the ass (giving),
a dungeon full of weight lifting equipment (everything to do with it),
a kinky mind with a wicked sense of humor (giving),
a welcome home blow job after work (receiving),
advanced bondage/suspension (giving),
all cocks that are shaved, clean, and smooth (giving),
all day cock sucking (receiving),
all male gangbangs (giving),
all tied up and nowhere to go (giving),
allowing you the pleasure of sucking my cock (receiving),
amateur home bondage pics (giving),
an absolute respect for high protocol (giving),
an asshole full of cum (giving),
anal (giving),
anal beads (giving),
anal beads, anal hooks, anal stretching, anal training, (giving),
anal chastity (giving),
anal hooks (giving),
anal jewelry (giving),
anal sex (giving),
anal stretching (giving),
ankle bracelets (giving),
ankle cuffs (giving),
ankle suspension cuffs (giving),
anonymous blindfold sex (giving),
art erotica (watching),
art: molding & casting (giving),
asking for permission (giving),
asking for permission to cum (giving),
ass filled with cum and plugged (giving),
ass to mouth (giving),
babyoil (giving),
backyard nudism (watching),
bald/hairless pussy (giving),
ball gags (giving),
ball licking (receiving),
ball squeezing, slapping, stretching, poking, etc, etc, etc (giving),
ball stretching (giving),
ball weights (giving),
balls tied, ass fucked (giving),
bare bottom flogging (giving),
barefoot licking (receiving),
bdsm (giving),
bdsm photography (watching),
bdsm videos (watching),
beating you until you know who owns you (giving),
becoming a shemale sexslave 4 men (giving),
bed bondage (giving),
been filmed and photographed naked (giving),
begging for cum (giving),
begging to let me suck your cock (giving),
being accepting and proud of my fetish (receiving),
being "made" to fuck masters friends (giving),
being a bisexual slut (giving),
being a bisexual slut and loving it! (giving),
being a cum receptacle (giving),
being a cum slut (giving),
being a cumdump (giving),
being a cumdump for dozens of men (giving),
being a fucktoy (giving),
being a good friend and caring about others (giving),
being a male slut (giving),
being a pass around slut (giving),
being a slut and loving it (giving),
being a slut for older men (giving),
being a total fucking slut (giving),
being a total slut for someone worthy (giving),
being anal fucked till you cum (giving),
being asked for permission (giving),
being ass fucked like the anal slut that i am (giving),
being bent over and ass fucked by my master (giving),
being blindfolded and made to suck cock (giving),
being blindfolded and tied down (giving),
being blindfolded, tied down, and made a party favor (giving),
being bound (giving),
being bound and taken advantage of (giving),
being bound, blindfolded and gagged (giving),
being bound, gagged and blindfolded (giving),
being bound, gagged, blindfolded, and fucked (giving),
being bound, hooded and forced to suck cocks (giving),
being covered in baby oil (giving),
being exposed in the car by master (giving),
being face fucked while hanging upside down (giving),
being forced to be a sex slave (giving),
being forced to cum in my own mouth (giving),
being forced to cum while tied (giving),
being forced to eat my own cum (giving),
being forced to suck cock (giving),
being forced to suck cock by my mistress (receiving),
being forced to the floor for cock worship (giving),
being forced to wear a butt-plug to work (giving),
being fucked by several unseen strangers while bound and blindfolded (watching),
being fucked hard first thing in the morning (giving),
being fucked in the ass by a big cock (watching),
being fucked while suspended (giving),
being gagged (giving),
being handcuffed behind your back (giving),
being handcuffed for sex (giving),
being held by the collar as you're fucked (giving),
being held down and fucked hard (giving),
being his cock sucking slut (receiving),
being hogtied (giving),
being hooded and used by or forced to pleasure many people in a group session (giving),
being horny 24/7, 7 days a week! (giving),
being in a video (watching),
being in the same room as others having sex (giving),
being kept naked (giving),
being kept naked as punishment (giving),
being left alone, helplessly tied (giving),
being locked in a butt plug harness all day (giving),
being locked in a cage and handcuffed and blindfolded, then totally ignored when you thought you were going to be the center of attention. (giving),
being locked in my cage after master is through with me (giving),
being made a priority (giving),
being made to kneel and suck his cock (giving),
being more complex than an anonymous list of fetishes could show, causing people to have to actually converse with me, finding out if they like *me* and not just what gets me off. (everything to do with it),
being naked for no reason (giving),
being naked for punishment (giving),
being naked for someone special (giving),
being naked in a room full of men (giving),
being naked outside during the night (giving),
being naked when master order me to (giving),
being naked while my partner is clothed (giving),
being nude during scene (giving),
being nude in a room full of men (giving),
being on display (giving),
being ordered to 'spread your legs' (giving),
being owned and collared and loving it (giving),
being owned...body, mind, heart and soul (giving),
being passed around like a party favor (giving),
being photograph naked for master pleasure (giving),
being photographed (giving),
being restrained so you can have your way with me (giving),
being seen locked in chastity in public (giving), being so fucking horny from chastity (giving),
being spanked with a butt plug in my ass (giving),
being stared at while i'm naked & restrained (giving),
being stripped naked at a party (giving),
being stripped naked by others (giving),
being stripped naked in the car by master (giving),
being stripped naked to meet masters friends (giving),
being suspended upside down and milked (giving),
being taken at any time by my master (giving),
being the center of a gang bang (giving),
being tied eagle-spread to the bed (giving),
being tied over my oily tool bench and fucked (giving),
being tied spread eagle (giving),
being tied spread eagle and fucked (giving),
being tied to a bed and used as a fuck toy (giving),
being tied to a bench and endlessly fucked (giving),
being tied to a leather bench (giving), being tied to a post (giving),
being tied up (giving),
being tied up and beaten (giving),
being tied up and helpless (giving),
being tied up and made to suck cock (giving),
being tied up and put on display (giving),
being tied up and teased (giving),
being tied up so well that i can't get loose (giving),
being tied up spread wide open and exposed (giving),
being tied up spread-eagled to the bed (giving),
being tied up, tied down and tied all around (giving),
being told," your ass ain't going nowhere!" (giving),
being treated like a piece of meat (giving),
being upside down (giving),
being used and abused like the slut i am (giving),
being used and humiliated like fuckmeat (giving),
being used as a fucktoy (giving),
being used as a sexual object (giving),
being used as a slut (giving),
being used as master's sex toy! (receiving),
being used at a party as a cum dump (giving),
being used while immobilized and helpless (giving),
being woke from a deep sleep for amazing sex (giving),
being your nasty slut while you fuck my ass (giving),
being-tied-to-the-bed-while-being-fucked-hard (giving),
belt whipping your bare ass until you scream (giving),
bending me over and fucking me without a word (giving),
bending told to bend over and take it up the ass (giving),
big balls and cocks on shemales and Tandy (watching),
bisexual mmf (giving),
black & white photography (giving),
black electrical tape cock n ball bondage (giving),
black leather uniforms. (giving),
blindfolded, bound and waiting... (giving),
blindfolded/bound by master and gangbanged (giving),
blindfolds (giving),
blow jobs (receiving),
body hair free - smooth all over (giving),
body harnesses (giving),
body paint (watching),
bondage (giving),
bondage & torture outdoors (giving),
bondage equipment (giving),
bondage with electrical tape (giving),
bondage, behavior modification, biting, cock worship, collar and lead/leash, cosplay, discipline, flogging, furrie, knife play, master/slave, role play, spanking, tearing off clothing, torture, vampires (giving),
bound and gagged (giving),
bound and tied in the wood photography (giving),
bound & helpless at his mercy (giving),
bound, tied up and totally vulnerable (giving),
bound, tortured, and used for his pleasure (giving),
boys who like to be fucked like girls (giving),
boys who like to bend over and take it from girls (giving),
breath control while suspended upside down (giving),
bringing you to orgasms edge and stopping (giving),
building & using bdsm equipment (giving),
building bondage equipment (giving),
building custom bondage equipment (giving),
butt plugs (giving),
butt plugs in public (giving),
butt plugs, anal hooks and beads (giving),
caging/confinement (giving),
candle wax (giving),
caning (giving),
catching female ejaculation in my mouth (giving),
cbt (giving),
chain on a 40 foot long naked (giving),
chained to the bed and used as a fuck toy (giving),
chains (giving),
chastity (giving),
chastity devices (giving),
checking my fetlife at the end of the day to see what silly fetishes my friends have added while i was away and deciding hey that's for me (receiving),
clean-shaven smooth men (giving),
cleaning and cooking naked (giving),
cock & ball bondage & torture, stretching (giving),
cock and ball play with the torture (giving),
cock and ball rings (giving),
cock and ball torture (giving),
cock and ball worship (watching),
cock bondage (giving),
cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock (receiving),
cock control (giving),
cock milked in bondage (giving),
cock milking (giving),
cock shaving (giving),
cock sucking while suspended upside down (giving),
cock worship (receiving),
cock- it's what for breakfast... (giving),
cock. it's not just for breakfast anymore. (giving),
cocks that are snipped and shaved clean (giving),
cocksucking (receiving),
collar and lead/leash (giving),
collars (giving),
come here, your master needs his cock sucked (receiving),
creating the reality to match the fantasy (giving),
cross dressing (watching),
crucifixion (giving),
cuckold slave (giving),
cuddling naked (receiving),
cum (giving),
cum draining, milking (giving),
cum in mouth (giving),
cum on face (giving),
cum slut dumpster (giving),
cumming all over a pretty face (giving),
deep penetration (giving),
deep prostate milking/cock jerkoff (giving),
depilation/shaving (giving),
devoting an entire day for fucking (giving),
dildos (giving),
discipline (giving),
do you actually think you have free will (giving),
do you like being my little fuck toy? (giving),
dog tail butt plugs (giving),
doing 69 being held upside down by my ankles (giving),
doing things upside down ....... (giving),
domestic servitude (receiving),
double penetration (giving),
duck tape bandage and plastic wrap (giving),
eating ass like it's a pussy (receiving),
eating pussy while taking cock from behind (giving),
electrical play (watching),
electrical tape used for gags (giving),
encasement fetish (giving),
enemas (giving),
enforced chastity (giving),
erotic literature (everything to do with it),
erotic massage (giving),
erotic photography (watching),
exhibitionism (watching),
exposing your most taboo and secret desires (watching),
extended bondage (giving),
face down and ass up, I’m gonna use you (giving),
face sitting smothering queening (giving),
feeling the cold chain against my bare flesh (giving),
feminization (giving),
fetish models (giving),
fetish photography (giving),
fetish/nude photography (giving),
fetish/nude photography/nude photography/nude photography/nude photography/nude photography (giving),
fetlife groups & fetishes (receiving),
filling my mouth with loads of hot cum (giving),
fishnet stockings (giving),
fisting (giving),
flogged while tied to bed post (giving),
flogging (giving),
foot worship (receiving),
forced bi (giving),
forced captivity (giving),
forced gay male bondage (giving),
forced mouth open to received master cum (giving),
forced naked (giving),
forced nudism (giving),
forced nudity (giving),
forced sexual slavery (giving),
forced to do things i don't want to do (giving),
forced to fuck till master is out of cum (giving),
forced to strip naked (giving),
forced to swallow own cum (giving),
forcibly stripped in front of others (giving),
forcing him to swallow his own cum (watching),
French maids (receiving),
French maids wearing collar (receiving),
frolicking around the house naked (giving),
fuck and suck strangers at the glory-hole (giving),
fucking upside down. (giving),
full body encapsulation bondage (giving),
gangbangs (giving),
garter belts, fishnet stockings & no panties (giving),
gas masks (giving),
gay bdsm (giving),
gay bondage (giving),
gay bondage gay sm (giving),
gay m master/straight m slave (giving),
gay master/slave (giving),
gay sex (receiving),
genital jewelry and piercings (receiving),
genital piercings (receiving),
getting a prince albert for my master cock (giving),
getting fucked and giving a blowjob at once (giving),
getting naked pictures of you via email (receiving),
getting naked pictures via text messages (giving),
giving master bj's while he's driving (receiving),
glory hole services as a cocksucker (giving),
going to a dungeon with master (giving),
goth (watching),
gothic transsexuals (watching),
group sex (giving),
hairless from the neck down (giving),
hand and feet tied to balls (giving),
handcuffs (giving),
handcuffs and leather wrist restraints (giving),
hang me upside down and fuck me (giving),
hanging (giving),
hanging chain up in the bedroom (giving),
hanging my slave upside down (giving),
hardcore bdsm pornography (giving),
having a great time with my sub roxx38 (receiving),
having a sub at my feet (receiving),
having him shave my pussy and ass (giving),
having little to no body hair (giving),
having my ass licked clean by an eager little slut (receiving),
having my face taped up in electrical tape (giving),
having my hands tied behind my back (giving),
head and genital shaving (giving),
head down ass up!!! nothing else maters (giving),
head down ass up, thats the way i like my sub (giving),
head shaving (giving),
hey...look what i found at the hardware store (everything to do with it),
high heels (watching),
high protocol (receiving),
his cock in my mouth....my finger in his ass (giving),
home nudism (giving),
hoods (giving),
hot chicks with piercings (watching),
hot oil full body massage (giving),
hot oil massages (giving),
house slave (giving),
huge object insertion (watching),
human cow, suction, milking (giving),
humiliation (giving),
i love to be fucked in my ass and made to suck cock (giving),
i unashamedly walk around naked (giving),
i'm gonna beat that ass before i fuck it. (giving),
i'm gonna honey your ass up and fuck it!! (giving),
immboilization(tight bondage) (giving),
integrity and honesty (giving),
jerking off just for the sake of jerking off (giving),
kneeling (giving),
kneeling bound and gagged at a masters feet (receiving),
knowing my slave is a dirty little pain slut (giving),
leading by leash attached to chastity device (giving),
leading you by my leash. (giving),
leading you by the leash to the bedroom (giving),
leash attached to prince albert ring (giving),
leather (watching),
leather restraints (giving),
leather restraints and cuffs (giving),
leather skirts (wearing),
leg irons, cuffs and shackles (giving),
legs tied apart (giving),
licking and sucking your cock and balls clean (receiving),
licking barefeet while naked and bound (giving),
licking his cock clean of our cum after sex (receiving),
licking master asshole (giving),
lingerie (giving),
locked anal chastity (giving),
locked in a stock, with ankle cuffs secured (giving),
locking ball restraints (giving),
long duration bondage and extended confinement (giving),
making him hard (giving),
making home movies (giving),
making home movies with this really sexy guy i know (giving),
making love to your cock with my mouth. (receiving),
making my slave my personal fuck slut (giving),
making sexy, kinky home movies (giving),
making you do whatever the fuck i feel like, when i want it, how i want it, and you will like it because i like it (giving),
making you my dirty little fuck slut (giving),
making you to do things you don't want to (giving),
making you to take it like a good little slut (giving),
making/building/crafting bondage equipment (giving),
male bisexuality (giving),
male genital piercings (giving),
male milking (giving),
male submission (giving),
masks (watching), master/slave (giving),
masturbating infront of an audience (giving),
masturbating infront of master (receiving),
men who enjoy sucking other men off (giving),
men who want to be fucked by men (giving),
men with little to no body hair (giving),
men with little to no genital or body hair (giving),
men with shaved assholes (giving),
men with shaved head (giving),
men with shaved legs (giving),
mfm bdsm sex (giving),
mutual respect, trust and communication. (giving),
my car, my rules (giving),
my cock in your mouth, now it's a party! (giving),
my cum dripping out of you (giving),
nail polish on boys (giving),
naked bdsm (giving),
naked bound slave boys. (giving),
naked house cleaning (giving),
naked on my chain (giving),
naked outdoors (watching),
nipple piercings (watching),
no body hair (giving),
no condom required (giving),
nude camping (giving),
nude domestic servitude (giving),
nude modeling (giving),
nude slave(s) (receiving),
nude transsexual photography (giving),
nudist lifestyle (giving),
nudity (giving),
obedience training (giving),
oil sex (giving), oily sex (giving),
olive oil..... because it's good for you (giving),
on your knees slave!! (giving),
open up i'm about to cum in your mouth! (giving),
open up slut i'm about to cum in your mouth! (giving),
oral servitude, pussy & ass worship (giving),
oral sex (receiving),
ordered to hold a load of sperm in my mouth (giving),
orgy (receiving),
outdoor bondage (giving),
outdoor sex (giving),
outside erotic photography (giving),
pantyhose/stockings (giving),
penis milking (giving),
penis plugs (giving),
photography (giving),
pierced nipples (watching),
piercings (watching),
piercings, piercings, piercings!!! (watching),
pinching (watching), play piercing (watching),
porn (giving),
porno photogragy (giving),
posting on fetlife what you can't on facebook (giving),
pretty painted and polished toes (giving),
prince albert (receiving),
prince albert cock piercing (receiving),
prince albert piercings (receiving),
public exhibitionism (giving),
public play (giving),
pulling on testicles (giving),
puppy play (giving),
purposely making him hard in public (giving),
pussy shaved perfectly smooth and hairless (giving),
put a nice piercing in my slave (giving),
restraints (giving),
role play (giving),
rope bondage (giving),
rope bondage/suspension (giving),
roxx38 is my 24/7 slut slave when he visit me (receiving),
roxx38 is my slut slave from Nova Scotia (watching),
roxx38 will be collar by master (giving),
roxx38 will be naked in master home (giving),
roxx38 will eat master cum at all time (giving),
sending naked pictures via email (giving),
sex in public (watching),
sex slaves (giving),
sex when i want it and how i want it (giving),
sex while hanging upside down by your ankles (giving),
sex with strangers (giving),
sextings of newly built dungeon equipment (giving),
sexual slavery (giving),
sexy photo shoots in the garden (giving),
shackles (giving),
sharing me with as many others as you want (giving),
shaved cocks (giving),
shaved from head to toes (giving),
shaved genitals (giving),
shaved pussies (giving),
shaved shaft and balls (giving),
shaved, trimmed, smooth body and genitals (giving),
shaving (giving),
shaving cream (giving),
shemale cocksucking (receiving),
shut up and swallow (giving),
shut up or i'll stick my dick in your mouth (giving),
sit down, shut up, and let me suck your cock! (giving),
sitting around the house naked (giving),
slave piercings (watching),
slave to tall blond girl always, slave training (giving),
sleeping chained (giving),
sleeping in a cage (giving),
sleeping in my dog cage (giving),
sleeping in shackles (giving),
sleeping nude (giving),
sleeping while chained to the bed (giving),
sleeping while restrained (giving),
sleeping with a butt plug in my ass (giving),
sluts who have a fetish for sucking cock (receiving),
smooth body no hair (giving),
sounds (giving),
speculums (giving),
sperm swallowing (giving),
spreader bars (giving),
stiletto heels (watching),
stockings (receiving),
straightjackets (watching),
strap-ons (giving),
strap-ons! strap-ons! strap-ons! (giving),
strapped on the bed and used as a fuck doll (giving),
strip poker (giving),
strong, confident submissives and slaves who submit to strong, confident women (giving),
sucking a shemales cock (watching),
sucking a transexual or crossdressers cock (watching),
sucking cock (receiving),
sucking cock in front of other horny men (giving),
sucking cock while being fucked from behind (giving),
sucking cock while getting fucked in the ass (giving),
sucking cocks at the gloryhole (giving),
sucking his cock after getting ass fucked (giving),
sucking his cock while he's tied up (giving),
suspended by my ankles tightly bound (giving),
suspension (rope, chain, & hook) (giving),
suspension bondage (giving),
suspension bondage for sex (giving),
suspension by ankles feet very wide apart (giving),
suspension by wrists and/or ankles (giving),
swallowing (giving),
swallowing cock cum (giving),
swallowing cum (giving),
swallowing several strangers cum (giving),
switching (giving),
taking you on a hike in the woods and making you select your own switches so i can tie you to a tree and whip your bottom (giving),
tall white men with huge cocks (giving),
testicle exposure (watching),
the making of bondage equipment (giving),
threesome with two men (giving),
threesomes (giving),
tie me up gag me & fuck me (giving),
tied on to a chain (giving),
tied to the bed and being used as a fuck toy (giving),
tied up at my feet (giving),
tied up legs up butt out and caned (giving),
tied up, gagged and photographed (giving),
toe sucking/foot licking (receiving),
toy making (giving),
toys (giving),
transexual (watching),
transformation into a shemale sexslave (giving),
transformation into a slut (giving),
turnin men into sissy sluts that take cock (giving),
two wrist cuffs, two ankle cuffs & a collar (giving),
up up down down left right b a start (giving),
up-side down bondage (giving),
upside down 69 (giving),
upside down and taking photos or videos (giving),
upside down cricifix (giving),
upside down fucking (giving),
upside down sex (giving),
upside-down suspension (giving),
urethra sounds play (giving),
urethral sounds (giving),
using a slave as a cum dump (giving),
using abandoned farm equipment as bdsm gear (giving),
using poppers to become an unabashed whore (giving),
using you as my little fuck toy (giving),
using you as my personal cum dump (giving),
using you as my personal masochistic toy (giving),
vibrating butt plugs (giving),
vibrators (giving),
victorian pornography (watching),
violet wand (watching),
voyeurism (watching),
waking up to find my cock in your mouth (giving),
walking around my house naked (giving),
walking around the house in just a g-string (giving),
wanting to fuck some of my fet life friends (giving),
watching a mans balls and shaft when he cums (watching),
watching dudes jerk off (giving),
watching porn and jucking off (watching),
watching porn and wishing it was me (watching),
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worship the feet of tall blond girls (watching),
wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a spreader (giving),
xhamster.com (everything to do with it),
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you, in a suit. me, naked at your feet (giving),
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♥ sexy spiked stilettos ♥ (watching).

Curious about:

2 cocks in 1 hole (watching),
a house with a white picket fence and a dungeon in the basement (everything to do with it),
an ice cube inside while being fucked (everything to do with it),
being kept in a cage when i'm not being used (everything to do with it),
being tied up & locked in a box (everything to do with it),
butt naked with a bow tie (giving),
captured stripped naked degraded & humiliatd (everything to do with it),
cutting and ripping your clothes off (giving),
electrotorture (watching),
japanese bondage (giving),
ripping your clothes off and fucking you (giving),
sir guy ripping and tearing my clothes off (giving),
standing naked infront of an open window (watching), tearing off clothing (giving),
tearing, ripping & cutting off clothing (giving).


I'm glad to go into detail about my extensive fascination with all forms of fetish and BDSM. I personality have quite a number of fetishes and an extremely well equipped mini dungeon. To list a few of my favorites;

stiletto shoes, thigh high boots, leather and more leather, wigs, lipstick and nails, lingerie, exhibitionism and voyeurism, slut training especially cum sluts, forced horedom, forced bi encounters, cock sucking and facials, fucking them anally especially with really large toys, pony play and other animal role play, role play of many forms; school teacher, strict mother or babysitter etc, cages, medical devices and invasive procedures "GRINZ!” BONDAGE! cock and ball torture, to name a few.

I am a sadist with a kind heart. I also have a talent for blending a genuine interest in the people that I deal with, while not feeling the need to stay within any expected social role. That's all the fair warning you need. I do NOT prescribe to the adapted and unexamined/unchallenged belief that there is such a thing as honorable uniformity within cultures. The greatest contributors to the human race in history are those who dared to examine the concept of choice to think freely. I am a freethinker and love that in others. Some have said they feel there's incongruousness with my social persona because I do clearly vacillate between a soft spoken, gentle, kind and enduring personality to firmly expecting people to own their shit in a forthright way. I do not fear confrontation, I welcome it. I will not bend to ANYONE'S expectations of me if I do not feel they are realistic or right.

There are those who believe that you cannot truly blend lifestyle domination and the professional services of a master . I'm fully aware that there are those whose "politics within this community" are to look down on professionals like myself. I don't care, your welcome to your rigid form of "Arian" mentality. I feel no need for anyone's approval. If you aren't interested in knowing me for the whole person that I am, I also have no interest in knowing you. I do however; require you to behave respectfully toward me, as I will you. History has long since proven that it's the differences in human choices and behavior that makes our species such a formidable one to be reckoned with on this little planet. So, I welcome anyone whose out there cruising profiles to stop by and say hi. I try to be gracious and enjoy meeting new potential friends. I hope to learn from you all and will give back what I have to give. Those seeking full time slavery, please apply. However, understand, a commitment to be my full time slave is a serious commitment. You will need to relocate and perform all tasks I require. You WILL BE molded to fit my needs.


Who am I?

I am MASTER Owner.
I am a dominant & discipline person but I am not a fool.
I can be cruel and soft and sensual.
I will enjoy making you moan, groan and yell in pain.
I will enjoy making you moan in pleasure and sound like a whore/slut.
I am experience in what a do.
I am bossy, opinionated and intrusive.
I can be sweet and gentle and even angelic...sometimes.
I will offer you far more opportunities to be yourself and to experience the adventure of the unknown that you could not experience elsewhere.
I prefer my SLAVE/SUB (NAKED) at all time in my home.
I prefer all my slave (WHITOUT EXCEPTION) to be whitout body HAIR from NECK TO TOES at all time.
I will has a MASTER be respected when SLAVE arrived home or is in front of MASTER to kiss right hand on his knees and (NAKED) .
I am not a believer of monogamy but I do believe in openness and honesty.
I will use and enjoy your mind and body for my own satisfaction.
I will love, care for, protect, and cherish you as my slave.
I will also commit to training, punishing, and using my slave as I see fit.
I am 24/7 and real.
All slaves has to work in the VANILLA stage to provide for the home (rent & food) no exception.
Sorry I do not do CYBER domination the only way I will train a person is face to face.

no scat piss blood children animal & needles

All person wish to relocate to CANADA has to pass through IMMIGRATION CANADA or go to CANADIAN CONSUL AT for information in their COUNTRY to be accept here I will not pay for any type of transport or fee to come to CANADA you have to do that yourself .

I will accept all type of friendship so feel free to friend me. All Slaves, TV TG TS, Pet, Pup, Sub, Bottom, Top, Fetishist, Master, Mistress, Dom or Dome (also Switch welcome). Thank you.

Disclaimer WARNING: Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. (I suggest the rest of you post this notice).
and/or WARNING: all individuals and/or institutions, including local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects and/or investigations. - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile information, pictures, videos, blogs, or stories in any form or forum both current and future. If you have, or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.




PS. if you wish to see more of me and my sub you can reach me here
on fetlife link of SUB & OWNER https://fetlife.com/users/2303600 ex-LORD-NORMAND
also future SUB https://fetlife.com/users/202638 LIZZARD4U-017
also future SUB to be https://fetlife.com/users/1937190 KMAN-KM-017
also Play Partners with https://fetlife.com/users/1232411 CHUMANDRE


link of MASTER https://fetlife.com/users/1846732 SL-LEATHER
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14 hours ago
I will no longer accept profile without photo if you send me request and you are blank you will be rejected SORRY for that, Also if you deleted your photo from your page after you are friend with me you will be block I will not have just and HAMSTER on my page, add something to your profile and I will accept you...

Je ne accepterai plus profil sans photo si vous me envoyez demande et vous êtes vierge vous serez rejeté désolé pour cela, même si vous avez supprimé votre photo à partir de votre page après vous êtes ami avec moi, vous serez bloquer je n`aurais pas juste un hamster sur ma page, ajouter quelque chose à votre profil et je vous accepter ...

I do not do CYBER domination on line so please do not ask me. Thank You

Je ne fais pas la domination en CYBER espace s`il vous plaît ne me demander pas. Merci
21 hours ago
Thx for the invite. Horny profile and soooo hot pics and vids!!! you are welcome!
1 day ago
Thanks for your friendship and your hot sexy avatars !
Would you accept to dominate and to humiliate me on cam or in real? My Skype ID : angela-on-cam
Please, have a look at my selfmade video :
I'd love to become addict to your intimate smells.
Could we swap some smelly PANTS or PANTYHOSES ?
2 days ago
love the all the Joanna jet sir,
2 days ago
Thank you for sharing the latest Joanna Jet gallery. she is so fucking hot.
2 days ago
You like my big ass, that jiggling mass
You like how I'm talking all nasty and crass
Plunge in my pussy and fucking it fast
Watching me squirt and making it last
3 days ago
Thank you for adding. I look forward to studying here. One day I will be a Jedi like you and my father before me.
3 days ago
thanks for add
3 days ago
Love the videos, I need to find a Master like you here in the UK to collar me as his fuck slave, the older the better for me. Thanks for sharing. xx
4 days ago
Thanks so much for accepting me. Later I will have a real read through of your profile, all seems very interesting to me. Kisses xx
4 days ago
Great Profile
4 days ago
The new Joanna Jet gallery is amazing. she's one of my favorites
4 days ago
Many thx for the add
4 days ago
4 days ago
4 days ago
Outstanding profile! Love your style
6 days ago
Thanks for the welcome and for the add. hot photos and videos.
7 days ago
You have a great page.
9 days ago
for us , here nice profil and nice vids, me I like top
10 days ago
ThankXXX for the Invite and all the GREAT Joanna and Delia Pics:-)
10 days ago
thanks sir love all your hard work
10 days ago
love the real shemale pictures
10 days ago
Thanks very much for the invite (and the welcome). Quite a profile you got here so it might take a while before i had a look at it all
10 days ago
I have not had the courage to invite you. I add honored! hello sir and good work
10 days ago
omg! This profile is outstanding !!!
10 days ago
Thanks for your welcome and friendship Sir.
10 days ago
thanks for the invite.hell of a profile.
15 days ago
Hi sweet, Thanks for nice comments..Kisses.
16 days ago
Nice profile, Thx for the stuff you got here.
Keep going on sir-lord-leather
17 days ago
love the shemales

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