Coffee and Cream

The wind was blowing in through the open window in the bedroom, it was cool and crisp and I heard the birds off in the distance calling to mates to start the day. The breeze slightly brushed my shear black night shirt making my nipples erect with pleasure. I could feel the wanting building up, it was one of those mornings when pleasure overtook my mind....
I reached beside me and felt his warm body, I could feel him lightly breathing as he slept. Quietly I slipped off my panties and curled behind him feeling his tight ass. He stirred a bit and I ran my hand down his warm thighs and around to his perfectly groomed groin area. I felt his penis awaken and slowly I turned him on his back and went down to investigate the newly arisen shaft. Licking lightly around the head and gently taking his full manhood in my mouth. My excitment grew and as it grew so did my vigor on his hard muscle as I went faster and faster. I could hear him moaning and stopped before he could cum. I licked his stomache on my way up and heatedly kissed his warm lips. He circled my clit with his finger while sucking my sensitive erect nipple causing me to give a louder then usual cry of pleasure. He mounted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pushed his erection inside my moist and waiting mound. We rocked together getting faster and faster until the anticipated moment drew near. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as his back arched to release his sweet cream, in one tense second the rush of pleasure came pouring out as we came in unison, my hands grasping his ass pulling him deeper in me until we collapsed on top of each other heavy breathing calming letting the releasing feeling overtake us. I kissed him lovingly and playfully tossled his hair, as we both looked at each other and said at the same time..."so who's making coffee this morning"...we both laughed and silently enjoyed the beginning to our day...
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