The Triangle

My friend AJ and I had been drinking in the pubs around Newcastle's 'Pink Triangle' for a few weeks. AJ is openly gay, and the pubs in that part of the city centre were perfect for him.
I knew he was worried about me - about what other people would think of me - but he needn't have been. Firstly I can more than handle myself, secondly the only opinion of me that mattered was my own and finally, I'm bisexual.
Telling AJ that would have made things easier; showed some trust in a close friend, but I wasn't ready for the repercussions.
AJ had stronger feelings for me than friendship. I knew that. Being honest with him may have implied feelings towards him I didn't have. He was there. He was available. He wasn't my type.
Charlotte, on the other hand, was easily my type. The only issue was that I was very unlikely to be hers. She could be bi, like me, or she could be a lesbian. Asking a woman out, in a gay bar, while in the company of an openly gay man; what could possibly go wrong?
I was slightly over-filled with Dutch courage and about to find out. AJ had pulled a damn fine looking guy, so I was going home alone even if I failed to impress Charlotte after our first proper conversation.
I wandered casually over to her, and decided that stupid chat up lines and I didn't mix.
"Hi. I'm Gabe. Can I buy you a drink?"
She smiled. "Stevie and AJ finally got it together, eh? Well, I can't let you drink all on your own can I? I'll have a Vodka Red Bull."
Several drinks later and Charlotte and I were getting along famously. AJ and Stevie had left, and I was wondering how my evening was going to end. I broached the subject of sharing a taxi.
"I'm sorry, Gabe. I know how you'd like tonight to end, but trust me; I'm not your type."
"Well, erm, look. You're... Ok. That's cool." I was floundering and I knew it.
"I'll see you around. It may not be for a while though, unless Stevie has a hot friend I can double date with..."
Oops. Drink had loosened my tongue. I hadn't intended to say all of that out loud.
Charlotte looked at me as though seeing me for the first time.
"You're bi? AJ never said. I thought you were being a really cool straight mate."
"He doesn't know. I couldn't tell him while he was single. He..."
"I know. Wanna get that taxi?"
I was surprised, but I wasn't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. I had no idea what had changed. If she was bi or straight, then why wasn't I her type? If she was a lesbian, then my sexuality made no difference either.
I was still puzzled when the taxi arrived at her place and she asked me in. Getting a big grin and a wink from a well-tipped cabbie, I followed her into her flat.
No sooner had the door shut than her arms were around me neck and her lips on mine.
"God but you're hot!", she breathed.
All of a sudden I didn't care what had prompted this change of heart. I kissed her hungrily. My hands roamed down her back. Across her ass. Up her waist. Onto her breasts.
One of her hands stayed on my neck. The other trailed down my torso to my groin. She began caressing my erection with one finger.
"Your turn", she whispered.
Taking one hand from her breasts I let it slide down her to her groin, until it found her erect cock; straining at the fabric of her tight silky dress!
I did as I was asked, and began to return the favour.
That night will live long in my memory. As long, I hope, as I live with Charlotte. She sucked my cock on the sofa. I sucked hers on the floor.
In the bedroom we both produced condoms and took turns making love to each other.
We finished up in each other's arms, kissing gently while stroking each other to orgasm.
Neither if us had lost our virginity that night. I'd slept with women, I'd slept with men, but this was special; the best of both worlds!
AJ and Stevie get married next month. I'm gonna be best man. Later that night, in our hotel room, I may pop a certain question myself.
I'll let you know what she says...
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Nice story!