fucking sailors

I went out on Friday night down town. I was dressed a little to skimpily for the weather and as i walked down the street a car sped past and sprayed water over me. The wanker never even stopped, but a bloke did who came over to see if i was ok. He was in the Navy, on a ship called the XXXXXXX i think. How do i know this? cos i started crying when he came to help me and he offered me a lift home in his car. He was so nice and caring i soon cheered up and i thought he was a real nice man so when he asked if id like to go to his house for a drink i said yes. there was a picture on his wall of the ship and he told me about it. he gave me a sweater to put on and put my dress in the washing machine and then the dryer. i was sitting on his sofa with this long massive sweater on and just my bra and knickers and he came in and sat on the chair next to me. i was still a bit cold so i pulled my feet up to snuggle down a bit and we sat there drinking hot chocolate. after a while i noticed him glancing at my legs and only then i realised he could see right up the jumper to my thighs. i never said a word but as time went on i gently manipulated it even further up so he could get a glimpse of my panties. after a while he excused himself and went into the kitchen but as he passed i could see a definite bulge in his jeans. i waited a second then followed him in. he was standing against the sink wanking!! i slid my hand around his body and grasped his cock. it want massive but it was ok. he was shocked and emmbarassed but i said it was ok and this was his reward for looking after me. i sank to my knees and flicked my tongue over his bell end tasting the salty pre come. he groaned. i swallowed his cock and swirled my tongue around the length of it. he tensed. i sucked and sucked and wanked and wanked that dick into my mouth. he erupted on my tongue and i swallowed the lot. there was a mouth ful and some more and some dribbled out onto my chin but i got most of it down. he stood there gasping on the sink and i slipped the jumper off and got dressed in my own clothes. he gave me £20 for a taxi and i gave him a made up number to ring me on. i will no doubt see him again around town but i dont think ill bother with him again. im on matelot patrol again next week, so if someone is getting lucky.............. xxxxx
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4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
Reminds me of when I worked on a Navy base.