sticky fingers in my bed

sometimes its nice to be in my bed, on my own, on a dark stormy night. im all snuggled up in my duvet and the rain is battering against my window. i love the sound of a storm as it howls outside and im warm and dry in my bed. not dry for long though.........

i imagine im in a log cabin in a snow storm on a mountain side, the weather is vile and im all cuddled up to my big hairy lumberjack. he is so strong and as he wraps me up in his huge arms, i push my pert firm titties up against his chest and part my legs so he can slide his big meaty thigh in against my hot pussy. i let out a little sigh of pleasure and he clicks immediately.....

my fingers move to my nipples.

as i push against his leg his hand reaches over to grasp my bum firmly and he pulls me into him......

ooh they are hard, like little bullets. my pussy is staarting to throb,i can feel my juices begin to well.

im grinding now on his leg as he leans in to lick, kiss and nibble my neck. i cannot move from his embrace and nor do i want to. as his hand reaches through the gap in my legs from behind and he traces a finger along my smooth hairless fanny i fell his cock stiffen and grow....

as my hand moves down my body to rest on my mound, i feel like my cunt is pissing, the juices running freely out of my hole.

he slips a digit in the gently circles my clitty as i begin to moan and sigh....

i have a finger in there now rubbing up and down the left side of my clit, then gently passing over the top with hardly any pressure, lubricating my snatch everywhere.

his dick is free and i grab it with both hands. it feels huge, i wank him slowly watching as the foreskin slides over the top of his bellend then back to expose the glands. a drop of pre seminal fluid appears at the tip and i lick it off. mmmmmmm. he has got two, no wait, three fingers up me and im grinding and clenching against him now............

im really hot now, ooh the pressure is building in me. i can feel my belly star to ache and tickle at the same time. more pressure on my clit. ooh yeah, right there, do it.

he eases his cock into my hole and gently fills me to capacity. i kiss him long and hard as he rolls my nipples in his hard masculine fingers. i feel his balls resting on my inner right thigh and then move, as that monster slowly withdraws from my cunt......

im really giving it some on my minge now as i kick of the covers and spread my legs wide to get full movement on my pussy. i can feel my thighs cold against the night air where my juices have run out of me, and the squelching noises and pungent musky aroma only serves to drive me on.

he rides me like a demon as his full length stabs into my sensitive wound, and everytime i feel it stretch me further until im sure i will split from the girth. he biting on my neck now and im scratching deep welts into his back with my long red nails........

as my cum gets closer i rub my nipple with one hand and jam two fingers into myself with the other. i try to stifle a moan but it slips out and from the other room i hear someone turning over in my parents bed. biting my lip i frig myself harder and know theres no turning back from this point.

he is driving into me, violently filling my cunt with his fat cock. he grunts with each meaty thrust and i can feel his body start to tense as his strokes get faster and faster........

im gonna cum now, im, im, oooohhhhh fuck, oooohhhh fffuuuuccckkkk. my leg is shaking as a huge cum rips through me and electricity bolts from my brain to my quim. i tense and relax, as the waves wash over me. there is a wet patch on the bed and my fingers are smeared my my cream. footsteps, they stop at my door. i quickly pull the covers over me and try to look asl**p. the door opens, its my dad.

"are you ok honey?" he asks

"just a night mare" i mumble, trying to sound like ive just woken up. my pussy is throbbing and there is still juices coming out of my hole.

"im gonna get a drink, do you want one" he asks.

"im fine thanks dad, im off back to sl**p" i say turning over and feeling my cunt lips slide against each other.

"ok darling, sweet dreams" he says.

oh i will daddy i think. i will indeed..............
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Damn that was a wood maker. Great job.
4 years ago
holy shit that got me hard
4 years ago
very nice & sweet thank you for sharing