in the bath with my friend.

This is an account of my first girl on girl encounter.

My friend Lucy is a wild c***d. She is always up for a laugh and usually the first to go through with a dare or bet when we are out on the town. One time we were in a pub in town and a group of sailors came over to speak to us. We were really flirting with them like crazy and as usual Lucy was getting most of the attention. I could clearly see her rubbing one guys cock through his jeans in the corner of the bar whilst she backed up against another and ground her lovely little peachy arse on his dick. all this as i was trying to stop another one from touching my tits. and keeping him at arms length. i finally got through to this guy and he left me alone to pursue another easier d***ken girl and i breathed a sigh of relief. i asked Lucy if she was ready to go home and she smirked and said we werent going home tonight. I started to protest and she gave me a wicked grin and a wink.

'These boys have a B and B booked for the night and two big lovely cocks for us to play with, thats where were going'

'No way i am' i said, 'we dont even know them'

'This is Luke and this is Dan, lets go' she responded.

As much as i wanted to go home and show her i was boss i was astonished to hear myself agree and, as Luke was definately a cutie, i was intrigued to find out how much i would go through with before i chickened out. We jumped in a taxi with Lucy, Dan and i in the back and Luke up front. all the way Lucy was french kissing Dan and i was fighting his fingers out from under my skirt as he delved to get to my pants. dirty bastard. we pulled up at a rundown dump on the Hoe and got out. it was past 12 so we let ourselves in a made our way up to the twin room. as soon as we got in Lucy dragged Dan off to the bathroom and i could hear them ripping each others clothes of and fucking like mad. i looked across at Luke and we both burst into laughter that definately lowered the tension. Luke offered me a drink and we sat on the bed and talked for a while. i asked him to come and sit closer and as he did he moved in for our first kiss planting a gentle embrace on my lips. my resistance crumbled and as i opened my mouth to recieve his tongue we fell back wards onto the bed. he was a gentle and considerate lover considering the amount of beer hed d***k and the conditions we were in, he first slid his hand up my top to cup my breast and i fet my nipple stiffen inatantly with his caress. my panties were soaking now as i spilled my juices and he must have sensed this because i felt his hand snake up and under my skirt, then his fingers hooked under the thin cotton of my knickers and one then two digits slipped into my pussy. i moaned into his ear as the sensation of a complete strangers fingers playing with my clitty ripped through me. the sounds from the bathroom were getting louder now as my friend got a good hard fucking as she milked Dans balls with her cunt. i felt for Lukes zip and slid it down to free his cock and a smallish (5 inches) but thick member sprang out ready for action. i lowered my head and took it nto my mouth as he gently pumped my throat with his man meat. i was enjoying myself by now and relished the thought of him spraying thick come into my gob as he continued to work me into a frothy mess in my cunt with his fingers. after a while Luke removed his fingers and cock from me and pulled me up to a kneeling position. he got behind me and a surge of electicity bolted through my fanny as hisbell end made contact with my clit. th next instant he was driving it into me and i could only hold on to the head board as he punished me for being so naughty. we both hit our peaks at the same time and i let out a loud moan as he grunted twice and filled my hole with his seed.

Suddenly i was aware of someone behind me and i turned to see Lucy and Dan standingin the doorway watching us. Dan had his fingers in Lucy's twat and she was writhing against him.

'Come here' she said 'i need to see you.'

Feeling like a naughty school girl i walked over to the bathroom and Lucy shoved Dan out int the bedroom. She closed the door behind us nd turned to face me. i had no idea of what happened next a she dropped to her knees and buried her face in my gash, licking up all Lukes spunk from in my body. i was in extasy and she knew just how to do it. she stood up and french kissed me and i could taste all my juices and Lukes sperm on her tongue. The boys were banging on the door now so we opend it up and they stood there gobsmacked. Lucy grabbed Lukes cock and led him to the bed where she began sucking his cock. Dan pulled me onto the other bed and started to finger me. we fucked and sucked them for the rest of the night and left them very tired in the morning. as i said Lucy is a very naughty girl and i love her very much. she is coming round tonight for a take away and a bottle of wine. im secretly hoping something will hppen and im just planning my moves. ill let you know how i get on..........
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4 years ago
very very good
4 years ago
Great story.. Only wish I could have seen it for myself. Thanks for sharing.
4 years ago
nice i like it, good story
4 years ago
good story - do you have any others?
4 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
Love the story ! Welcome to xhamster !