Daddy's friend

This is a true account of my first real love. Only my lovers name has changed.

I was only 16 when my dads friend Dave came to borrow our ladders.

I thought i was a big girl now, i had done everything with boys bar the last hurdle and had proper penetetrive sex. That was about to change. We got the ladders from the garage and Dave tied them securely to the roof of his car. his arms looked huge and tanned in his tight white T shirt. At 46 he was in his prime, his short, thick, dark hair was greying slightly and his regular job as a scaffolder meant there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. i thought he looked like Gearge Clooney and was amazed when my two best friends agreed and Lucy declared she wanted to ride him!! I asked if he would like a drink and my heart skipped a beat when he said yes. he followed me into the kitchen and i did my best to impress him as i swayed my hips and pushed out my round, peachy bum towards him.

We stood in the kitchen drinking our tea and made small talk about the weather, school and last nights T.V. Just then i remembered i was supposed to meet my friends at the ferry to go over to the beach! Damn i was going to be late if i didnt hurry. i ran upstairs and threw my towel, suncream and a bikini in my bag and dashed down stairs again. Dave assured me i would make it if he drove me to the ferry and i calmed down slightly. We locked up and i got in his car. i got a strange thrill to be sitting here and hoped one of my freinds would see me as we drove through the town.

As we approached the slipway i could see the ferry leaving and my two friends on the upper, open section. i felt gutted and wondered what i was going to do with the rest of the day. I could hang around for the next one but by then my mates would be already at the beach and i didnt fancy the long walk down on my own.

'Cheer up' said Dave, 'Its only a day out'

'I know i replied, but i've got nothing else to do'

'well,' He said, 'you could always come and help me, i'll make sure you do o.k out of it'

With that he got in the car and i jumped back in with him, wondering wat he had in mind.

It was a long way out to his house, up on the Moors, and it seemed to take for ever but i liked the ride and his chatter and, as it was a warm day, i undid the top button of my shirt to let some air onto my skin. i was sure i saw him glance at me as i did so. After a while he pulled off the main road and onto a farm track, 'Just a little detour,' he said. It was fine by me, but as we went further my heart began to race wondering if what i was imagining was finally going to happen.

Dave killed the engine by some old ruins out of sight of the main road and turned to face me.

'You have grown into quite a stunner Carly' he said 'Have you ever done anything with a boy?'

'Ive kissed them and been fingered' i managed to stammer, my heart nearly pumping through my chest.

'You ever seen a cock?' he asked

'Only in a magazine' i muttered, embarrassed.

He eased his zip on his jeans down and invited me to free his penis. Tentatively i pushed my hand into his pants and came into contact with the biggest dick i had ever imagined. It was at least seven inches long, as hard as iron and had viens running the length of it. it was also completely exposed at the tip and i quickly pulled it out to have a better look. i was transfixed and as i slowly stroked my hand up and down the shaft a little drop of clear fluid appeared at the tip from the eye. Feeling brave now i glanced at Dave. He was leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, so with my confidence growing i lowered my head to his cock and licked up that little blob of pre come. Dave let out a long low moan and whispered ' Thats it baby, like a woman does it' Knowing i was pleasing him inspired me to go further so i opened my mouth and fed as much of that meat as i could into my warm wet mouth. He gently thrust into me as i struggled to accomodate his girth and i felt a finger then his hand snake around my leg, up my skirt and rest on my pussy mound. I was becoming wetter and wetter by now and he sensed this because as i slid faster up and down his dick with my mouth he eased one then two fingers into my wet virgin cunt. i gasped and tried to pull away, but Dave was an old hand and he held me firm as he fingered me nearer to my first penetrative orgasm as i sucked for all i was worth on his cock.

Suddenly he removed his fingers and allowed me to leave his dick and pulled me gently towards him and through the seats so my knicker clad arse and pussy were exposed from beneath my skirt.

Dont worry baby, i'll be very gentle.' was all he said before i felt him pull my panties to one side and gently ease his member into my gaping, willing fanny. slowly he fed me more of his monster until i felt his balls come to rest on my arse cheeks. he gradually built up a rhythm until i was getting the full length in one fluid motion and my pussy felt like it was on fire. just as i thought i was going to pass out with pleasure he thrust hard and fast into me three times and with a gasp and moan i felt him release his come deep into my snatch at the same time an orgasm, the power of which i could not fathom, ripped through me and i collapsed forward onto his back seat and let the waves of pleasure wash over me. I was no longer a girl, i was now a woman.

Dave removed my panties and folded them twice before pushing them into my pussy so i didnt leak all our juices over his car seat. He gave me a long slow kiss and asked for this to remain our little secret promising me we could repeat it many times again if we didnt get found out. I'm pleased to say our plan has worked and we have been out more than a dozen times since and its always as good as the first. Sometimes he gets me to do things i wouldnt dare do. like the time i sucked his dick as we parked in his drive and watched his wife get the k**s ready for bed, after i had babysat for them on thier anniversary or the time he fingered me to an orgasm in our kitchen as my parents sat in the next room with his wife after a dinner party. I dont care it only adds to the thrill for me and until i get caught im gonna fuck the shit out my older gentleman. xxxx
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3 years ago
Okay...coming of age a little early.
3 years ago
great story please write more
3 years ago
Thx ma'am I needed dat!
4 years ago
Great story, most enjoyable ;-) Thinking of the fun you had there makes me quite horny.
4 years ago
Good girl Carly, you did real well
4 years ago
4 years ago
Wow that was an excellent story. Great job. Instant hard on.
4 years ago
WOW he is so lucky
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story, loved it.....
4 years ago
excellent well written