Great Days

I love being in Kerala, I have to tell many but I’m only telling you all what that happens after my husband have left to Singapore. Until he comes back I should be here in Kerala or back to Mumbai (he told me do what I like)
Anyway after he have gone, I was alone on the upstairs. I’m staying upstairs in Jenna’s house and she with c***dren is staying down. Day after he have gone I slept downstairs in the living room’s couch because I have gone to drop my hubby to the railway station late night in Jenna’s car and after that I slept there. I wake up little late the next day and yesterday before sl**ping I have removed my t-shirt and thong, slept nude. When I wake up Jeena, I was nude and searched for my thong and while searching I realize that my dress have been washed by Jeena. Her son have gone to school and it was his last day in school and from school his grandfather will pick him for the vacation. So I remained nude after shower and brushing etc. I was doubtful that if she likes me to be nude but I remained like that till the lunch. Before lunch I went to upstairs and wore a black tight string thong , it was really tight that the string really passes through the middle of my pussy.
I went down wearing that and while having the lunch, Jeena told me that we are going for an outing for two or three days to Jenna’s farmhouse nearly 2 hours drive from their and to get ready after lunch. While she was talking about that place, I started to piss on that chair after she finishes and went to kitchen. I was sitting in that piss till I finish eating, when I went to wash my hands she notices that I’m wet and she smiles at me. After washing my hands she went to her baby and I sat on the back side steps next to the kitchen. After some time sitting their I went to the living room to watch TV. While watching TV I removed my wet thong and sit nude on that couch. About 1 or 2 hours later Jeena told me from her room that she is ready to go to that farmhouse and told me to be ready. I went to tool some clothes upstairs , I took 3 thongs, 2 tube dress and a t shirt, I didn’t wear anything and went down. She was in her car with the baby and told me to lock the house and to drive. Before I lock up the door I took my wet thong from the floor and wear it. I decided to go in that to the farmhouse. We leave the house and I was once again out to lock the gate. I drive at medium speed and have arrived the farmhouse before 2 hours and I was really graceful to what I see their because the place was little bit surrounded by woods and backside there was a stream and no other house nearby. She told me not to go out that compound because outside that compound there are many houses but that was really very far from their. It was nearing 6 pm and she told me that she forgot to buy food for us, so she told me to take care of the c***d and she will come back soon. But I told her that I’ll also go with her and seats in that car with the baby. When reaching the shop she told me to sit inside the car because it was not safe to be go in thong to the shop, I covered my boobs with hair and wait inside the car. When she came and starts the car the baby was really crying and she drive little bit fastly and we reached the home in some minutes.

After having dinner and all we went to sl**p together and I was thinking about some sex moments but don’t know whether she’ll do with me. Anyway she removed her churidar , bottom etc and wear a cotton nighty only, it was lengthy till her knee , no bra or panties. I can see her nipples through the nighty. She told me to come to bed and I removed my thong, put that on the floor and go to bed nude. Baby was sl**ping in the middle of us. My mind was full of naughty thoughts but nothing happens. When I wake up next day I was with her baby in the morning. After washing my face and brushing I went to the kitchen by wearing the tshirt only. Jeena told me that my husband call and he ask to reply him. I call him after the coffee, he told that I need to go to Mumbai and send him a scanned copy of some documents from our office and also some from our house. So I told Jeena that I’m leaving to Mumbai today itself and will be back in 4 or 5 days because my hubby will come only after some months. She booked me air ticket and by noon we went back to Jeena’s house where I stay and took my passport and all needful things and removed my tshirt and wear a noodle strapped tube dress and my fav black thong. She told me that she’ll drop me and the flight was at 6.40 pm and she drop me to a town and from their I took a taxi and rush to airport. I was having only a handbag and mo other lugguage, nearly 2 hours from their I was in airport. Not very rush I was spotted by some men and teenagers but I went darely inside to the check in section and the lady their was really shocked by my dress. In the flight I was seated next to a man who is in his early 40’s and while I sit he have got a great view of my pussy. I didn’t manage to adjust it until the airhostess come. The man next to me ask me where I’m boarding and I told him I’m from Mumbai and he told me that he is also from Mumbai and offer me a drop at my house, but I told him that my b*****r will come. After landing the man was following me and ask me for my number but I diddn’t gave him and he ask for my mail id and I gave him that to avoid him. Anyway after some more chat he have gone and I was waiting for my b*****r, but I got a call after some time that he was not able to come because he is in his wife’s house and he’ll be late. So I think for another one and called Rovan (the guy who pick me from college in early morning after 8 of’em fucked me).
Rovan took his phone after I try 3 or 4 times and he told me he’ll come and the time was nearing 11 pm. He came after 20 mins and I told him to drop me at my house and he told me to stay that night in his house and nobody at his house for 17 days because his parents and all have gone for a wedding function in Haryana. So I decided to go with him. In his house he opened a bedroom of his s****r and ask me to sl**p their. I removed my dress and slept in the thong. Next day he knocks at the door and ask me to wake up and the time was 8 15 am. I washed my face, wear my dress and ask him to drop at my house. He drop me at my house and ask me what will I do as a favor, I told him I’ll come to his house today or tomorrow, he was really happy and I went to open the door. After having a bath, I went to look for the documents and put that on my bag. I wear only t-shirt and a thong, t-shirt was till my pussy area and while walking my pussy is fully shown, anyway I took my car and drive to our office fastly because I need to get the documents and come back before anybody came at office. It was just 15 mins drive from my house and at office while I was mailing those documents after scanning one of the staff came, he wished me and ask me whether my hubby will come and I told him he will come only after some days. By the time I finish the job and after he have gone to the next room I went out quickly from that room but he saw me and have a great view of my pussy but I pretend to be nothing had happened and told him that I’m leaving.
I drive to my friend Shilpa’s house, in my car I removed my thong and remained only in the t-shirt. She is staying with her mother and her mother was a former actress in bollywood. Her father was separated and married another. I was a frequent visitor their and I have never being nude their but I have gone their without bra and panties and even in thongs. On that day when I went her house the door was not locked and I went inside. Nobody in the living room and I heard some noise from kitchen and Shilpa’s mother was their. She invite me for a tea and I asked her where Shilpa is and she told me that Shilpa have gone to another apartment above their apartment (her friend was their). I had also gone their several times. After tea I went upstairs to that apartment and I knock the door, but no response so I opened the door and look for Shilpa but she was not there and when I opened a bedroom she was having sex with a guy who is her friend’s b*****r. I close the door and wait until they are out. She came out from that room after some time and was shocked to see me and begged me not to say to his mother. We sat there for some time and went down to her apartment. While sitting at her apartment I remove my t-shirt and sat nude on the couch and watch TV. After some minutes Shilpa’s mother also came near to me and sits. I was sitting middle of them with my two legs up and I decided to piss on that couch without knowing them both. I started to piss with my fingers into pussy so that it will not flow to floor. After I finish pissing her mother smiled at me and asked me ‘have u finished’, I was very shy and they both laughed at me . The time was nearing 5 pm and I told them that I’m leaving and went out nude to the car in their garage. I decided to go to Rovan where I sl**p yesterday and while near to his house I realize that I didn’t took my t-shirt anyway I call him after I reach his garage whether anyone at his house or not. He attends my call and I told him to come to my house so that I can park my car there to avoid anyone seeing me and my car on the roads. So he followed me and after I parked my car and get into his car, he was shocked to see me in nude and I have took my thong and nothing other than that. He ask me to took some clothes but I refuse and he drive the car. On the way he told me that on that night his f****y will come and we can go to his farmhouse little bit drive from his house, I agreed and he drive to their. When we reach their it was really dark and then only we remembered about food for the night, he drive the car to a nearby hotel and buy parcel for both of us and drive back. While reaching their after having dinner and little chat we both have a great fucking session, I don’t know how to explain that. He fucked me 2 times on that night and my boobs were having his cum until I was having my bath later morning at 11. 30 pm. After bathing he told me to go for a ride to our classmates for a celebration before Easter. I agreed and tell him to drive to my home so that I can take my dress, he drive and not to my home and to the college where we are studying. I was afraid to go out and Rovan told me that nobody is here and only our classmates because all others are gone for vacation. I was really scared and sat on the car itself until my friend Neha came by and I ask her for his shall to wear because I was only in thong.
She gave me her shall and I covered my body with that by wearing it through by my neck and walk with her to the class. In the classroom we were 11 of’em . 8 boys and 3 girls including me and they all were very shocked to see me in a thong. They remembered the last years Easter party and we started by cutting a big cake. It was Neha’s birthday on that day and me and Neha cut the cake and after everybody have some cake and we were sitting and chatting one of the boys ask we girls for a dance and Me, Neha, Mariya started dancing before them. Boys were singing and while its going on boys told us to strip our dress and I have nothing to strip and Neha and Mariya strip to bra and panty and I strip my thong too and danced nude before them. After some time I felt very horny and danced near boys and started pissing while dancing. In some seconds one of them grabbed me and started licking my boobs and pussy, Neha and Mariya was also grabbed by them and they removed their bra and panties and we three were laid to the floor for sex. We lick each others boobs and by the time the boys pissed to our bodies and we were fully on the piss and they started to fuck us. After fucking they put all the cum to our body and I was fucked by 6 of them and they both were fucked by one only. My body was covered with full of cum and piss and we sat their for some more time, iwear my thong and Rovan told me that he wi;ll drop me at my house. I entered his car and the piss and cum was flowing through out my body. After reaching home I have gone to bed. I was really happy and satisfied on that days.

But the real excitement was on next days

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2 years ago
when i fuck u baby
2 years ago
i wish i was one among those guys who fucked u
2 years ago
great story again.

Tell about the next days please.