Trip to Kerala

Me and hubby decided to make a trip to Kerala like last year, so we call Jeena my friend in Kerala. Actually last year we stayed at her house and we became friends and we were like s****rs. I was in Kerala for some months lastyear without my hubby. (Now I'm writing this from her house)We are staying upstairs and Jeena with c***dren down, her husband is a military doctor and not at home.

After we decided a trip to Kerala, we book air tickets and so on. As usual i didn't wear anything under my tube dress while on the flight. On the check up section I was caught for wearing clit jewel and was asked to remove it in the bathroom but i removed it their itself and they were really shocked. On the flight while i was sitting my pussy was fully out and when the airhostess came near us offering sweets etc and she smiles at me looking at my pussy. Anyway it was nearly 45 mins from their and after landing Kerala, we call a taxi and we ask to open the back door of the van to put our luggage their and i was to bend for taking some bags and the driver saw my pussy at a glance. While at car my pussy was so warm and i put back my clit jewel. It was 7.45 pm at that time and was dark. May be after 2 hours we reached the destination, Jeena's house. Her c***dren was sl**ping and she have arranged dinner for us and ask to take dinner after keeping the luggage upstairs. While at upstairs I removed my dress and wore only a tight string thong and went down with hubby for dinner. She know my habits very well and she was not having any problem with my habits.

About 2nd day tomorrow

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2 years ago
wow ur that hot and show ur junk to everyone! thats amazing
3 years ago
Can't wait to hear what happens next!