Day Before Easter

I've already told that I've joined for weekend batch of MCA. So on April 23rd. We all (classmates) decided to celebrate Easter in class. So on that morning I wake up little early and do all jobs till evening and get ready very quickly. I've no car because my husband has took it on Good Friday and he will come after one or two weeks. So I need to go with my friends car. After 9 am Neha has come with her car and I locked my home and went with her. I was wearing a tube dress that have noodle straps and it was very thin too. While I walks and sits it will show my pussy and side of boobs are also shown. I wear a very tight thin string thong. Anyway we reached college and after 2 classes the time was nearly 1 pm and our teacher told us that today we'll have clss till now and she needs to go home and we all can go now or can go after some time. So we (not all 4 girls including me and 7 boys) decided to wait for sometime and some boys went out for buying some food and some stuffs for us.

They bought some drinks and something for eating too. After some talks and we decided to go home and the boys told me that wait for some more time and give them some company for some more time. So Neha and other two girls have gone and remained thier with them. They offer me some more cola and I took it from them. But after drinking that glass I feel very sl**py and feels my legs and hands are out of power. And one of them grab me started sucking my boobs through the dress. More of them joined him and I can't resist them. After some minutes one of them poured water to my body and they started ripping my dress. I was full under their power and I can't even cry loudly because I don't know what they have given me. In some minutes they laid me on the floor and i can some liitle bit hot water flowing through my body, when I opened my eyes I was really shocked and they were pissing on me and started fucking me. I remember 2 or 3 fucking me.

When I wake up it was really dark, little cold too and I was nude on floor covered with full of cums and piss all over my body. I searched for my dress and walked to the class took my bag. I swiched on my phone and I was really shocked by the time. It was morning 6:15 and I was sl**ping all over the night in college. Because it was the day before Easter and the security was not there and I call Rovan, one of my classmate and ask to come to the college. My pussy had really become red and painfull too. I searched for my dress and i found it where we sit yesterday and it was of no use because they have teared it and now i searched for my thong and walked through the stairs.I found it on the stairs and wore it and waited inside the college gate for Rovan. He came after 10 mins. He told me sorry for what happened yesterday and he thought that I have gone home yesterday itself. I told him that I have no car to go home and asked where are others who trapped me. He once again told me sorry and ask me to wear dress, but I told him it was teared and of no use. He told me to drive and he will sit back to me. It was a Scooter (Honda Activa). I was really scared because my father and mother is jogging at this time in that area we go and he told me that he will hold my body and ask to go fast. I was only in thong and if he drive all can see that I'm nude. But when I drive he will cover me and I have cover my boobs with hair. My body is really wet covered with cums and pissing and my hairs is also wet. Anyway I reached home without any problems and I ran to my home...

On Easterday many more incidents happen....

Before 24 April many incidents happen and I'll post all of them
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3 years ago
thay were not nice guys to do that to a lady
3 years ago
bad friends? not
3 years ago
a short but a nice story!
3 years ago
Everyone wants to enjoy their best during party nights, Most of the drugs are not allowed in India,so be careful before using any party highs
3 years ago
be careful during rave parties