My Mums stockings

I had been back home with mum for nearly 2 months and I had settled in well. I helped out around the house and was waiting to hear if I had a pace on an engineering course at university.
It was great being home and I think mum liked the company. It was a Saturday night and mum was waiting for her good friend Sue to pick her up for a night out.
They returned about 11:30 and a little d***k, I went to the kitchen and made them a coffee and had a chat, Sue was quite flirty and even worse now she was d***k, but I liked her she was funny. I had the tv on watching MTV when I looked up a group of girls were dancing with stocking on,
Sue said, you like those girls don’t you?
I smiled and shrugged
Mum said don’t you will embarrass him!
I replied no its ok mum, I don’t embarrass that easy.
Sue smiled and said but they do look nice,
Yes I replied, feeling a little weird but aroused by the conversation.
Sue sat on a stool drinking her coffee chatting to mum, but then mum popped to the toilet. As soon as she left the room Sue said quick why your mums gone look, sue raised her dress to the side giving me a view of her stockings, I must have gone re and got a erection immediately. Mum returned and asked why I was so red?
I said good night and left for bed, before I got upstairs I heard mum saying no Sue you should not have done that, then the back door shut.
I started to undress when mum entered before I could cover up. I had an erection and had no way of hiding it!
Simon oh my god put some clothes on, I sat on the bed and mum said sorry about Sue but obviously I shouldn’t by the looks of things.
Mum asked, are you attracted to Sue?
No its just the stockings I think, I mean well all older women seem nice.
Mum smiled and went to bed.
Thursday was mums night out with work and I was asl**p before she got home, I went to go in the shower and noticed her clothes in a heap left in the bathroom, I lifted them to put them in te laundry and noticed her tan stockings of which I had never seen before. They felt wonderful and I dropped them in the basket and got in the shower, I could not forget the feeling and soon began to have a wank in the shower, I leaned across picked the stockings out the basket and lifted them up to my cheek as I ejaculated over the bath.
The following night mum came in from work and went to the gym leaving her clothes in a pile in the bathroom again, tan stockings again. This time I had to feel them around my cock as I masturbated.
Mum returned as I lay on my bed watching tv, stood in my door way hot and sweaty and those leggings looking great around her tight ass.
I asked why she is hitting the gym so much?
I am enjoining it at the moment and I need to,
I was quick to respond about how she is the best looking mum I know
She smiled and said I am bias,
When she got out the toilet I went in the bathroom and had a look for her stockings but found a black pair of knickers with a white trail across the crotch. I had never done this before but I needed to taste it and ran my tongue across the salty taste mmm nice.
I took mums knickers and stockings to bed and had the best wank ever!
The following morning when I got up I notice the washing machine going but I still had mums underwear. Shit I thought as I ran back upstairs and put them in another pile of washing. Mum came down stairs with a cheeky smile and said she must be going mad as she was sure she couldn’t find her underwear anywhere.
I found myself all weekend looking at mum in a different way, lustful as she entered the room. Mum said tonight we would stay in and have a nice dinner and some fine wine. Mum made a fantastic dinner I poured the wine, mum came in dressed in a long summer dress looking hot and I am sure she had those tan stockings on.
Mum drank loads of wine and I couldn’t keep up and it wasn’t long before she was d***k , we had to miss desert and have a coffee instead. Mum said goodnight and went to bed I followed her up and went to the toilet. As I left the toilet I heard mum call, she was laid in bed with her clothes at the bottom in a pile. Mum said she’d had a great night, then she said just grab what you need! I had seen mums drawer open and loads of stockings and knickers but I just left. But when I got to my room I heard a noise in mums, I walked back across and opened the door mum I said are you ok, she said I sometimes cry it’s just the drink and started to laugh. It was very dark so I walked and sat on the other side of the bed and stroked her head, she said its freezing get in we can have a chat.
Mum was facing the wall I snuggled in behind and stroked her head, she said in a quiet voice is it me or are we getting closer I replied no I agree.
Mum said I hope yo have seen I have left things for you to see!
Thanks mum I replied,
Mum said mind I didn’t leave you any knickers tell me what happened please.
I told her I opened the washing basket and saw how sexy you looked when you got back from the gym, her leg bent back across mine still wearing her stockings, I pushed forward a little so she could feel my cock in her back.

Then what she asked?
I ran my tongue across the crotch I told her as she let out a moan, I followed her arm down to find her hand buried between her legs.
Mum please just enjoy it as I hooked her leg up I keeled across and entered her pussy from the side her eyes shut and began to moan as I speeded up., it was not long before I pulled out and ejaculated across her chest.
We never moved until morning!

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