Fun in London

It was Friday evening and as dusk drew in, and i sat thinking how much i was looking forward to the weekend. I was sat on a train hurtling down towards London to attend a conference the next day. I couldn't really care less about the conference. One of those all expenses paid interdepartmental things that work made me go on from time to time. No what I was looking forward to was seeing my best mate Joe and his gf Sarah. Joe had been my best friend since we started uni 6 years ago but as we lived at other ends of the country to each other nowadays we didn't see each other as much as we'd like. Well we were going to make the most of it this weekend. Takeaway and a night at the pub tonight followed by a big night out in London after my conference tomorrow. I got into London about 6.30 and Joe was there to pick me up. We drove the 20 minutes to his flat and went inside. I asked if I could jump in the shower before we headed to the pub.
"sure thing. I've got to go pick Sarah up anyway so it's all yours. I'll be about 30 minutes."
Him and Sarah lived in a small 1 bed flat. The only bathroom was in their bedroom, so once Joe had left I went in and stripped naked. They had a large bedroom window which looked out onto the flats over the road. Being a little bit of an exhibitionist, I thought I'd leave to curtains open. With the latest night drawing in and the bedroom lights on the unknown people across the road would get a good eyeful if they were looking. The thrill excited me and I could feel my cock harden slightly. I flopped back onto their large bed and just lay there for a few minutes watching my cock twitch as it got harder. I quickly grabbed it and gave it a few strokes before jumping up and heading towards the bathroom, my cock pointing the way. As I was about to get in the shower, I spotted Joe and Sarah 's washing basket in the corner of the room with a very frilly pair of panties hanging out. My cock instantly twitched again as I pulled them out. The panties were a skimpy thong with a lace top. They were silky smooth and I quickly wrapped them round my cock and gave it a few strokes. I then raised them to my nose to try and inhale some of Sarah's smell. Her juices had dried all over the crotch I put my tongue to them to try and taste her. They were clearly from the day before and it was hard to get some taste from them but there was a hint of the tangy oder of pussy. I decided that my cock wasn't going to soften any time soon so I went back into their room and laid back and wrapped her panties round my cock. I positioned myself so anyone looking in would have a view of my pumping my cock. As I got closer to cumming, I jumped up and pulled open the drawers in their dressing table until I found Sarah's panty drawer. I found the sexiest silkiest pair I could, wrapped the dirty pair around my mouth and nose and started pumping my cock with the silky pair. Soon I could feel the cum bubbling up and quickly positioned the clean panties round my bell end as rope after rope of cum filled them.
I glanced at the clock and realised that Joe and Sarah would be due back soon so deposited the dirty pair back in the washing and the 'clean' pair back in the drawer and jumped in the shower.

I was sat on the sofa watching sky sports when Joe and Sarah came in with takeaway fish and chips and we were soon sat in their small kitchen eating, talking and drinking beer. When we were all finished dinner Joe and I set off for the local pub, leaving Sarah at home. The beer flowed and we caught up on everything that had happened to the other in the preceding few months since we last saw each other. Inevitably as the night got later and we got more full of beer the chat turned to our sex lives. Joe and Sarah had been a steady couple for a good 4 or 5 years and he told me how they had just started experimenting with anal and how Sarah loved going to work with a butt plug in so it would be ready for Joe when he got home. I had been single for a little while and let Joe know about the few girls on hooked up with recently and showed him the pics and vids I'd managed to snap whilst fucking them. I could tell they aroused Joe as he kept adjusting his cock as we walked. When we got back to his flat it was past midnight and we sat and played xbox for a few hours more. Sarah came out of the room at one point to ask us to be quiet. She gave me an instant boner. She is about 5'5" with big tits for her frame and on this occasion was wearing nothing but a pair of thong panties and tight little vest.
As she left the room I just mouthed the word 'Wow' to Joe. 'You're one lucky son of a batch' I said to him. We then heard Sarah shout from their bedroom 'I heard that cheeky!!' And we both started laughing.
After one last game of Fifa, Joe decided he would head to bed, so I settled down on their couch to get some shut eye before my conference the next day. I normally sl**p in the nude but for decency’s sake, I left my boxers on that night. I try to keep myself in shape but don't have a particularly well built body, but have always been proud of my cock. As a result I always buy boxers which are tight so they can show off my bulge. Tonight, with thoughts of Sarah fresh in my mind, my cock was straining to get out. Once I was settled down, I decided I would just have to wank before getting any sl**p. I tried to stroke quietly so Joe and Sarah wouldn't hear but once I'd got into a good rhythm I started to hear giggling and russling from the bedroom.
'sssssh Simon will hear us' I heard Sarah whisper.
'No he won't, he's pissed. He'll be sound asl**p.'
'Please go check Joe... 'As soon as I heard this I put my cock away and rolled over and pretended to be asl**p. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joe come to the door bollock naked with his cock hard and pointing in front of him and glance round the room. He saw me lying still and whispered back to Sarah 'He's asl**p. Now get your mouth back round my dick!' And with that he turned round and headed back into the room. As I rolled over and looked towards their door, I was surprised to see that he had left the door open. My eyes were drawn to the large mirror opposite their bed in which I could see the naked body of Sarah faintly illuminated by their bed side lamp. She was knelt on the floor feeding Joe 's cock down into her throat. I felt my cock harden as I heard her gag and with that I quietly repositioned so I could realise it and soon was stroking vigorously. In the mirror I could see Sarah reposition onto her hands and knees on the bed and heard her beg Joe to fuck her. From my position I was looking straight at Sarah reflection. They were on the bed both looking into the mirror. Joe was fucking her so had her tits were wobbling back and forth and I watched as she slide a hand between her legs to rub her clit. She was soon cumming and had clearly forgotten about me as she made no attempt to stay quiet.
'Joe, fuck me harder. Yes, oh yes, Ooo oh yes! Finger my ass. Put your finger in my.... Oh yes. YES!' I was getting close to cumming myself as I watched her throw her head as she climaxed. Almost as soon as her orgasm subsided, Joe pulled out and Sarah spun herself round just in time to collect a face full of cum as Joe climaxed too. I gave my cock another few tugs before rope after rope of cum erupted from my cock landing all over my chest. My orgasm went on for what felt like five minutes and when I looked down I was drenched in cum. I laid back in the post orgasmic glow that followed this exciting voyeuristic experience and quickly fell asl**p.

I was woken a few hours later by my alarm going off. I quickly got up, and as my conference was an informal experience, I just pulled on my jeans and a top over the dried cum covering my dick and chest. I washed my face in the kitchen sink, so as not to disturb Joe and Sarah. Then I grabbed some toast and headed off to the nearest tube station. The conference was long and dull and by the time 5pm rolled around I was ready to go. I headed back to the tube and found it full of shoppers and football fans heading home. It took ages to edge closer and closer to the train before finally being able to squeeze on. I got stuck standing up against one of the end walls with a crowd of people in front of me. The two right up against me were a couple of teenage girls. Probably no older then 17, one a red head and one a blonde. Despite the cold weather outside the redhead was in a particularly short skirt. I couldn't see much of their fronts but as the train swayed from side to side the red head would bump up against me. As this went on I began to get braver and leave a hand out so I could get a feel her arse. The excitement of being so close to this teenage ass was getting my cock hard again. I began to get a little carried and the next time she bumped into me I managed to squeeze her ass just a little. Her head immediately spun round to look at me with an angry look in her eye. Before I could say anything though, her angry face turned into a cheeky grin and she turned back round and backed further into me. She started grinding her ass up against my hand and I happily started squeezing some more. Worried she would get off the train soon I chanced my luck and moved my hand down to the hem of her skirt and started to push it up until I had a hold of the bare flesh of her ass. I started stroking it gently, and feeling no hesitation from the red head I gave it a good squeeze. I could tell that the little teen had no underwear on and I desperately tried to move my hand down to her pussy. Unfortunately due to our respective positions I could maneuver into a suitable spot. Instead I briefly removed my hand in order to lick my fore finger before sliding my hand back under her skirt and started to circle her ass hole with my finger. After sensing no further resistance I pushed my finger into her tight tight hole. I could feel her tense up as I started working my finger back and forth but she didn't make any attempt to stop me so I kept going. It was a good job the train was so very packed. Every stop we got to people got off hut more people got on. If it has been any quieter I'm sure I would have been seen. At least by red heads friend. As it was they just continued talking with red head pausing for breath every now and then. By now I was slowly moving my finger up past my knuckle and back again inside her tight ass hole. All of a sudden I felt her ass clamp down tight against my finger as she came. I could see her friend look at her with some concern as she stopped talking and her head flopped back. As her orgasms subsided, I withdrew my finger and ran my tongue down it to get a taste of her ass. At the same time the red head leant closer into her friend and whispered something to her. They both started giggling and then the blonde turned to look at me with a big grin on her face. The red head then turned herself round and for the first time I could get a good look at the hottie I had just fingered. Her boobs were small but she was gorgeous. She leant over to me, put her hand on my throbbing cock, kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear.
"Thank you. That was so naughty. No one has ever touched me there. Shame it wasn't this monster." With which she stroked my cock through my jeans a bit and then the tube train pulled into a station and they both jumped off. I sat and watched them walk down the platform, my head just spinning from the experience. I still couldn't believe she'd let me go so far.

I got off a couple stops later and made my way back to Joe and Sarah's flat. The three of us were going out for the night and I needed to change so went to go into the bedroom but Sarah told me that Joe was in the shower. She suggested that I just change in the living room instead. My cock was still hard and my balls were aching due to not getting to play on the train. I tried to turn away from Sarah so as to hide the bulge in my boxers but she moved round to the other side of the room so she was facing me as I changed.
'Got something to hide Simon?' she asked as I tried to turn again. She was a little tipsy and it was clear they had started their predrinking early. I mumbled an incoherent answer to which she said 'Hey were friends. Don't be embarrassed.' I straightened up and the full size of my hard cock became apparent. Sarah looked a little surprised and just sat open mouthed. I am a little bigger than average at 8inch but I've always been proud at how thick my cock is. Tonight it seem particularly thick after all the fun I'd had. Deciding that Sarah had brought this upon herself, I changed my top then began to pull my boxers off in order to change them. Sarah gasped as she saw the precum leaking from the tip of my cock. I gave it a quick stroke and fondled my balls letting her eyes linger then pulled a clean pair of boxers and new jeans on. ‘This night could be fun’ I thought to myself.
After I got dressed I moved passed the dumb founded Sarah and into the kitchen. I got some beers and spirits out and brought them back through.
'Shot time!' I said and poured out 3 Jagger shots. Joe was now ready and the 3 of us downed our shots.
'How about we play some drinking games?' I suggested.
The other two agreed and we were soon chatting and playing various games and just generally getting quite d***k and raucous. After a couple hours we decided it was time to hit the bars and headed out in London.

We went to a few bars and generally had a good time. Sarah then decided it was time for some dancing. We moved off to a club and Joe and Sarah got straight on the dance floor. Feeling a little left out I stood by the bar watching them. Sarah looked hot tonight. She was wearing a very short dress which just covered her shapley ass. Her pert little tits looked fantastic and Joe was giving them an occasional squeeze as they danced. I felt my cock getting hard as I thought about watching them fuck the night before. I turned to get another drink and bumped straight into a short blonde girl with a couple of drinks in her hand. Except they weren't in her hands for long as I managed to knock them clean out and spilt the contents down her top. She had quite small tits and was wearing quite a see through top which showed off her lace bra underneath. Unfortunately for her the drinks soaked straight through to her bra and managed to make it quite see through giving me a great view of her nipples.
'Shit, I'm so sorry. Let me buy you some new ones. Bugger I'm sorry.' the girl looked quite pissed but we were soon chatting as I stood at the bar waiting to buy some new drinks. Her name was Natalie, she was out with her friend Lucy, but Lucy had picked some lad up who wouldn't leave them alone. We shouted over the music to each other and I explained how I was in a similar situation to her, being out with friends who were dancing together leaving me alone. We were getting along quite well when a song came on that it turned out we both loved.
'Fancy a dance?' I suggested pulling Natalie onto the dance floor. We started slowly but she was soon grinding her ass up against my hardening cock as I ran my hands up her sides and round her waist. We danced like this for a few songs when I thought I should be bold and slid my hands right up to her tits. They were a perfect handful and to my delight Natalie didn't complain so I continued. Trying to see how far I could go I started running circles round her nipples before pinching them gently. All this time, Natalie had been grinding harder into my cock and all I wanted to do now was fuck Natalie hard! I kissed her neck at which she spun round and started snogging my face off. Taking a breather from the kissing for a second I whispered in her ear 'I want you!' after which I nibbled on her ear lobe. If it was possible she sunk closer into me the raised onto her toes and replied 'Follow me!'
She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the dance floor towards the exit. As we left the club we ran into Joe and Sarah.
'Hey dude, we were just leaving.' Joe slurred. He was quite d***k and was supporting an even d***ker Sarah. 'Wanna ride back with us?'
I looked down at Natalie, my hand resting on her right tit. I gave it a little squeeze. She nodded and we hailed a cab. Joe and Sarah each grabbed a little fold down seat and me and Natalie sat on the back seat. We instantly started making out again and my hand dropped to start caressing her leg. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Joe and Sarah were also snogging and assuming they were distracted my hand wandered further up Natalie's leg. She had a short tight little skirt on and soon I was gently pushing her legs apart. By the time we got back to the flat my fingers were rubbing Natalies hot wet pussy through her panties. As we got out I noticed she was very flushed and Sarah gave me a hungry look out of the corner of her eye as we walked into the building.
When we got upstairs, me and Joe went into the kitchen to make some more drinks. Sarah then popped her head round the door to announce that she was going to bed because she was slaughtered. And with that she staggered off. As we came back into the living room, Natalie was slumped on the sofa with her head flopped back and legs wide open. It gave Joe and me a great view up her skirt and onto her panty cover pussy. We both have each other a look and Joe just smiled as though to give me the consent to fuck this girl in his living room.
'I'll go see how Sarah is' he said.
'Don't worry mate' I replied. 'Stay and enjoy the show if you want' Joe just chuckled and made his way across to his bedroom. with that I sat down next to Natalie and started to caress her tits. She came to quickly and just started moaning. I then clamped my lips down on hers and we began furiously making out with each other. Very soon my hand had made it between her legs and I was rubbing her clit. She broke the kiss off for a moment and whispered 'Fuck me!' I didn't need to be asked twice. I quickly pulled her top up over her head and whilst she undid her bra I pulled her tiny skirt and thong down. I was soon greeted by the glorious sight of Natalie fully naked, the moisture on her bald cunt glistening in the light. I dove between her legs and started lapping at her pussy. I soon had a couple of fingers pulsing in and out and before long she started to moan again.
'Don't stop! Mmmm ooooo don't fucking sto... '
The last word was cut off as she came and her pussy gushed juice which covered my face. I eagerly lapped up the juice and tried to catch as much squirt as I could!' Fuuuuuck!! That was incredible!' She lay panting on the sofa and I took that opportunity to quickly pull my top and jeans off. My cock was throbbing at this point after all the grinding in the club. I bent down to give Natalie a kiss and then pushed my cock between her lips. She slowly sucked my cock whilst I started rubbing her clit again. She was a good cock sucker and started taking my cock further and further into her mouth. She continued to moan as (using her pussy juice as lube) I slipped a finger into ass hole. Soon I had two fingers worked knuckle deep in her tight ass hole and she was moaning away whilst not missing a beat on my cock. I could tell she was getting close to cumming and as she reached climax I pinned her down with my free hand and f***ed my cock right down her throat. She started gagging but this only seemed to heighten her climax and her pussy squirted her juice all over the couch again! Her body went limp as she recovered and I withdrew from throat. I now needed to cum myself and so flipped her over and lined my cock up with her pussy! She was reaching back and grabbing my balls as I teased her entrance with my cock head.
'Just fucking stick it in me you pussy teasing bastard!' She shouted. I just giggled and continued to tease her.
'Ask me nicely and I might just give you a fucking you won't remember!' Natalie just turned and gave me the sexiest puppy dog eyes I have ever seen and said 'Please Simon, I would love you to fuck me hard and make me cum again'
'Yeah Simon, give the girl what she's asking for!' Natalie and I both turned our heads to see where the voice came from. Joe was stood in his bedroom door way with his boxers on and his hand stroking an obvious hard on inside.
'I couldn't sl**p with you screaming like that' he pointed towards Natalie 'And Sarah is out cold so I thought I'd just come watch'
'You can come fuck me if you want. This pussy tease doesn't seem to want to!!' Natalie, the girl I had met only a few hours ago looked back at me and winked. Before Joe could respond I slammed my cock straight into her pussy right up to the hilt. Natalie let out a scream of carnal pleasure.
'Ooooooooo fuuuuuckkk!! Your huge!' I was now working my cock in and out of her pussy which was gushing all over me covering my balls in juice. I leaned forward and grabbed her tits in my hands and started rubbing it her nipples. She loved this and just wouldn't stop moaning!! I felt her pussy tighten yet again as she yet had another orgasm. I was now getting ready to cum myself. I glanced over at Joe who had ditched his boxers and was openly stroking his cock. With Natalie 's ass already lubed up from my finger before I now moved my cock to the tight entrance and slowly started pushing in.
`Noooo Oooo ooooooh!' Natalie pain quickly changed to pleasure as I worked more cock in and her tight ass became accustomed to my width. Because of my girth I could only get a few inches into her ass but I worked those inches in and out good. It felt amazing and I knew I was about to bust my nut.
'Where do you want my cum babes?'
'ANYWHERE YOU WANT!' Natalie was in bliss as another orgasm came over her!!
I pulled my cock out of her ass and flipped her round before unleashing one of the biggest loads of my life all over her face. Rope after rope of cum flew from my dick. It was up her nose, in her hair and sticking her eyes together. I bent down and gave her a massive kiss. She hungrily responded before falling back onto the sofa exhausted. I looked with a smile across to Joe 's bedroom door. He was gone but there was a puddle of cum on the floor where he'd been stood. I collapsed onto the sofa with Natalie and soon we were both fast asl**p.

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Brilliant work, thanks for posting.
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Great story! Would love to hear more