Step Father Daruis 5

He led me to the table and made me sit in a chair. He started pulling my
panties off, I lifted my hips to make it easier. When he had them off he spread
my legs wide, leaving my skirt on. He looked right at my tight little pussy.
"You're so wet Arri." He put his face just an inch away from my pussy. "It's my
turn to taste it."

My whole body jerked when I felt him lick my clit. "Oh my God. Darius," I moaned
as he licked down my pussy to tease my hole. He moved back up and sucked my clit
into his mouth. I put my hands in his hair, pulling his head closer. I moved my
hips as much as I could with his hands on my thighs, holding my legs apart.

He lifted his head. "Fuck, you taste so good," he said. He started licking and
sucking on my pussy again, practically snarling when he lowered his head to my
pussy. He started licking my pussy harder, putting my clit in his mouth and
sucking till I cried out. He moved his hands up more and used his thumbs to
spread my pussy lips. Then he licked from my clit down my pussy. He teased me
until I was squirming before he slid his tongue inside my pussy.

He started fucking my pussy with his tongue, slipping it in and out. Sometimes
he'd slide his tongue up to flick my clit before slicking it back inside me.
"Fuck Darius, that feels so good. You're going to make me cum." When I said that
I felt him slow down. He started licking right on the outside, teasing me.
"Darius," I said, tugging on his hair.

He laughed and looked up at my. "Do you want to cum, Arri?" He bent his head
down and gave my clit a quick lick before looking back at me.

"Yes," I said, trying to push his head back down. He laughed again and grabbed
my wrists, holding my arms at my sides.

"I want you to ask nicely, Arri," he said looking into my eyes.

I bit my lip and looked down. "Please make me cum Darius?" I said softly. I
looked at him again and saw his smile. He moved one hand to my pussy, slowly
running two of his fingers along my pussy lips. He started pushing one in. My
pussy was so wet it went in smoothly. He stuck a second finger in before he
started pumping them in an out. Then he started licking my clit. He sucked on it
while finger fucking me. He started moving them faster, making me cry out and
moan. When he started rubbing my g-spot I nearly tore some of his hair out.
"I'm going to cum!" I cried loud. He started finger fucking me so fast I could
hear how wet I was. I reached up and grabbed the top of the chair as I came,
arching my back, my pussy tightening around his fingers.

When my body finally calmed down I couldn't believe how hard I came. I looked at
the front of his pants and saw the huge bulge there. I stood up on shakey legs.
I bent and took his hands, pulling him up and making him take my spot in the
chair. I bent down on my knees in front of him. I started undoing his pans. The
whole time he was looking at me. I opened his pants and saw his huge cock.

I put my hand around it. Oh God, I thought when my hand couldn't completely fit
around his cock. I heard him moan when I moved my hand up an down. "Fuck, Arri.
That feels good, tighten your grip a little," he said. I did as he wanted. I
put both hands around his cock. I pumped up and down, from the base to the tip.

When he closed his eyes I thought it would be a good time to suprise him with a
long lick on his cock. He groaned loud and looked at me. I licked again and he
put his hands in my hair. I put my lips around the head of his cock and started
sucking. My tongue flicked across the tip of his cock to taste the precum. I
started moving my head up and down on his cock. Takin more of him in my mouth
each time, sucking harder and harder. I looked up at him over the top of my
glasses. He put both his hands in my hair, pushing it out of the way. I was
still stroking his cock with my hand since it didn't completely fit in my mouth,
I could just get half.

He let his head fall back and moaned before he looked at me sucking his cock
again. "Go deeper," he said. I tried to fit more into my mouth. I got an inch
more and started gagging but I kept sucking on his cock hard. I took his cock
out of my mouth for a sec to catch my breathe before putting it back it. I put
as much I could and sucked. I started bobbing my head up and down on it faster.
I felt one of his hands go to the back of my neck while the other stayed in my
hair. Then he pushed my head down on his cock, making me take almost all of it.
I felt it hit the back of my throat while I gagged on it, my eyes watering. He
started moving my head up and down on his cock. He let me come up for hair when
he thought I couldn't stand it. I had some tears running down my face but having
him fuck my throat just made me want to cum again. Then he held my head still while he lifted his hips, thrusting his cock down my throat.

After a minute he let me go. I lifted my head up to catch my breathe and wipe my
tears away. I started stroking his cock again fast, licking the tip of it. I
felt him smooth out my hair with his fingers. I sucked on the head of his cock
hard while I stroked him with my hands. I tightened my grip and increased my
pace. "I'm going to cum Arri," he said.

I took the tip of him out of my mouth. "Cum in my mouth," I said. "I want to
swallow your cum." I started sucking on the head again, stroking his cock hard
and fast in my hands. I heard him groan, felt him tense up and then I felt his
cock squirting cum into my mouth. His cum tasted so good. And there was so much
of it that some dribbled out of the corner of my mouth. When he was done I took
his cock out and licked my lips and wiped my face.

We both stood up and fixed our clothes. He pulled me to him. "Sorry I fucked
your mouth so hard. It was the substitute for your pussy," he said.

I licked my lips again. "I'm not complaining. If you ever fuck my pussy then I'm
in for on damn good ride," I said smiling. He laughed and kissed me, I could
still taste my pussy juices on his mouth.

Hope you liked this chapter ;) more coming soon haha.
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1 year ago
Wish you were my stepdaughter...
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Great story.
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just wow
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Fucking Awesome!!!!
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i cant fucking wait for the next part! ur stories are hot!
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Great story, looking forward to reading more!
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Horny stuff!
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Very hot. Hope to see more.