Real experiences growing up part 2

After receiving some nice comments about part 1 of this story I thought I would write a part 2.
So carrying on from part 1, I was around the age of twelve to thirteen and had experienced giving and recieving anal and giving and receiving oral to two other boys, my next door neighbour Marcus who was 3 years older and my cousin Steven who was the same age as me.
Although I hadn't done anything with Marcus for a while I still spoke to him and was telling hIm about my cousin, when he suggested meeting me after football training and walking home through the woods I was horny as hell for the next couple of days in anticipation of what could happen,
Anyway Saturday come and at 12 on the dot Marcus and Steven were both there, once I had finished training we started walking home, Marcus was talking to Steven about general chit chat when he asked him if it would be ok if he stuck his cock in his arse, to which Steven looked at me in sheer fright I told him it was ok and Marcus knew what we did together, Stevens reply was "ok" so we got further into the woods in a tiny secluded bit off the foot path.
Marcus was rubbing the bulge in his pants as Steven started to take his pants and trousers off completely, I was horny at the thought of seeing both of them naked, so I helped Steven out of his clothes and started kissing him as I grabbed his little cock and started wanking him off, he was hard in no time, Marcus got his 7" out and Steven couldn't take his eyes off it so I put his hand on it and told him to play with it, he moved his hand back and forward on the cock and then rolled the balls around, Marcus said to him "how about sucking it" so I pushed Steven onto his knees and still holding the cock took it in his mouth, his little mouth was stretched as Marcus pushed his cock back and forth into it, I took my cock out and started playing with it and rubbing it on Stevens face, he took Marcus cock out and replaced it with mine, my little slutty cousin took it in turns in taking our cocks in his mouth as me and Marcus were kissing and he pushed his Tongue into my mouth, he put his hand in the back of my pants and started rubbing my arsecheeks and worked his finger towards my sweaty hole, his finger slowly entered my arse as it did so I shot my load into Stevens mouth, some had dribbled out of his mouth and run down his chin so I kneeled down and started licking his chin the proceeded to share my cum with my cousin, Marcus told him to stand up and bend over leaning onto something, so he held onto a tree, I pulled my cousins arsecheeks open and licked his puckered hole for a bit, he had lots of pre cum dribbling from his cock so marcus got it on his hand and decided to rub it over his own cock, when he was ready he moved me to one side and placed his cock at the entrance to his arse, he gently pushed his cock into my cousins arse and once he was fully in he started banging away holding my cousins hips, after a few minutes he groaned as he shot his cum in Stevens arse, as he flopped out, I told Steven I was gonna have a go so my cock replaced Marcus cock, it went in easily as Marcus had a bigger cock than me being 3 years older, I slid in and I could feel Marcus cum squelching around my cock as I banged away in his chubby boy arse, I lasted a bit longer than Marcus as I had already cum a bit earlier, but that tight arse was too much as I also shot right into his rectum, after pulling out me and Marcus took it in turns to suck his cock until he shot his load over us both, once we had licked him clean we got dressed and carried on walking home as if nothing had happened I don't think I ever did anything else with Marcus after that, although me and Steven both had plenty of fun up until the age of about sixteen.
My first experience of female and male fun was after Steven had told me that him and his s****r who was two years younger than us at the time so would have been about thirteen at the time had
started showing their bits to each other, so next time I went over to theirs, all 3 of us were in his room telling her about cocks and the different shapes and sizes there is, she didn't believe me so I told her I would show her mine if I could see her pussy, she was embarrassed so Steven told her to do what she does for him, so she laid on the bed lifted her skirt up and took her panties off exposing her young pussy to us both, it was the first time I had seen one this close, she eased apart her outer lips and started rubbing herself while me and Steven sat on the bed and got as close as we could without touching her, it was amazing watching my younger cousin playing with herself, my cock was so hard in my trousers that I had to get up to adjust it, as I did so Steven asked me to get it out and show his s****r, so I dropped my trousers and exposed my hard cock, her response was "wow" as she reached out and took a hold of it and started wanking me as she did so I reached out and run a finger over her teen pussy, as this was going on Steven had got his cock out and had started wanking himself before kneeling next to her on the bed and putting his cock into her mouth, I was shocked at seeing this as my cousins were playing with each other in front of me, I knew what a pussy was, but I didn't want to get her pregnant so I knelt in between her legs and placed my cock between her outer lips and started getting off from the friction from that, it felt so good and she was so wet that once again I didn't last long and blew my load over her pussy and her stomach, Steven told me to move and he started to do the same as he did he was mixing my spunk on his cock and her pussy, he lasted about 2 minutes before cumming over his s****rs belly and pussy, I asked her if I could lick her and she said yes so I got on all fours and proceeded to lick her all over round her pussy area, also licking the cum from her, in the mean time he had got behind me and started to put his hard again cock into my arse which felt really nice as I tasted my spunk mixed with his spunk and her pussy juices it was so nice, he lasted longer this time eventually cumming into me, after we had all finished we got dressed and it was nearly time for me and my parents to leave, nobody ever said anything about that afternoon although like I said before still carried playing around with Steven
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2 years ago
Good story. It reminds of when I was that age. Thank you.