Caught out!!

I was indulging in my favourite hobby of reading stories and watching porn videos on xhamster, my wife was at work so i had hours to kill on my day off, i was laying on the sofa in my boxer shorts watching a video of an older guy getting blown by a much younger girl, I had cock in hand and was pinching and pulling on my nipples getting turned on, when all of a sudden there she was standing there looking at me. She was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the front room just staring at me with hard cock in hand and porn playing on the laptop, I froze for what must have been seconds but felt like minutes, when she suddenly spoke and said " sorry to disturb you but A(my wife) said I could borrow a pair of her shoes for my prom", for our friends abroad a prom in England is for school leavers of s***een.
With that I jumped up trying to conceal my stiffy in my boxers and said "I'm so sorry Sophie I had no idea you was coming over" with that she said "don't cover it up for my benefit".
Now let me describe Sophie like I say she is s***een, my stepson's girlfriend, has a reputation as a massive cock tease, about 5'6", a bust size of 32B, she wears size 12 panties yes they are actual sizes as I have wanked over her underwear that she has left lying around our house , she has long blonde hair, quite a pretty face and a beautifully peachy arse, now back to the story,
"I beg your pardon?" I replied, "I said you don't have to cover it up for my benefit", I stood there and just said "do you want to go and get the shoes then?" she looked at me all puppy eyed and said "can you help me look for them, A said they were in her wardrobe", so I just looked at her and took her upstairs, her infront so I could watch that tight arse in her leggings, I got as close as I could so I could literally smell her, she stopped near the top and said "why are you so close to me?" so I boldly come out with "well you disturbed my wank, you ask me to help you come and look for some shoes, it's not really what I had planned, I just wanted to have some fun" and winked at her, she stood and looked at me then sat on the top step and said "go on then" "go on then what?" I said, "let's have some fun" she said whilst opening her legs and running her middle finger along the crotch of her tight leggings, I didn't need asking a second time I stood on the next step so my crotch was level with her face, she put her hand into my boxers and pulled out my cock, she gently stroked it whilst looking at me, her soft hands gripping my hard length and slowly wanking mel, her other hand went to my ball bag and caressed them commenting on how big and heavy they were, the next thing I felt was her breath on my cock as she meant forward and put her mouth on my cock, wow what a feeling a s***een year old with her mouth over my cock moving her head back and forwards, feeling her tongue running over the head of it, I started to get really horny, the sort of horny when lust just takes over, I put my hands onto her head and rolled her hair around my hands pulling it tight until she made a noise that probably sounded like ouch but with my cock in her mouth it was hard to understand, I held her head in place and slammed my dick hard into the back of throat which she wasn't expecting and tried to pull away from but I carried on holding her still and fucking her face for a while may be 5 minutes or so, after I pulled my cock out she coughed and spluttered a bit, spitting a fair bit of saliva out, her eyes were watering as she looked at me and said " you dirty bastard, treat me rough I love it" so I picked her up onto her feet by her collar dragged her the 5 yards into our bedroom and throw her onto the kingside bed, I grab her leggings and push my fingers into the material until it rips then I push my other hand in and rip the crotch open down to both knees, I then put my head to her crotch and inhale that beautiful smell of y***g pussy I lick the crotch of her panties and the pull then to one side to get a good look and that well used hairless pussy, my tongue comes out and licks along her opening which makes her let out a content sigh, with that I get a finger each side of her pussy and pull it open to expose her beautiful flower I run my tongue over her pussy a few times then push my tongue deep into her as I start to fuck her with my tongue I put my hand under her top and grab both nipples with my fingers after a bit of pulling hard and pinching I have had enough so I stand up and put my hard cock at her pussylips and open them with it she looks at me and say's "fuck me then, you know you want to" with that I pushed my full 7" deep into her and start fucking her deep oh the little slut she fucking loves it shouting at me to fuck her harder, she is getting what she is asking for she is getting fucked, I keep pumping away hard and fast deep into her tight hole as she reaches a loud orgasm, as she cums I pull out and go down on her again to taste her sweet cum, my god that tastes so good, I lap up that sweet honey in no time.
In no time she wants my cock and asks me what I want to do next? I tell her I want her to rim my arse, I stand up and lean forward slightly asshe sits up and pulls my arsecheeks apart and spits on my arse hole, she then leans forward and I feel her tongue on my puckered hole then she f***efully pushes her way in, "my god that feels so good" I tell her as she fucks my hole for a while, within minutes her face is buried into my arse and her tongue deep in me, I feel my cum building up in my balls bit I don't want cum yet, so I turn round and push her onto her back with my hand on her throat, I then push 2 fingers into her arse without any lube she grimaces and try's to move but I tell her to stay still, she doesnt move as I carry on finger fucking her arse, I let go of her throat and tell her to hold her legs up so I can see her arse I stand in front of her with my cock at her puckered hole as she says to me "please be careful, I have never been fucked there before" I just looked at her and laughed at her and with my my 7 inches are nuts deep In her rectum, Jesus Christ that is so tight It feels like my cock is being sucked into her, I put my hand on her mouth as she starts whimpering I tell her to "shut the fuck up you dirty little cock tease" as I start fucking her arse, its so good I can feel my spunk building up in my balls and cock, this bitch is gonna get it as I smash my cock harder and faster into her she holds my sides and slowly begins to enjoy it where she gets to the point of telling me to fuck her harder and begging me to cum in her mouth, but I ignore her as I finally feel my climax brewing as I smash my load plus more than usual deep into this dirty t**ns arse I push as deep as I can as my spunk covers her rectum deep in her arse.
I finally flop out of her and onto the bed "she looks at me and says " that was amazing, I have never had it that hard before" with that I tell to be quiet as I scoop some of spunk of the bed that has leaked from her arse and push it into her mouth with my finger

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2 years ago
I've got such a fucking hard on...great stuff.
2 years ago
Fucking awesome!
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
2 years ago
awesome,def like more
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmmm i squirted big that time!!!!
2 years ago
Nice!! Great story.. :)
2 years ago