Milf in training-part two

Tiff on the other hand, was a neglected MILF. She told me, she liked it doggy style, she wiggled her butt, and squeezing the cock.

Tiff was a flirty, statuesue woman, who's most dominant features were her eyes, hair, and always wore a good support bra for those yummy boobs. She liked to drink, a lot.

One evening, the girls were out at the farm, tending the horses, when Tiff called the house. She sounded a big off, slurring her words. Also sounded pissed off.

She wanted some company, her hubby & her had an argument about his work. She finally confronted him with her suspicions. He was working on a project, and NO, he was not fucking around on her. She needed someone who she could talk with over a few drinks.

I wandered over. She was sitting at the kitchen island, looking very d***k, relaxed and with a huge glass of wine in front of her. She ran her fingers through her long thick hair, and invited me in, I sat on a stool beside her. She leaned over, her boobs in a low cut top pressing against her to spill out. Her legs were crossed showing some very nice thigh.

Open for business, I suspected, but only a few more glasses of wine would tell.

She kept leaning toward me, showing some beautiful boobs. And running her fingers up and down my legs. I fiddled with her cleavage, she leaned more into me.

I need to forget stuff, lets do some foreplay.

I guided her over to the huge leather couch. Damn I love leather. So cool on hot skin. She was going to slip the straps off her shoulder, but I stopped her.

I want to do that, but much slower.

Your wish is granted, oh big neighbor. I slipped one strap off, and kissed her boob. She started to massage my crotch. We started to neck on the couch, But stopped.

Before you slid into me, I need another drink, she slurred. I returned with the drinks, and we chatted for a bit. Then her legs started to nudge my thigh.

Can you tell, I want your cock inside me? We both snickered.

She struggled to get onto my lap, my cock was hurting with her smell and the wine on her breath.

I undid my zipper and she slid my shorts off, awww, thats better.

She mounted me, straight up, and straight in. She pushed her mammaries into my face. And started to moan LOUD. My Christ, you are big. I have not been stretched like this for a long time.

She reached over and took a big gulp of wine. We did not talk about how wasted she was, she was simply enjoying the feeling of being wasted & a huge cock inside her.

She wanted to be man handled, and whom am I to question that. I mauled her body. Her most excellent thighs were working my cock.

After a couple of hundred pumps, she slid off my lap and onto the floor. Her long thick hair teased my thighs. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, teasing with her mouth. Then took the whole thing insider her lipsticked mouth. Damn she was fine.

I want you to cum in my mouth. I told her to slow down, so we can both enjoy the feeling we were giving each other.

A few minutes later, I felt myself tensing up, ready to explode. She sense the tensing, and told me to let it go. I blew a full load of protein into her mouth. She swallowed several times. And then slid to the floor, whence I followed.

WOW! This MILF in training had just graduated to FULL MILF.

I motioned her to lay on the carpeted floor, where I wanted to give her the finger. I curled my finger inside of her, and she, in most excellent d***k state, came BIG TIME. Her hips arched, and she exploded, several times, and then laughed. Nothings like a relaxed happy d***k MILF.

Oh my fucking god! You are GOOD! We both said.

I slid beside her, and we cuddled. Its so nice to be fucked and fingers by you. I like being d***k with you! You know how to satisfy a neighbor.

Said I: I like to experiment.

Well, neighbour, you pooped me out! TAke me to the couch, I am going to pass out in ecstacy. I am full of your cum. Let me sl**p, we will talk later. AND this OUR secret.

AWW, Life is good.
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2 years ago
any more with Tiffany. maybe a 3some with the wife?
2 years ago
very good