MILF in training

My wifes girl friend was a fox! A MILF in training. She loved a good time, with her husband but he worked a lot! She figured he was fucking his secretary, during the evening.

It was the girls night out. I was home doing paper work, half watching TV. TV as usual was boring as hell!

Reaching 11pm, I was getting ready to call it a night, when the 2 of them, walked into the back deck door, looking and were happily d***k. My wife was wearing her 'come fuck me' clothes', & the MILF in training, had a low cut top, with blue jean mini that really hugged her ass. Giggling as they tried to gracefully to come in the deck door, but missed.

Will you join us, kind husband, for a night cap?

HELL, why not! Two goodlooking women, hot to trot after a night of trolling for men, the MILF sat opposite to me, while the wife, went to open a bottle of wine.

The MILF, was feeling no pain, and very hot looking, her hair was long and falling very sexily over her shoulders. She emptied her purse, a litter of paper fell out of her purse.

Cell phone numbers of guys feeding us drinks and hoping we would fuck them, she commented slurring each word nicely. She was a very sexy d***k.

She threw them into the garbage pail, next to the leather love seat. Hell, she said, quietly, why fuck them, when I have a neighbor that I want to have a sucking session with. She looked at me coyly.

Not NOT tonight. Your wife has got you for a play toy.

Ah, yes, to be a man for two good looking, oversexed mature d***k women.

The wife teddered in, and handed the milf a BIG glass of wine. Sitting down by my side, I am ready to get fucked by the best. Any takers?

Cheers, said I! KNowing, I could have 2 of the best looking women in the block, but only one for tonight. My wife was d***k and in heat. She leaned her big cleavage over to me, CHEERS, husband.

We laughed. They told me of the goings on at the bar. How the guys kept buying them drinks from a distance, and they did their best to keep the free booze flowing. Leaning over, showing lots of thigh, and whatever, and giggling. It made the boys in the bar uncomfortable. One guy tried to finger fuck my wife, when she came out of the bathroom. Put his hand up her skirt. She smacked his hand.

The MILF, Tiffany, got a lot of cell phone numbers from the obviously married guys, that wanted a one night stand, at HER PLACE. Those numbers wound up on the floor or in my waste basket. It was funny, and kind of pathetic.

We drank, and the flesh started to flash, especially from the MILF. She thought nothing of undoing a few more buttons, and spreading her legs just so.
I was feeling no pain, wine on an empty stomach, as I ran my hand up my wifes leg, searching for her piece of heaven. And it was going to be warm and wet in heaven.

After a glass, Tiffany's cell phone went off, like she was about to. The hubby calling, saying he would be home in 30 minutes. SHIT, she said. I wanted to see you guys fuck in front of me! OH WELL!

We talked a bit more, and I offered to guide my neighbour MILF home, while the wife got ready for fucking and bed.

One glass of wine, was all I needed, it was hitting me. The wife got up and shoved her pussy and boobs into my body. You get your hot ass home, fast.
I need to be satisfied at least a few times.

I helped, Tif up, and we stumbled to the deck door. and down the path way to her door.
Tif said she has had her eye on me for awhile, and wanted to know what it would be like to fuck her favourite neighbor. I commented, we WILL try and soon

She leaned against her door, shoved her pussy into my wanting cock, took my hand, and shoved it up her sweater. She had a full set of firm boobs, and gave me a very long sexy kiss to keep me interested. I am so d***k right now, I hope my hubby satisfies me, the way your going to satisfy your wife, at least 3 times.

I kissed her intensely in return. She had a great body! She ran her hand down to my zipper, and told me to take good care of that cock. I want a piece of it. My mind ran wild. We kissed more and she disappeared d***kenly into the house.

I returned to my wife, sitting very hornily in the leather love seat, happily d***k. She wore a black camisole, and bikine panties, and had another drink in her hand.

Normally guys would tell the wife, you have had too much to drink. WHY?? Enjoy the d***k wife. She is all yours, Fucking for free, and you can sl**p with her. Just be nice to her, and she WILL reciprocate.

She leaning into me, telling me, how much she missed me at the bar. But it was fun and it was FREE! I leaned over to kiss her on the neck, and remove the strap. She nestled in closer, and asked me, do you still like them

I lowered my head, and kissed and sucked on her big boobs. Cupping her firm boobs in my hand, and sucking the nipples, while the other hand was busy, fingering her wet wanting pussy.

I guess you do, she giggled!

Lets play before you fuck a d***k woman. She caressed my swollen cock, undid the zipper, while I played with her boobs. She smelled so nice. She was a good sex partner. Did not mind showing it in public. Especially down the produce aisle. She always played with the cucumbers, hmmm, no batteries in these. Fondling the cantelope.

We played on the loveseat, while she slid down, and told me...FUCK ME NOW!

I started to eat her wet, warm pussy, while she put her legs around my shoulder. This sure beat the dead beats at the bar. We should go there sometime, and we can get d***k & toy with my hot pussy. You need to come in later, while Tiff & I are wasted.

Hmm, what concept, two girls to play stroke the pussy with.

Then you can bring us home, spread eagle in the car, while I cum in the car seat.

Lets get down to business. I ate her pussy, and she came a bunch of times. I mounted her on the love seat, turned her so her had to kneel on the cushion, and rammed her from behind. Grabbing her ass. I made sure she knew I was inside her. Moaning loud and then all the juices came out. She came BIG TIME.

The wife purred. DAMN, am I glad I married a guy with a cock that he knows how to use.

NO problems there, but damn, I was getting tired. I slid to the floor, where she joined me.

Thanks for the fuckk! Now lets get to bed. You can fuck Tiff later, but your my man toy tonight.

Both of us, struggled up the stairs, where I had another go at her. On the steps. She spread those legs, leaned back on the floor, and squeezed her pussy muscles. Damn wife was good

I filled her up, then we crawled to the bedroom, and passed out. Her horny smell, went into my dreams.

She loved showing off her assets. And could tell the other men enjoyed her. I let her have her fun. She was attractive & well stacked, but she liked teasing with other men, showing off her sexuality. But I knew, for all the showing she did, she would be fucking me when we got home.

Tiff on the other hand, was a neglected MILF.
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