my next door neighbor

During the summer, my lady neighbour & I bantered back and forth over the fence in the back yard.

She was a good looking married woman, with longish hair to just below her shoulders, and always had it shaped like a V, and a she sported a body, that just begged to be man handled. I dont know if I was flirting or just being nice. Its was just nice to have a good looking woman talking with me.

Brad, her hubby, was a great guy, very straight, and liked his beer. Great neighbour, helping with cars, and various other man things around the hourse. He worked a lot.

After she came home from work, she came out often to work her garden. She loved wearing a pair of snug gym shorts that were low rise, showed off a beautiful tanned tummy. When she bent over, the shorts hugged her butt, and showed off a clean shaven pussy. Most of the tank tops were thing straps, occasionally stretching, showing no bra, enough to get sun, and more

Sometimes, she wore a T shirt that just hung over her ample chest, and just a big below the boobs, naturally with no bra, so they jiggled and swaysed, while she worked her garden.

I love gardening.

During the course of summer, Brad & his wife came over for a few beers, or wine, and we sit on the deck, enjoying the talk and weather. She was constantly moving in the chair, very restless, but careful since a guy doesnt know when the wife is watching, the other woman.

Brad appeared not aware how sexy his wife looked. Typical macho guy, but I had to be careful. When another woman is flirting with their dad/husband, the wife and k**s just know. I had to keep focused and my pecker in my pants.

One saturday afternoon, it was hot outside, I was sitting on the deck, working with my computer when Tiffany came over to my backyard deck stairs, and flirted 'whatcha doing, YOU sir, need a break, so come on over for a few glasses of wine with me, keep me company.' She looked and acted like she had had a few already. It was great!

Come on and join me, as she leaned over the stair railing. She had a flirty smile in her voice and body. She taunted me with that cleavage and swinging her butt.

Wearing a blue jean thigh high mini, and THAT DAMN tank top, that showed off her great looking cleavage, and hung just below her boobs, NO BRA. I loved it.

She ran her hands through her thick hair.

She walked d***kenly up on my deck, and bent over to look at my lap top, and almost touched my face with her cleavage. Her tanned arm, leaned on the back of the chair, her boobs were hanging, just teasing the bottom of her top, straining the top to open.

Put that thing away, and lets talk! Her voice was sultry and sounded just plain d***k. Her perfume, very subtle, with a 'come on, lets fuck!' scent.

Following her, to her outdoor deck, she walked with a swagger, and kept saying 'oops' everytime she bumped into something. But she was showing off, that made me think good dirty thoughts. She brought me a glass of wine, then sat opposite me with that mini. Putting her legs on the table, and laying back. DAmn, she was fine.

AHHH! thats feels better, stretching out her legs onto the table top.

Great day for relaxing, she spread her legs on the table.

Do you realize, neighbour, that I have had a crush on you since we moved in?

Talk to me, I asked!

Is your wife home?


Good, remarked she!

She moved her legs off the table, and put them on my lap & began to massage & play with my crotch. Her top was straining, AGAIN! The bottom of her breasts were playing peek a boob!

Do you like them?

Yes, I responded, adjusting myself below.

HERE, let me do that. She reached over and massaged my crotch.

I commented that Brad is fortunate to have a babe like you for a bed partner.

I know, she said, but he is so square. WE fuck, then he rolls over to sl**p. Meanwhle, I am soaked, from cumming so many times. So I ahve to masturbate a few more times to get rid of my horniness, then bring myself down and hug my body pillow. He does not like to cuddle. But likes to fuck!! Thats all the handling I get! He doesnt even eat me!

I told her, I prefer the kitchen myself, on the kitchen counter or the table. I love to eat wet pussy, and play with my tongue.

She snickered, OH REALLY???

Out of nowhere, she tells me, I AM tipsy, and I do like you neighbour, she opened her legs and showed me a wet pussy. and asked...WHAT do you think!?

Can you take care of me?

I crawled over to her, putting my head against her thighs, and started kissing and licking the inside of her thighs on the way up to her piece of heaven. My growth of beard rubbed against her thigh.

She moaned LOUD. I could smell her wet pussy, she was dripping.

Mmmm, that feels nice! She put her fingers into my hair, and a guided me to heaven. Brad does not like going down on me.

He says its gross! But he loves me going down on him, and swallowing.

I inserted: I love eating a woman! Especially when she is relaxed after a few drinks.

Well, I am very relaxed, she remarked coyly, having white wine, and YOUR company.

Oh, YOU like pussy juice??

Need I answer.

She put her legs around my shoulders, and said, have fun!
She slide a bit down in the lounge chair. I stuck my tongue inside her wet clean pussy, and ate her like I was hungry. She moaned, started to wiggle her hips up and down.

Damn, you know what your doing! Her voice purred and she was oozing a LOT of warm pussy juice.

Her hips lifted off the chair, tilted her head back, as she guided my head. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could.

She moaned LOUD! Damn you are good with that tongue! After a few times of listening to her moan and orgasm, lifting her hips to let my tongue do its work, I started to eat as I was HUNGRY! Her head tossed, hips gyrated, and she came a whole bunch of times, she was having fun.

NOW, she purred, its MY TURN! I love being d***k and having a fuck man like you.

Now, YOU SIR! Get on the chair, I need to see what you got for me!

She pulled up her top, and showed me her big boobs that were full, her nipples were taunt, she was d***k and horny! Ready.

She undid my zipper and gently pulled out my swollen cock. WOW!!!
Neighbor, you are big!

She caressed my swollen cock with her fingertips, played with the tip, then licked the tip of my cock, she teased the hell out of a very hard on.

If we fuck, I am going to have a hard time fitting you in, she slurred.

Relax, I consoled her, its all in the breathing and relaxing.

I will have to remember that! She stroked my cock a few times with a good grip, then went down on me!
OHHHHH, I love your cock! Its a challenge, Its thick, No wonder you have 3 great daughters.

She sucked and licked the tip, then my shaft. Her long thick hair was teasing my thighs.
You are good, said I! I am enjoying you. Keep up the good work.

She smiled, I dont get to enjoy a good size cock much, do dont go away.

She slurred, I fuck better when I am d***k, I love to tease, but I always produce.

Brad never likes it when I am wasted and horny! I guess I am too adventurous & aggressive.

I love a guy on the bottom, and wiggling my ass to get him horned up. Then turn around and lay backward on top of him, with his cock inside me. His hands can m***** and massage my boobs & tease the hell out of my clit. I love being m*****ed. Especially in the super market, when no ones looking, I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist, even in the car.

I love just letting go, as long as the guy knows what he is doing, and treats me nice.

The cock hits my hot spot, with his hands all over my big DD boobs and the rest of me. I love a guy exploring me. His hands all over my belly, thighs, tits. I love being touched.

I commented, I like an adventurous woman that loves to travel. Especially If I can play, squeeze those boobs of yours, In the kitchen, when your rubbing your ass against my crotch.

Damn, she laughed, you are one horny bugger.

I want you inside of me soon, but I will have to be careful. You are a big guy, in more ways than one! WE both laughed.

Oh Christ, I am going to cum! She gave me one final big suck on my cock, and I sprang to life. My cum went into her mouth, some of it dripped down her face, then she swallowed. She too some cum and rubbed it between her boobs.

We finished, the smell of her hair, her horniness, was pleasant. I enjoyed her and I know she enjoyed me.

We both said, we WILL do this again! She struggled back to the lounge chair, she was wasted. I held her for a big, when she was in the chair, she shoved her boobs into me, and we talked about sex and how sexually active she was before she got married.

The I got married, But Brad changed. He got so busy with work! So I have to find my own style of enjoyment, and one of them, I think I just found.

After we finished, she kept on teasing with those big boobs of hers.
I want you to come over sometime soon, and take a look at my laptop, its running slow.

As long as you have a bottle of wine open, I would love to get your computer running faster.

We necked and tongued, she had a great probing tongue & kept rubbing her mammaries into me. She was starved. I kept handling and squeezing her boobs and sucking on her nipples, then grabbing her ass, and she kept purring.

After a while of sucking and licking, she got up, and d***kenly walked into the sliding door. I got up and helped her open the door. She turned around and offered one last very long, very sensual tongue kiss. Shoving her overactive pussy into my used cock, she guided my hand up under her top, and I gave her one last long feel. Lifting her breasts up and kissed them. I am glad I have big hands.

I am enjoying having a sexy neighbour next door.

Then we went back to our household chores, I told her to get some rest.

On my way, she yelled back, thanks for your help!

Life is good!

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working on it! thanks for the feedback
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awesome what else did you 2 get up to
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Very good
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Hot story!
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very hot..more plz
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