The land lady

I stayed at her place when I had to work in town. Her exhusband and I used to be friends. After Staying at her place a few times, I knew why.

They were separated, but had a lot of men friends come over to watch TV or play cards. She did not like to be alone! Beautiful, she had all the makings of a perfect MILF. Tall, statueque, longish hair, beautiful well chiseled Model type.

One night, I went out to get a few things, including some wine & liquor, that she asked for on my way back. The boys night in.

She was having some men friends over for a game on TV. She always dressed in short shorts and a camisole. that was Always low cut and showed off a great set of DD boobs. They were firm looking and did not sag.

She loved her wine, and liked to drink during the sport games. When she drank, she had a swagger with her hips, that made my cock and thoughts swell. The guys watched TV or played card games, did not notice.

I looked forward to getting between those MILF thighs, but wanted her to make the first move. She did.

I delivered the bottles to the kitchen, where she was awkwardly preparing some finger foods for her men friend, while drinking out of a huge glass. I started toward my room to do some work, at the back, when she stopped me when I started to walk out of the kitchen.

Did you want me to funk you in later?, she slurred. She had a twinkle in her eye. Hell, sure why not! I was wanting a bed partner that night.

After the games, and the company of men left, she came into my back room, and leaned into the bed. squeezing those delicious looking DD;s. Sorry I am so d***k, but I had a great time with the boys.

I had a bed sheet over me, she leaned over, tucking me in. She fell on top of me and said, OOPS!, Sorry, I think I am little tipsy!

Want to join me? I asked.

I did not think you wanted a d***k old woman in your bed? she slurred.
You did not ask, I replied.

Well, I am HERE!
I know, JOIN me!

She crawled and fell on top of me again. Damn her DD's felt nice.
I dont crawl in bed with strange men, but your weired. I see you staring at the twins all the time.

Well, with your low cut tops, I admire a woman that can carry it off

I have her a big hug, she snuggled right in!

Damn you feel good, says I

Where is your drink? I asked AND where is mine?

Did you want one? she replied.

Lets have another one, and we can have a night cap together, she smirked

After I gave her a big hug, and a kiss on the cheek, she dragged that tight gym ass sensually off the bed, and struggled out of the room. Her straps were slidding off her shoulder, showing a side of delicious looking boob. This woman was good fuck material. Low cut shorts, and U shaped camisole, plus a swagger that gave me a hard on that hurt.

She came back with 2 large drinks in her hand

I got up to help with the drinks, my bedsheet slid off
Is THAT for me? Looking at my hardness, that was looking for a place to go to work.

If you want or need it, I asked.
OHHH, I want it AND I NEED IT.

She stood leaning into the side of the bed, drinking, with part of the drink dribbling down the side of her mouth & into her very big cleavage.

Place dthe glass on the table, she leaned over me, TAKE ME, man! So I pulled her into the bed, and we began to make out.

After a few long minutes of making out, with her top sliding nicely off. She wiggled herself under me, as only an experienced sex partner would. She wanted entrance, NOW!!

I took a drink, and then crawled south. biting and sucking her boob on the way down.
and then pulling her shorts off with my teeth.
Mmmm, I like what you are doing, she slurred

I rolled her panties off.

WATCH, what I am doing to you, I commented.

She propped her head on a big pillow, and I told her to look at me.

I have had had a good man in bed with me for a long time. Most just want to fuck, then roll over and fall asl**p.

I told her, I like to take my time. Prolong the agony of ectasy. I love watching a woman orgasm, the wetter the better.

Well, you have the right woman. My EX complained about how horny I get when I have been drinking. He did not like me getting wasted. I guess I am too aggressive.

I want you to be aggressive! I want you to be messy when you cum. Even in the car, with a pair of tight shorts and a very sexy low cut top. Make the other drivers envious when you bend over to go down on me.

YOU SIR, are a dirty old man, I like that!

Starting to lick her pussy, and her thights! Spreading her pussy lips, I started to eat her. Sticking my tongue as far into her as I could. I placed her thighs over my shoulder and went to work.

She started to moan heavily. Then her hips wiggled. OH CHRIST!!! She came. My god tennant, you are GOOD.

After cumming a bunch of times, she pulled me up by the hair, and started to play with my tongue, we frenched. I could feel my cock searching and finding the best part of a woman.

NOW, she dictated, its time to be a man, INSIDE ME..NOW!!

She was wet enough for me to slide in. Shit, your huge!
All the better to fuck you with, my land lady

I pounded her, she lifted her legs, curled them around my waist, and held me in.
Did not take long for me to blow a huge load inside her. I tried pulling out, she pulled me in. YOU AINT going ANYWhere.

I have not had a good fuck for a long time, she slurred! I am enjoying your size.

I collapsed on top of her cushions, and rolled over beside her, WHEW!!!

She got on top of me, and flaunted her big DD's in my face. I like fucking with you.

She road me for awhile, her big boobs bouncing. She was focused and cumming many times. I cupped her boobs, squeezing them, during the fucking.

Cumming again, maybe for the last time, she collapsed on top of me. Then rolled over.

I am such a slut with you! Glad your my tenant, NO discounts though. We both laughed.

She rolled over, I put my big arms around her, cuddled for the longest time, then we both fell asl**p.

Few hours later, I dreamed of a woman doing down on me, only to wake up finding
she WAS going down on me.
My cock was hard & hurt. She licked the shaft, caressed my balls with very soft hands, and sucked harder knowing that I was awake.

I dont want you to cum, YET!!

Her top was half off, which made her look very sexy and sluttish. She had sobered up a bit, but the cock knew best. Incoming!!!

No words! She sucked until I started to tense up to cum, then she slipped on top for another go. She pushed her massive boobs into my face, and I started to suck on the nibbles. My hands told her to slow down, make it last.

She slowed down, and started to wince, she was cumming again? Her pussy juice just flowed out of her, and she came again and again. She made the bed wet.

At the end, she collapsed..lets sl**p in! We did, and awoke in a few hours. We laid and cuddled and hugged.

Thanks for a great night!!

Next time, I get wasted, YOU are my fuck of choice.

Yes, Life is good!
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