Cock sucking show

Hi, another chapter in my cock sucking life is when throughout my 20's I visited various public toilets across the south of england. Leaving a trail of drained cocks lol
This episode was in Guildford. I was in the cubicle trouser round my ankles waving my cock in front of the spyhole in the panel separating the 2 cubicles. As usual it didn't take long for one of the guys who had been loitering outside to come and check me out.
He looked at my cock and then showed me his... it was just a little bigger than my own and looked very tasty.
He came round to my cubicle and I opened the door and let him in.
I was on my knees in a flash pulling his football shorts down and greedily sucking on his shaft. It tasted as good as it looked.
I had only been sucking for a minute before I heard a noise and caught a shadow under the cubicle door... someone was looking under the door and could see my hard cock and my greedy mouth around the strangers cock.
I felt naughty and reached up, opening the cubicle door wide . I still had my lips round the juicy cock.
I saw 3 more guys with hard cocks out , watching... this spurred me on to suck more deeply on the cock and moaning like a slut as I did so.
I was loving being a slut.
Unfortunately I decided to start sucking one of the other cocks too... this was nice and the guy soon came in my eager mouth. I gulped it down ,but my first juicy cock had got spooked and left before I had drank his cum.
I sucked the remaining two cocks and swallowed the first but let the last load dribble down my chin and face.
the guys all left and I went back in the cubicle to await more visitors.
This is a true story and I regularly visited such toilets during my time time as a mobile engineer. Sometimes I would hit the jackpot and suck as many as 12 to 15 guys off in one afternoon... very rarely did I come away disappointed. ;p
89% (14/2)
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2 years ago
wanna meet up there?
2 years ago
ive been to the public toilets in guildford that your story is about and it is brill every time :P
2 years ago
I'd like to do the same!
2 years ago
wow, a cum slut! nice
2 years ago
mmmm love the toilets