Collection Day Part Two

Her lathered hands caressed their way up my left thigh her eyes sparkled, for she, like most people, knew that men usually hang to the left. This was not the case at this time for the only hang left was because of the restriction the shorts had caused. As her soapy left hand came in contact her fingers gently wrapped their way around my shaft then to be joined by her right hand as the left continued on to explored my tight ball sac. Gently but firmly the right hand worked its magic while the left hand index finger drifted off the ball sac to explore deep into the crevasse of my ass rotating around the opening. This caused my knees to almost buckle the intensity of feeling was over whelming with its pleasure.
|As soon as she saw the sight of my knees shaking she immediately withdrew her hands, gathered a towel which she placed on the floor, "Stand on this " she stated, which I did 'We are not finished yet, take off your shorts and I will was your clothes." After removing my shorts her eyes glowed as she again knelt down to finish the rinse of my left leg. The warm cloth danced up my leg tugging gently on my ball sac before extending back to my cheeks, whispers of her breath danced on my shaft making it twitch to and fro until it tapped her on the nose, she moaned as the rinse cloth was dropped only to be replaced by both her hands wrapping around the outside of my thighs to cup my firm young butt cheeks.
"You can never breath a word of this to anyone." she commanded as her tongue flicked out sword fighting with the opening of my cock head. First the head then the crown disappeared into those red lipsticked lips. I cannot begin to describe the intensity of pure pleasure on my face but as she looked up into my face it caused her to shudder, the warmth that shudder caused then flooded her eyes with pure passion. I was later to learn she had orgasmed from our frolicking. She abruptly stood took me by the hand walking me to a bedroom.
Standing at the side of the bed she smiled at me as her fingers slowly unbuttoned her blouse peeling it back over her shoulders, with her hands now behind her I could hear the zipper of her skirt. The cinched waist of the skirt uncoiled leaving it and the blouse to pool at her high heels. Then she drew me close kissing with a fiery passion, tongue probing into my mouth,We kissed for some time as my own hands tentatively explored her back drifting lower and lower burning to cup her ass. I remember the heat of our bodies, the strength of her arms and hands on my back. She broke the kissing to lay back on the bed "Kneel down ." she sad softly, "come forward and smell my panties." They like her bra where a black lacy set with the crotch now translucent from her dampness, doing that gave me a feeling like the one you get smelling fresh baked bread warm and fuzzy inside. She slide them aside "Taste" she whispered and taste I did. With her instruction and guidance I savored and drank, to be rewarded with a squirting flood of sweet nectar and another of her shudders. Sitting up she took my cock into her hand pulling me forward into her warmth, off came the bra her legs locked around my waist our mouths met and dueled now thrusting like some wild b**st I flooded into her.
The afternoon continued as I was taught a sixty nine and how a tongue can be used to bring great pleasure by licking in places most lovers never think of and that there are three openings of a woman's body that when properly applied can bring her to great orgasms. Over time with this woman many fascinating items where brought into our bedroom relationship, but those are another story. I left that day with cleaned clothes and a new bounce in my steps.
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good work
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good story got more?
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Very good