Collection Day

It was a muggy Manitoba day where the dust from passing vehicles created small sweat rivulets on exposed flesh. The air was thick and close prompting me into a Tee shirt and shorts, as a young boy of f******n you know the kind of outfit, arm and leg opening so large they make you look like a stick figure. The weight of my newspaper delivery bag had taken its toll on my shoulder and legs as I neared the end of my paper route, it was a large two story brick house set apart from the others on the block. The three cement steps leading to the front door drew energy from my legs like a magnet draws iron, I knocked for we did not just toss the papers back then, but hand delivered them, besides it was collection day.
I heard the click of her heels on the hardwood floor before the door latched and swung open. Looking back I can only guess at the sight before her that day, dust covered with white rings for eyes and a mosaic trail of sweat rivulets streaking the arms and legs of the body of a boy. "Collection day Mrs W", I announced, she frowned and replied "Bobby is that you under there ?" We where almost eye to eye as she was not a tall woman barely five foot in height, red haired with a light dusting of freckles across her nose dressed in a dark button front floral blouse, cinched waist orange skirt and heels. Looking up " Yes". I replied, " Come in, Come in and get out of this heat !" she demanded , "You look a mess !" " Take off your sneakers, put down that Free Press bag and follow me." was her next comment.
With that she turned heels clicking across the floor and headed to the stairs leading to the second floor unbuttoning the three button cuffs of her blouse and rolling them up her arms. Trailing behind I was able to take in the the swing and sway of the full skirt and the flex of her well turned calves as she mounted the stairs. Mid stairs she paused stating "You look about ready to pass out from heat exhaustion young man and I have the remedy."
With that she led me to the bathroom placing a large foot soaking tub on the floor and running water into a second basin and the sink. "Stand in the tub and off with that shirt,' she stated as she took a face cloth and squeezed water onto my tilted back head and hair. This process was repeated until the water from my hair ran clear then she lathered her hands and started in on my shoulders, arms and chest. This was followed up with a warm soothing rinse with a soft cloth. Taking the basin she squatted down in front of me, how she balanced on those heels remains a mystery to me. Once again with lathered hands she slowly worked her magic up my calves stopping at the knees to rinse. Looking down I had a clear and pleasant gaze of the two open buttons on her blouse which created a view framing the swell of her breasts. Watching the rise and fall of the cream white flesh was having its effect on me, by now she had lathered her hands and started to work her hands up my right leg. This was also having an effect as the open legged shorts offered no boundary lines for her hands as they disappeared under the leg opening. Still looking down I could see the cream white of her breasts starting to glow with a red flush. This happened at the same time as her index finger made contact with the valley formed by my thigh and my tightening ball sac. Her hand went into retreat only to be replaced by the warm wash cloth starting at my knee and caressing its way back under my shorts. Now there was no doubt about the journey as her cloth covered index finger probed behind my ball sack along the crack of my ass only to come forward again for a tingling return to the back of my sac.
Now I thought I must be suffering from heat stroke as she had stated, for my legs where definitely feeling weak at the knees and the rush of bl**d that had flowed down to my erection straining against the tan colored leg of my shorts, was making me light headed.
Matters where not helped any when looking back down I could plainly see the red flush of the breasts had now deepened to dark red glow and her orange skirt had crept its way up exposing muscular firm thighs. Her breath had quickened as she lathered up her hands, looked up into my eyes, which gave her full view up my left leg opening, she flicked her tongue over her lips and asked "Ready for me to do the left leg? " Her eyes danced as she said this and all I could do was nod my head.

Part Two to follow if the response is good
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3 years ago
Excellent!! Well written, good lead up. Hope you post Pt. 2.