My scheme

I'm still a 18 year old virgin  and virgin with a strong imagination. My girl friend Amanda is one sexy babe She's 5'6 with long brown hair and a smile that would make any man cum. Her body is slim with a few sexy curves around her and giggly size  B breast's she make me want her even more. What she loves to do is dance, when she's on the dance floor she a totally different person. she express herself all the way by shaking her ass and her hips, but when she off the dance floor she shy and cute
*the way I like her :)*. 

Well the day I started jerking off by the thoughts of her was when me and her were at a friends party and one of her girlfriend Dannielle  *has a size D Breast and semi buff bod*. Well anyway Amanda and her are best buds and they use to hang on each other and get super close
 * before we started dating* and I always thought she was lesbians and that gave me a lot more sexier images because when is saw those two swimming together in there 
 Two-piece swimsuits my cock sprung up so quickly.
It was so bad that I had to go into the restroom and release a massive load all over a stall. 

But what makes it worst is that when me and Amanda started dating we sit together, me sitting up and her on my lap. It's so hard to keep my cock settle so I don't surprise her. But I think she's doing this on purpose, so our first year anniversary is comic up and I plan on getting at least a bj.

 And I know exactly where I want it, in my bathroom shower with hot water running down us as we passionaly explore each other body. First I would undress her and we would kiss as we both walk into the shower I'd turn the hot water on as I feel her smooth body making my way down to her toned ass. She would moan and cry to my curious fingers explore her body then I'd work my magic on her soft pink  clit and I'd tease her by caressing it until she is wet.

Then as she moans and sighs I'll go down there and blow cold air on her to tease her even more. By that time I think she would let me proceed, so I would open her legs wide and slowly rubbing the outside of  cunt with my tongue. She would moan and then suddenly cry as my wet tongue goes into her and licks around it, it might be difficult because her pussy may be hairy, but hey I never know she might be shaved. But I'd eat her out till my cock is hard or she cum. Well I would stand and take her hand and let her feel my cock and explore it, she would rub and stroke it hard making me moan softly as we kiss and tongue. Me feeling her breast and her soft tits, she would get excited again and start jerking harder on my cock I'd would rock into each trust to show her she is doing a good job. Then I'd tell her to go down and suck . If I'm lucky she will do so.

And this is the tricky part I'm going to have to hold it in now as long as possible, I would be trying for the maximum load. In which I squirt about 8 large cum shots 
* iv only experience this one stormy night *
 well after she would be sucking on my cock for awhile I'll tell her I'm about to cum and I'd ask her if she wants to cum on her 
* to be polite of course * then i'd cum all over,if lucky in her mouth or on her face*. 
But she would see my massive cum shots and want to have sex more often with me.

Now all I need to do is make this sexy dream happen and it's perfect because my parents are going to be gone and we can moan and scream all we want. Or I might get to go Into her but I only have one condom I found .
*it's not open , of course, but it is old I think* 
and I don't want to get her pregnant plus I just want to explore her body that's all ^.^ and make her have lust for me.    

40% (2/2)
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2 years ago
Pretty good scheme! Congrats for waiting 1 year!