Good moring my dear

She woke me - by wanking & rubbing my balls, then she started to deep throat me till I was rock hard.... Then deep throated me for some time, then without warning turned round faced me & squatted slowly & sat on my face & fucked her clit in my mouth till her clit grow fat & hard & seriously large - then she started to squirt in my mouth making me choke on her thick cunt juices…

This got me beyond the fucking word "horny" - After that she grabbed my cock squeezed it till it hurt, wanking me to the extreme " painful" but I didn’t want it to stop!! before I new it she was in-between my legs tongue fucking my arse & wanking, licking, fingers being rammed into my hole as she licked & sucked my balls....

I couldn’t contain myself - I grabbed her flung her on her back, spread those lush long smooth leg apart, lifted the left leg resting it on my right shoulder pressing my body against her little tits - took my cock in my hand, at this point my cock was like pure titanium massive length over 8 inches my head was pumped so big it curved up over 1cm at its base, so when I slammed it in her soaking swollen pussy it dragged her lips in, but best of all is when I pulled out - her pussy was dragging out with it making her scream in orgasm....

I started thrusting hard, harder until I was hitting her cunt so hard she was sliding off the bed - so there she was with her head hanging off the edge of the bed & that’s where I kept her till I made her cum again - the head of my cock piecing her uterus this made jerk & squirm even more - seeing this I pulled out hard & quick, pulling that dripping pussy out with me - now it’s my time to get to cum - picked her up again - pinned her to the bed now had both legs over each shoulder slamming my now already dripping cock back in that gaping hole I started to thrust hard & fast deeper every thrust till I was coming all the way out & slamming back till I shot my load deep inside her - After breathing hard, heart pounding I pulled out & sat there watching, watching my cum slowly drip out in a beautiful cream-pie that followed the line from her pussy to her arse hole....

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2 years ago
very hot start and finish!!!
2 years ago
Mmmmmmm very sexy! More please x