The Redhead and The Ticket

Again this was posted under my previous nic, Wildwoman.

It was a relatively quiet night when out of no where a speeding navy blue Mustang convertible with USA tags flies past his patrol car that’s sitting hidden on the side of the motorway….FINALLY some action, he thinks as he pulls the car out onto the roadway. Keeping the speeding vehicle in his view he starts to clock the speed…..he laughs as he shakes his head as he turns on lights an siren. He puts the pedal to the metal in an attempt to catch up to the vehicle. Damn Americans, think they own the world.

It doesn’t take long until he’s right behind the mustang, Siren wailing an lights flashing. He groans as he notices a female driving.....of all the bad luck, dealing with an possibly intoxicated female. He recognizes she is handling the vehicle like an expert. Flashing his headlights to indicate to pull the vehicle over, he realizes she cant see them. The rear view mirror is twisted vertically as she is putting on LIPSTICK of all things, at this speed, she has to be intoxicated, an idiot or worse, both. Oh b*****r, its going to be a long night. Pulling along side the car ready to ram her off the road if need be, he reaches for the radio to call for back up when he looks over an sees the driver, who at the same moment turns an sees him, he groans, oh good god a redhead……she flashes a dazzling smile an coyly waves. His stomach churns she is stunning this can only mean trouble he sighs….

Looking defiant she shakes her head no. Getting annoyed now an a bit concerned he shouts at her to pull over. Again she shakes her head an peels off speeding down the motorway leaving him in her dust. Fucking great he thinks as he decides enough is enough. Accelerating past the Mustang his V8 throbs an works its nuts off trying to catch up. Cussing under his breath he quickly moves in front of the mustang then back along side to take another look at the magnificent redheaded driver an have her pull the hell over.

One more time lady an then u will pull over he says to himself as he grabs the PA system ordering her in a gruff agitated voice “Ma’am pull your vehicle over to the side of the road an park. PULL OVER NOW, I’m not going to tell you again.” She flashes that smile again an mouths “But I cant, I’m late.”
“Play time is over beautiful one” is shouted across the PA, “STOP THE CAR NOW!” She shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head, red curls bouncing all over her head. Reluctantly pulls over on the shoulder slowing the car to a stop.

As he brings the patrol care to a halt behind her he wonders what she is up to with the sudden compliance. Watching out the rear view mirror as he get out of the car she cant help but think what broad shoulders he has an tall, he’s very tall. Too nervous to sit in the car, she opens her car door swinging her long legs out. He cant help but notice her legs nor the black stockings, or very high black heels on what he perceives as her ten perfectly manicured toes. He smirks an raises his eyebrows, thinking mmm this could get interesting. He watches her lean back against the car, pulling her rather long coat close around her. He wonders what she is or has been up to, it’s a mild night an a coat is not needed. Her lips pursed an in a frown as she frowns at a diamond encrusted watch, an taps her foot…laughing he wonders is she huffing an sighing? Americans are so impatient. Laughing to himself he thinks lady we can do this your way an it can take a long time or we can do it my way an u can be on your way very soon. Its all up to you.

As he approaches the car she remarks about him taking his good old sweet time. Ah he thinks she’s going be like that….OK, time to have some fun. Guess he will have to take the time to make sure everything is exact, with her an her vehicle. She looks at her watch again, this time he laughs out loud watching her stomp her foot on the ground. He slowly walks up to the car an writes down the tag number, keys up his mic to radio and gives the information in to dispatch. Watching her out of the corner of his eyes sees her looking at her watch again. “tisk tisk” Glaring she again asks “Can you please hurry up, I’m very late.” He ignores her as he walks around the other side of the car, checking out the car carefully but not as carefully as he is checking her out.

Do you speak English she asks, I’m late, that means I have somewhere to be!
He responds, "In good time Ma’am, we need to talk about your driving back there, but first I need to check you, the car out, an make sure all is correct and proper" She replies haughtily, “We don’t need to talk about anything just write your little warning ticket an I’ll be on my way.

He continues to walk around to the front of the car, checking that the registration's are the same, looking over the tires as well. She crosses her arms over her chest, again glaring. He announces the car is safe an correctly registered. Her one hand holding her coat closed near her neck, informs him, “Of course its in safe running condition an legally registered, I could have told you that an saved us both time. I’m very late now an its all your fault. I hope you are happy.”

“Ah… one more thing Princess,” he says as he looks into the car, checking the mileage and general condition. Sneaking a look at her, checking her out closer he notices her arms crossed against her ample chest. She almost spews the words, “I need to be on my way....will you hurry up you are wasting my time, an my time is valuable.” "Ma’am, when I say so you may go but not before, you fail to realize you were in the wrong. Do you have any idea how serious this offence is?” Moving around to her side of the car, looking intently at her legs in those heels he forgets what he is saying. Oh my god her legs are so long, I would love to have them around my…he shakes his head as to clear the thoughts an clears his throat….She mockingly mumbles, “When I say, when I say? What makes u think you are the boss.?”

He laughs at her spunk again, an warns her "Ma’am that is not going to help you in this situation" Her head snaps up, “WHAT?” “ License and registration Princess, an remember sweetheart the more u fight the more time it will take” They are in my purse on the front seat an I’m not your princess nor your sweetheart.” “ License an registration " “Must I ?“ “Yes Princess“, he then adds a sarcastic “please.” She turns, opens the door an bends over, from the waist, that’s when he notices the deep slit in the back of the coat that parts around her long legs as she bends. His eyes following those leg up to see the lacy top of her stockings an the creamy white smooth skin of her thighs

He places his rather large hands on his belt, next to his weapon and cuffs,, leaning back admiring the view an utters a low whistle seeing the slit in her coat is actually above the lace of her black stockings exposing the milky white skim of her thigh. As she removed the license and registration from her purse she stands up an just about throws them at him, “There, are u happy now?”

He moves back a bit an leans to get a much better view an she again hears a quiet whistle, as she feels his eyes burning on her. In a surly voice she asks, “Is that that protocol?” “ Princess, no need to be like that, just co-operate and you will be on your way shortly.” Through clenched teeth, she tersely asks, “Is it possible that you can go any slower?”

Checking out the documents, seeing all in order, taking down details, she see him start to write. Tapping that foot again she asks, “Now what, what are you writing? I told you I’m in a huge hurry.” "Yes.... Princess,” sarcastically…..then speaking an writing much slower, “but I can also be quick with a bit of co-operation form you."

He leans back against the car, looking her over, making her feel as though she is naked, then asks with a smirk, “So Princess, where are you off to in such a hurry, hmmm?”

“That’s my business“, as she looks at her watch again, taking a deep breath.
“Sweetheart?” I have all night, you obviously don't, so please, cooperate.

She tries a different approach. In a soft voice almost a whisper.…“I told you I was late. There is somewhere I have to be ” Batting her long eye lashes at him.

“I am writing your details because your driving was so dangerous you could have killed an innocent citizen or worse yet yourself, you need a ticket to remind you to slow down.”

She hisses through her teeth. “Sorry, Princess, what was that?” He blinks is she? No, she cant be. Hah, yes she is batting her eyelashes at me.

She looks in his eyes an this time says even softer, “I’m late.”. He returns her gaze an takes a deep breath, looking at her big blue eyes (hhmmm) feeling as if he’s drowning. An those long lashes. “So where do you have to be?”, still holding her gaze. She looks down at the ground biting her lip glances a her watch then looking up at him through her long think eye lashes. His eyes still on her taking in her beauty an sexuality.

He stands up straight when she look at your watch, “Now tell me where did you have to be, that was so important, perhaps I can help.” She shakes her head side to side. He’s not sure but thinks he sees her eyes fill with tears.
“Well if you cant tell me I cant help you, to drive like you did was reckless an totally irresponsible. You leave me no choice.”

A gentle breeze caresses her body, delivering the scent of her perfume to him. He takes a deep breath inhaling making him more intoxicated with desire for her,

She stands there perfectly still watching him write not saying a word. He continues writing, watching her over top his ticket book, He cant hold back much longer. Wondering what it would feel like to taste her delicious lips, run his lips an tongue down her throat following the pearl necklace that is nestled in her generous cleavage.

She wonders for a moment what it would feel like to have his strong arms around her, to feel his hard body next to hers. To kiss his lips.

Looking in her eyes, he notices the change in her, the softness, Smiling he wanders what is under the coat, looks at her toes then her long legs, slowly moving his eyes up her body. Lusting for what he sees an obsessing about what he cant. She feels his eyes on her, all of a sudden feeling much warmer than the night air

Watching her hands clutching her coat, watching her chest rise an fall as she breathes the pearls slightly moving with each breath he puts the ticket book down, starting to tear off the ticket. He hears her sigh, an once again asks, “ Princess, is there anything I should know before I issue this. I haven’t called this in, so if you know anything that could persuade me you shouldn’t receive this, now is the time to speak up.” She shakes head from side to side, shrugs an whispers, “no” “You seem a reasonable and very intelligent woman, I don’t like to issue tickets unless I have to” “I don’t care, just give me the damn ticket an ill be on my way”

“Ok fine, you do realize that at the speed you were going I should arrest you and take you to in, and your car should be impounded, so drop the attitude and co-operate.”


Exasperated, MAAM, turn round please, hands on the hood, legs apart” “WHAT, u have to be k**ding” she says as she uncross her arms clenching her fists at her sides....scowling. Just then her coat falls open revealing . . . “Princess, I have warned you, now again” looking down, he clears his throat an sees . . . Pearls…… those damn pearls resting on her breast an spilling into her cleavage. Then a sheer lace demi cup bra, a black garter holding up silk stockings with lace at the top.....“Turn round, bend over ah Princess, legs apart and put your hands on theeeeeeeeeeee…….OH MY GOD, she doesn’t have on panties. A sweat breaks out on his forehead. He feels his cock reacting the vision in font of him. He cant help but to stare at her body.
She smirks an says , “Yes I’m a natural red head. She then flashes a wicked smile, an innocently asks, Officer, are u sure you want me to do that?
“Uuumm,,,”. That took him by surprise a bit. She tilts her head to the left to study his expression. Ahh ma’am, I still need you toooo. . . . to….. “To what, officer….? As she puts hands on hips opening the coat further. He begins to feel a his cock straining against his pants, his mind a little blown. “Ma’am please. . . “

“Ma’am, is it now? ok, what ever u say“ she smiles as she turns an her coat drops off her shoulders and bends over the hood, hands flat down on it. Looking over her shoulder she sees the expression on his face. Trying not to laugh she ask, like this?

Yes ma’am Yes Ma’am just like that. He’s looking at her with pure lust now, he wants her an he has made up his mind he’s going to have her. Her long legs that go on forever, her creamy white skin, firm exquisite ass…..oh he wants that too…he wants all of her. “I still need you to spread your legs apart,”
As she spreads legs she smugly asks, “Officer, are u afraid I’m carrying a concealed weapon somewhere are you?” She feels him move behind her as he takes a long look at her luscious pussy lips, as her hips move side to side

By now some time has passed an he is sure she knows exactly what she is doing. He move in closer, close enough she can smell him, his scent. Leaning over an kissing her neck an running his tongue across her shoulder, He unzips his fly an takes his rock hard cock out of his pants, spreading her legs further apart with his knees he rubs the head of his cock up an down her slit slowly, she is so wet he easily glides over her. She moans as the head of his cock slowly penetrates her pussy lips. He moves slow savoring the moment pushing his cock deep into her. She leans back, grinding into him. She clamps her muscles around his hard cock, he groans, an locks his knees. Then starts slamming into her, his massive hands holding onto her hips. She murmurs OH MY SWEET GOD YES……..He wraps his strong arms around her an cups her breasts in his hands rubbing his thumbs over her hard nipples.
He keeps ramming her from behind, holding her hips firmly in his hands pushing her down so her breasts are crushed against the warm hard metal hood of the car. She moans, guttural sounds, come from her throat and mouth, making them both wonder where the sounds are coming from. Feeling her body jerk with each strong thrust she begins meeting each an every thrust. She starts begging him not to stop. Feeling the cold cuffs and weapon hitting her thighs they start to tighten an quiver. He fucks her harder and faster, much deeper. The only sound they hear now are the slaps of their bodies as he thrust and slams into her. He starts to buck, feeling her body tighten, an her moans becoming louder. He pushes in deep an hard. Moving his hips in a circular motion. She doesn’t have to say she is close as every fiber of her is screaming to him that she is ready to fall over the edge. As her body starts convulsing on his cock he releases his hot cum in her. She feels the hot liquid squirting into her with f***e, as he continues to thrust when the most intense orgasm of her life begins. His hands still holding her hips, he thrusts into her a few more times, she milks all the cum from his cock making sure to get every drop. She collapses across the hood of the car, her heart racing.

When out of the blue, his radio starts squawking. He reluctantly moves from her an watches his cum run slowly run down the inside of her thigh. He sighs as he zips his pants while walking to the patrol car without saying a word. She hears his siren an sees the flashing lights of his patrol car as he spins his wheels driving away. Leaving her still bend over the hood of her car.

She grabs her coat an jumps in her car, finding the ticket on the drivers seat. “Well I’ll be damned.” She smiles as she drives away.

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2 years ago
Very nice...Great details. I could visualize it happening.
2 years ago
Fun story, and again so erotic.
3 years ago
wish i was the cop...
send me the ticket and i will pay it
love the story
3 years ago
And yet another wonderful story from your sweet and naughty mind...this is why I wanted to be a police officer! Your words flow and its the imagery amazing..wish I had been on duty that night and called in for back-up!!!!
3 years ago
Whew, baby! Hot from start to finish, and what a finish.
3 years ago
very nice sexy story, nice writing,hot!
3 years ago
mmm delicious, i,d pull you over every day
3 years ago
wowwwwwww, this story was phenominal hun
3 years ago
Wonderful writing!
3 years ago
loved your story. well done
3 years ago
Very good..thanks for posting
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Great story. Well written.
4 years ago
omg. what a way to start my morning. hard wet and oh so horny. i fucken loved it
4 years ago
nicely written and kept me in suspense
4 years ago
Very well written.
4 years ago
Great story!
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Very hot story- great read!