Not really a story, more about what I want.

I am a Bi curious guy. I love pussy, but I really like cock. What I am looking for is a smooth feminine guy or tranny that would let me use him/her for an experiment... an experiment to see how far I'll go.

First, I would like to meet in a neutral place, somewhere private of course. I need to be discreet about it all.

I would like him to drop his pants and let me play with his cock. I'd kiss it, suck on it, rub it against my cock. Once he is totally hard I want him/her to lay back and let me worship at their alter. I'll lick it from base to head, slide it into my mouth and take it as deep as I am able. I'll keep them going until they're close to cumming. I'd stop, clean up the pre-cum, and start jerking off my own cock beside their own. I would get myself close to cumming and stop so that I too give out some pre-cum; I'd deposit it onto their cock and then go in for the finish. I'd suck his cock until he is ready to cum and then I would take only the head in my mouth so that I can feel the full shot from this beautiful member. I'd savor my reward and take it down with one gulp. I'd then insist that they let me cum on their cock and if able... I'd jerk them off using my cum as lube.

If their cock is big, I'll do it all over again.

If their cock is small... maybe I'd let them fuck me.

This is what i want. Anyone who wants to do this with me, let me know. If you can prove you're clean and have no nasties that I might catch, I'd even let your cock cum inside me - bareback.

89% (6/1)
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2 years ago
you can do me anytime
2 years ago
you can do that to me