Sid and the big breasted celebs Pt.5- Zarine and A

Note:- All the stories of this series are fictional but the celebrities are real. 

It was a Sunday morning and I was still going over the happenings of the past month. I has fucked two of bollywoods hottest celebs- Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra. Suddenly my mobile rang. I picked it up and a girls voice replied," Am I speaking to Sid."I asked the lady who she was. She replied she was Zarine Khan speaking. My penis gave a great twitch of excitement as I recognized her. She was Zarine khan, the newest bollywood hottie. She is 5'8" in height and has one of the largest tits in bollywood. She said," You know what I want don't you. You have already given it to Ayesha, Neha , Priyanka and Parineeti . Will you give it to me. " I answered in the affirmative and asked her where to meet. She said she was living in the Royal Orchid hotel and told me to come in room number 909 on the ninth floor at 3 in the afternoon that day. I quickly got ready for a wild day. I reached the hotel at 2:50 p.m went directly to the elevator and went to the ninth floor. I went into room 909 and was surprised to see not one but two actresses one Zarine khan and the other Asin Thottukamal. She stood at height of 5'4". She had a great 38D/27/36 figure. As for Zarine her figure was 36DD/27/36. They were both in their bra and panties. Then Zarine said," Hello Sid I thought we may spice things up a bit. So I brought Asin too. She is horny for you too and wants to fuck badly." Then Zarine said to Asin ,"Hey Asin should we blow him like we blew John during the shooting of housefull 2. Poor guy started cumming as soon as we put our tongues on his little rod." Hearing this Asin gave a hearty laugh took off her bra to show off her awesome tits and came at me she put her breasts on my face and as a reflex I started licking them. Then I felt a hand on my penis and was thrilled to see Zarine leaning by my cock and playing with it through my jeans. I reached my hand down, unzipped my jeans and took out my penis from inside my underwear. She let out a gasp at the sight of my erect cock. It was a 12" long and 3" thick. She said," oh my god such a big cock. I haven't seen such a cock in a long time. My god it's so thick I don't know if I will be able to put it into my mouth. Saying this she grabbed my penis in her right hand and started licking it making it all wet and hot. Meanwhile I was sucking Asin's nipples making them erect. Asin kissed me and went down to Zarine kissed her and then started playing with my cock while Zarine was sucking on it. Asin was jerking my cock so fast I thought my penis was going to get detached. She was also sucking my huge testicles while jerking my cock. Meanwhile Zarine sucked my cock like a big lollipop. The veins gave my penis a purplish hue. I was trying very hard not to cum. But seeing how they were blowing me I was going to cum in a not so distant future; and sure enough after 30 minutes of such efficient teamwork I blew all my load on both these stars covering their bodies with my cum. They were looking shocked. I asked what the matter was. Asin replied," we have never seen anybody blow that much load on us. Most of the guys we have been with hardly blow a mouthful of their sweet sex juices. And talk about a never waning erection." she commented looking at my still erect cock. I asked both of them to go into doggy position on the bed. They obliged I went behind them, took off their panty to reveal their shaved pussy. Then I took my tongue and inserted into Asin's pussy.....OMG her pussy was so tight I was mistaken that I was eating a virgin pussy. Her pussy walls were pressuring my tongues from all directions making it hard for me to even move my tongue. I started eating her pussy out while fingering Zarine's pussy which was just normal- neither to tight nor to loose. Both were moaning loudly and after a while I exchanged positions and started fingering Asin while eating Zarine out. Slowly I took them to the brink of orgasm and made them cum all their juices in my mouth in 15 minutes. Next I sat on a chair and Asin came towards me, she kissed me, grasped my cock and put it into her pussy with loud screams and sat on my thigh meanwhile I started paying more attention to Zarine's breasts as I pulled her towards myself and started licking her nipples and massaging her massive mounds. Asin was riding my cock hard and fast and I too was pounding my cock in her tight pussy. After 10 minutes Asin screamed loudly and started squirting her juices on my cock. After this she got off my cock and kissed me and Zarine took her position. She too was bucking wildly on my cock and Asin was sucking and licking her breasts and furthermore fingering Zarine's pussy to pleasure her further. This worked like a charm as Zarine started cumming in 10 minutes with a loud scream. After this Asin started kissing Zarine and massaging her breasts. Zarine too was replying to this and kissing Asin right back. They both stood up and went near the bed. They were kissing continuously and suddenly Asin broke apart their kiss and threw Zarine on the bed. She then lay on top of Zarine and started kissing her more passionately. While kissing her hand automatically went towards Zarine's giant tits. Seeing this scene unfold I started masturbating enjoying 2 actresses going lesbo was one of my dearest wishes. I saw them fingering each others pussy, I saw them playing with each others breasts, I saw them kissing each other. I was turned on by all of them. Next they were starting to eat each other out in 69 position. They were continuously moaning as they ate each other out. Asin was eating her out very fast. Meanwhile Zarine was going for quality rather than speed and was carefully licking her G-spot. Both their styles seemed to be very effective. After 10 minutes both the chicks started squirting their juices out into each others waiting mouths. They both drank the juice with relish. I came near them and grabbed Zarine by her ass and led her to the bed. There I put her in doggy style and went behind her and spread her ass apart and in one swift lightning fast motion embedded my cock upto the hilt in her tight ass with a loud scream by her. Her ass was exerting a lot of pressure on my cock making it near impossible to pound her. But after she got used to it I showed her no mercy. I dragged my cock through 11 inches of her ass and rammed it in so hard that her head jerked forward with a loud scream. I repeated the above process a dozen times before she was on the verge of losing her voice due to shouting and had come twice. I then grabbed Asin lay her on the bed put my penis in her mouth so that she could lick off all of Zarine's pussy juice. Then she took my hand and guided me towards her pussy. Then she took my rod in her hand and guided it into her ass while whimpering with pain. If Zarine's asshole was tight then Asin's hole was double tight. I could not budge my penis out of her ass. After a great deal of effort I took out my penis a few inches and then I rammed her ass with all the strength I could muster welcomed by shouts of pain from Asin. I continued ramming her at a continuous pace and in 10 minutes she came like a water-fall. I then lay down on the bed and both the girls started sucking my cock with gusto. I then told them ," hey why don't you girls go lesbo again. I won't take long to cum now so I will just jerk as you 2 have sex". They accepted the condition and lay side by side on the bed and started kissing each other and playing with each others pussies moaning as they did so. I then put my cock in between their mouths. So now instead of kissing they were sucking my cock. They were nearing an orgasm and in 2 minutes squirted their pussy juices on each others hot bodies. I stood up and started jerking my cock over their bodies and after 10 minutes came covering both their bodies with my sweet white fluid. They both were cooing with pleasure and licked the pussy juices and my semen from each others bodies. They kissed me and kissing each other we fell in bed. I left the next morning after a night of rough continuous sex. 
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