Sid and the big breasted celebs pt.2- Ayesha Takia

Note:- All the stories of this series are fictional but the celebrities are real. 

It was a Friday and I was sitting in my room playing on my playstaion 3. Suddenly my phone rang. I picked up and a girls voice came from the other end. She said," hello am I speaking to Sid". I replied in the affirmative. She then said," hello Sid I am Ayesha speaking." I said," sorry I don't know any Ayesha." she said she was Ayesha Takia the bollywood movie star. I was stunned to know a film star had called me. I asked her how she had got my number and what she wanted. She said," Neha gave me your number. And for your second question I think you know what I want" I understood what she wanted. A few weeks earlier I had met Neha Dhupia the hot bollywood actress and we had had sex in her hotel room. While leaving she had asked for my number and had promised to recommend me to some of her bollywood buddies. I had not expected anyone to respond to this but now I was totally shocked. I asked Ayesha what she wanted from me just to make sure. She said she wanted to have sex with me and told me to come to her hotel room on the day after tomorrow. I accepted her invitation and got myself ready to fuck another India's hot actress. 

On Sunday I pulled up my car in the parking lot of The Park hotel and called Ayesha. She told me to come on the 9 floor using elevator number 2 where she would be waiting for me. I went in the hotel. Went to elevator number 2 and waited for it to come down. I got in and pressed the key to take the elevator to the 9th floor. As soon as the elevator door opened I saw Ayesha standing there wearing a red T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. She smiled at me. I could not help noticing the soft features of her innocent looking face. She had large eyes and a protruding nose and thin lips. She looked absolutely gorgeous even without make-up and looked very innocent. If I did not know her intention I would never had thought she had called me to have sex with her. I went up to her and flashed a smile which she returned. She then took hold of my arm and dragged me towards her room. Once inside I first asked her a question which was nagging my mind ever since the phone call," Ayesha why do you want to have sex with me." She looked at me Nd said," Sid, Neha told me about the wonderful time you both had together and she also told me you were loaded with cum as well as a big cock. " I then said," But how can you believe what she said , it could all have been a lie." she said ," Well she also videotaped your session" hearing this I was shocked. She switched on the T.V and put on a D.V.D. In the video Neha was riding my cock and was screaming continuously then the video changed. I was shooting thread after thread of my cock cream on Neha and she was totally covered in my cum. When the video stopped playing Ayesha said," you know what this has been the material of my masturbution for the past 2 weeks. Seeing the video I started wondering how many other actresses had seen it. My train of thought was interrupted by Ayesha. She had come forward and was kissing me. I brushed her hair over her ear and kissed her too. While kissing I started massaging her huge tits. I could not guess the size of her tits. They were humongous. I took of her t-shirt and saw that she was not wearing a bra. I was surprised by the size of her tits I just stood there looking at them. She jiggled her tits and said," Do you like them ? They are a 100% natural size 32 CCC. Then I took her breast in my hand and started fondling it. I brought it to my face and started licking it. I licked her pink nipples and they stood erect in just a few licks. I then went down and opened the button of her jeans and slid it down and was not surprised to find out she was not wearing panties. Her pussy was dripping juices I took out my tongue and put it on her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she let out a moan. Her pussy had swollen in size. I then inserted my tongue in her pussy. She was now moaning louder and was pushing my face deeper into her pussy. I was licking every part of her pussy and in no time she squirted all the juice on my face. I got up and pushed her onto the bed. Took off all my clothes and pulled out my cock which was not fully erect. Ayesha sat on the bed saw my cock and put it in her mouth and started jerking my cock using her mouth also locking it with her tongue and in no time my cock was fully erect but was also wet. She got in missionary positon. She took my cock in her hand and directed it towards her pussy holding it on her pussies entrance she started rubbing her pussy with my cock and after a few seconds put my cock in her pussy while moaning loudly. Her pussy was tighter than Neha's and I was facing difficulty taking it out. After few seconds I started pounding her pussy as fast as I could. She was screaming as my thick cock expanded her pussy to a whole new level. In a few minutes she was cumming again but I did not stop and pounded her pussy relentlessly. She was screaming and in a few seconds she orgasmed again. I took out my cock and put it into her mouth filling it in one go. She started choking I grabbed her head and kept it still while throat fucking the hottie. I then took out my penis from her mouth and put it in between her tits. As soon as they went in she pushed her breasts together and started jerking my cock. My cock had disappeared from view in her huge bosom. I then slapped her hand away from her tits and grabbed her tits in my hand and keeping it steady I started pounding her tits. When my cock would come into view she would lick it, kiss it or suck on it. This was highly pleasurable. Then I took out my cock grabbed Ayesha's legs and put them around my waist. Then I took her arms and put them around my neck. I hoisted Ayesha up and put my cock in her pussy and took her near to the wall for support and started fucking her hard. She was moaning in my ear to encourage me to go faster. I increased my pace and fucked her faster. She was moaning even mire loudly. Then in 15 minutes she orgasmed with an earsplitting scream. We then got into 69 position to pleasure each other. She was blowing my cock hard and I in return was eating her pussy as fast. After a few more licks she squirted all her juice into my mouth. I too was going to cum. She told me she wanted to ride my cock and I got into position. She came near me took the cock in her hand drank all the precum and then put my cock in her pussy. As she did that a slight moan escaped her lips. I reached up and grabbed her breasts and started massaging them. She then began riding my cock so hard and fast that the bed was creaking. I too was pounding into her pussy to increase the pace. For awhile there was no sound except the slapping of our thighs but in a few minutes we both started moaning as we both neared our orgasm. She climaxed in 15 minutes time flooding her pussy with her juices. I told her," oh shit Ayesha I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum."Hearing this she took out my cock from her pussy and started jerking still sitting on my thighs and sure enough after 10 minutes I came and drenched her with cum from head to toe giving her skin a whitewash. She jerked my cock till the last drop of my semen had come out. She said," wow Sid I have never seen anyone throw so much semen before."I got up kissed her again and we lay in bed. I left at 6 pm in the evening after having sex 3 more times. She told me she too would recommend me to some of her friends. The prospect of having sex with more actresses 
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